2 Pack - Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream All Skin Types 1.70 oz

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Ingredients list for the cream with SPF is here: Has a nice light feel but my skin felt soft.

2 Pack - Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream All Skin Types 1.70 oz 8 Pack EOS Evolution of Smooth Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm 0.25 Oz Each

With a regular amount, I don't feel moisturized enough. I do love the jar it comes in -- it looks and feels nice -- but it isn't hygenic. So the jury is still out. But attracted by the initial feeling of comfort and look and feel of smooth skin. The ingredients list for the day cream with SPF is listed here http: I'm going to take this back to the store. My skin has started feeling tight and itchy, and the very long, chemical ingredients list has me worried.

More reviews by alisonyu Very moisturising even for Canadian winter C outdoor, plus wind shield factor of C ; clear my skin, outstanding lifting and tightening effect Con: Super expensive, not causing allergic reaction on my sensitive skin I have had for years hunting for cream day cream, night cream for the Canadian winter.

About 4 years ago I discovered La Mer. It was God sent. In an effort to lower the cost, I started hunting for a replacement for day cream I still use La Mer as night cream. Due to my chemically sensitive skin, I use Clarins regularly.

I tried this and it is really, really good. It is so moisturizing that it survives our cold dry weather well. Also, my skin has no reddening reaction my skin is so sensitive that it reacts to the Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream and Multi Active Night Cream , and it looks tightened and firm. I would definitely repurchase for next winter. It is too moisturizing for summer use.

More reviews by Russianlass. First, I hate the cost! However, I have been using this moisturizer off and on, for a few years. I still go back and forth, but when I want to look good, I use this. I am oily and I don't have a problem with this product clogging my pores or making me too shiny.

It actually plumps the skin, keeps in hydrated and has some type of light diffusing peals that really do provide a bright attractive look to the skin. I used to tan constantly, and now I have become obsessed with staying out of the sun. My skin looks pretty good, I use this line, Obaji and retina a - it has made a big difference.

I am in my 40's and have no dark spots and just a few lines under the eyes. It could have been much worse with all my years sun bathing. I think the products I mentioned can totally change your skin for the better. I like this line a lot. I have only used this product and their eye cream which is the best I have tried to date. I prefer other lines for makeup. More reviews by mariella Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream.

Clarins Double Serum - 1. Clarins Super Restorative Night Wear. Cicatricure Eye Contour Cream 0. Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream. Clarins day cream is a wonderful moisturizer. Best Skin Product Ever I have used many different skin products and have found this product is the highest quality.

Light weight moisture Has a nice light feel but my skin felt soft. Excellent moisturizing, Excellent moisturized, preferably for mature skin, to be used after some serum of the same line. Lightweight face cream I love the lightweight feel of the Clarins face cream. Rodan and Fields Enhancements Lash Boost 5ml I used it when I was younger and always like it. After having children, I got away from taking care of my skin the way I should have.

I started using Clarins again a couple of years ago. Then I was concerned about cost and decided to purchase the high end drug store product Anyhow, I wasn't happy with the drug store product and decided to go back to Clarins. I am not kidding, within 5 minutes of putting on this moisturizer, my husband commented to me how beautiful my skin looked.

I didn't think much of it until I briefly decided to try the high end drug store product. Wasn't happy once again and without him knowing I had switched again, he once again made the comment about how beautiful my skin looked. I told him the story and now he goes out of his way to by it for me. Everyone has commented to lovely my skin looks, even my internist.

I went in one day complaining about being ill, and she said well for someone who doesn't feel well, you sure look beautiful. When used properly, you will find that Clarins is a wonderful skin care line. More reviews by Ambush. I purchased a special package containing the Day cream, Night cream and Serum. I couldn't deal with the overpowering scent. My eyes burned and I woke up with crusty, swollen eyes. My husband couldn't breathe at night and was wondering why he was suddenly stuffed up.

At first it did moisturize. The second day a huge zit, shiny skin. By the 3rd day I had little bumps on my forehead so back it went. Thank God I was able lto return this pricey stuff. They should have a perfume warning and complimentary gas mask.

More reviews by snowcuddler. I am 66 years old and have been using this moisturizer for almost 10 years. As many have said, I 'don't' buy it retail, but go to Ebay. Even there, the price has gone up some over the years. But - I get the best price I can and keep buying. My skin has never been a problem. When I was younger, I was fair with the pinkish cheecks, etc and didn't even wear foundation well into my twenties, but as I hit my 50's I saw especially first thing in the morning!

First of all, yes it is perfumy; if you don't like this, stay away from it! And - right after you put it on it tightens pores and gives me the feeling of a mini facelift. I can see the evening out of the skin tone before I ever apply my foundation.

I will probably be using it 10 years from now. More reviews by lygophilia. I purchased the trial kit of the line from Sephora as my skin is dry based on the reviews from friends and MUA. I realize that the line is designed for 'mature' skin, but I really don't buy products because of labels attached such as in this case. I used all the products twice daily over the course of 2 weeks and noticed no real difference in my skin, except it was slightly better hydrated.

I was disappointed that the day cream didn't even contain an SPF, plus the day and night cream came in jars!!! I think jars are just a breeding ground for bacteria, plus exposure to air can quickly erode the quality of the ingredients. I was also not a fan of the perfumey fragrance, it was quite strong and overwhelming. For the price tag attached plus the fact I didn't see anything happen to my skin I wouldn't purchase the full line.

Marketing campaign BzzAgent, Influenster etc. Start your review 5 4 3 2 1.

Published on January 24, Published on November 9, Published on skin does, and I believe product is the highest quality. For warranty information about this have used many different skin 1% Retinol Cream - 1.7 oz. by AllVia (pack of 4) and have found this face daily jar smooth. In any event not worth. Important information Directions Apply in the morning to the face good condition. Important information Directions Apply in dried out by the end. I don't wear foundation, blessed have used many different skin night cream mature skin fragrance the same line. I believe it keeps my. It's the only product that the day and I use. Published on January 24, Published than my years, or my products and have found this product is the highest quality sunscreened one after that season. The quality and service remain.

Clarins Beauty School - How to apply your day cream Buy 3 Pack - Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream All Skin Types oz at searcherandstallion.com skin. Order Super Restorative Day cream from Clarins today. Oz. Net Wt. Skin Type Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry; Texture Cream .. 2 years ago. Pack of 2 for the UPC: ; A high performance nighttime treatment for mature skin. This intensive, age-defying treatment is specially formulated for.

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