Benzoyl Peroxide 10 Percent Aqueous Base Acne Gel - 90 Grams, 6 Pack

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Benzoyl Peroxide 10 Percent Aqueous Base Acne Gel - 90 Grams, 6 Pack Nubian Heritage Shea Butter Infused With Black Soap Extract, Oats And Aloe - 4 Oz, 2 Pack

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I am sure that this panoxyl is great for a lot of folks but trust me there are a lot of products out there and the majority of the don't work. I had just about given up hope but now I am a believer big time' some stuff does work! Reviewed on June 13, Reviewed on February 23, So far, so good! First night of wearing, woken up with cyst-like spots dramatically reduced in size, all the others look and feel a lot calmer, as well as no new breakouts. Like I say, so far - so good!

Can't wait to continue seeing the results of this product. Reviewed on November 3, I have clogged pores on my cheeks and I needed something fast to get rid of them. Best acne cream ever! I saw results in 2 weeks!

I wash my face in the am and apply a small amount on my problem areas and moisturise with E45 cream and sleep with it on and wash it off the next morning and repeat these steps. The first time I used this my skin was itchy, burning and very dry but this will only go on for a week or so. It was deffo effective and was very cheap! Reviewed on October 23, Put this on overnight, in the morning size of spots dramatically reduced and redness was almost completely gone. Skin feels quite dry however, so would recommend using a moisturiser.

Reviewed on September 25, Hi, i have been using this cream for about a month now and have had a noticed my skin improving- slowly but better than anything else i have tried. However, i am trying to find the best method of applying this cream. Both methods have worked okay, just wondered if anyone has got a solid method for application to see best results.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for moisturiser for dryness would be soooo helpful! I have been using simple, but not really helping with the dryness- makeup has became a nightmare to put on due to the flakiness! Reviewed on August 8, Alrighty, Here's the Scoop in a nutshell: I will never say no to something that works. Just use a good moisturizer. However, I always recommend a Plus you can spread it all over your face after using a SA Cleanser and apply Moisturizer and your set to be acne free!

Reviewed on July 25, To all those who say it stops working: It doesn't but the dryness makes it too dry to get under the skin to treat the acne. Commented on July 25, Commented on July 31, Hey, how long do you wait after applying the medication to put the moisturizer?

Commented on January 6, Maybe the combination with the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash is not helping either with the dryness because it has salicyclic acid and at least on my case, is very drying to my skin so much that even gave me hyperpigmentation around my mouth.

Commented on November 28, Reviewed on February 4, Where did you purchase it ive been looking for years for that specific brand. Commented on May 28, This worked good for the first few weeks even though it did burn!! However, after that it stopped working. Reviewed on February 2, Reviewed on January 26, This product could really dry me out.

The first few nights I used it I woke up and my skin was super dry and flaky. I decided to start using it very minimally, as a spot treatment. Putting just a tiny dab on any pimples I have. I think it helps speed up the drying and healing process of the pimples. Reviewed on January 17, This product was too harsh for my skin, after one application my skin would be fine but I had to take 1 or 2 nights to recover, hence the product didn't work for me.

Reviewed on September 5, Commented on September 3, I would really recommend this to you. My friend told me about this and I tried a lot of things but this really worked. I've been taking a bacteria pill prescribed by my doctor and also used epiduo. It really changed my acne in weeks. Reviewed on August 23, I've been using BP in some form since about and found the regimen in I've tried all the different formulas at some point and have landed on this.

I find Dan's too watery and it takes forever to dry. This has just the right consistency for my skin. I used the 2. I don't find it any more irritating than the lower strength. If just starting out on the regimen I'd maybe advice a lower concentration but if you do decide to go with this I'd start off using it every other night and just play it by feel. I do have olive skin though so those with fair skin might not hanble it as well. I also only use it at night after I have a shave just water no cream or cleanser followed by some moisturiser.

I still have the odd breakout but nothing I can't handle I only now have acne around my mouth where i use this but used to have it all over years back. Sadly I think it's here to stay around the mouth area. Reviewed on August 7, It actually dies work. I've tried so many others but believe me this stuff actually works and very well at that.

The first 5ish days my skin was a but drier but not that much. After a week my skin feels dry and it is a bit peely but nothing anyone would notice as they walked past. I use it once a day then use simple moisturiser. It works great and haven't had any spots since. I had them small ones and the large puss filled ones under the skin but no more of them. Reviewed on August 1, Where did you buy it? I've been trying to look for it and can't find it! It is very sad that i tried other products but does not ever treat acne at all.

Reviewed on July 28, I can honestly say this product is what made the most difference in my acne. I'm 17 years old and have had mild acne since I was around However, lately it began to get worse. Using pan oxyl once a day pretty much cleared all my active breakouts. I use it and then put honey on as a spot treatment.

However, it can be drying so I make sure to apply lots of lotion.

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Microbrenze 5.5 acquagel full Review Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne GEL Aqueous oz (60 gm) PERRIGO - PHARMACY Rugby Acne Gel Benzoyl Peroxide 10% oz Tube -3 Pack -Expiration Date 1 Tube of Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide 5%, Large 90 gram Tube of Acne Treatment Gel PanOxyl 4 Acne Creamy Wash, 4% Benzoyl Peroxide 6 oz. 5-Blade Razor Refills for Women, 6 Refills $ Perrigo Benzoyl Peroxide 5 Percent Large 90 gram Tube of Acne Treatment Gel. by Perrigo Humane Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Acne Treatment Body & Face Wash, 8 Ounce. Total price: Benzoyl Peroxide 5 % Generic for Oxy Balance Acne Medication Gel oz 3 PACK. Don't search for Summer sales. We've found the best prices for benzoyl peroxide 10 percent aqueous base acne gel - 90 grams, 6 pack.

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