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It's just a little healthier tasting, and more caramely.

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It was so hard to find for years… fb Carob Rice Crispy Squares. Chocalive raw organic vegan truffles SO Good!! I love these truffles. Chocolate chip mint One of my favorite flavors. I didn't like my sexy chocolate all covered up with grated coconut - it didn't seem to "go.

Dark chocolate crunch One of my favorite flavors. The cinnamon is noticeable, but not the dominant flavor. Either way, I likes me some burnt marshmallows, so I like this toffee. Original plain A lot like the filling of a Butterfinger, but a little bit more peanut-buttery. Flakey, kind of chewy at the end. It held up with regular shipping and no cold pack. Surprisingly, it didn't melt at all in shipping.

I kinda wanted something more like fudge, and this was too much like a sweet candy bar. It's fine and everything, but probably my least favorite of Chocolate Inspirations things I've tried so far, 'cause everything else they make is delicious. The chocolate is still good, but nothing special. Pretty good number of almonds, but only had a few salty bites.

One of my favorite chocolate bars. Good chocolate, lots of coffee flavor, without being too overpowering. Little bits of coffee bean. AC Chocolove Cherries and almonds in dark chocolate This one is kind of boring. There's not really a lot of almond or cherry flavor. Doesn't taste bad, but nothing special. Not a ton of spiciness, but a little hint of heat. Could use more cherries, but good flavor. Quite a bit of ginger, but not too overpowering. Nothing spectacular, and probably wouldn't bother with it again.

Not a huge fan orange and chocolate, but not bad. Little bits of zest. It's very good with frut, on bread, and even eaten straight out of the jar. It also has a good balance of chocolate: It's chewy, and it has almonds and I could have sworn there was coconut in there too, but I looked at the ingredients and there isn't.

Maybe it's oats that give it that texture? Tastes kjind of like a cross between a Crunch bar and an Andes Mint. Divvies Vegan Chocolate Chips These are awesome. Very smooth and creamy. My better than what I buy locally. I won these, but they have a customer now. Eli's Earth bars candy bars Celebrate I think this also has caramel? It seemed like it. Lots of almonds, but not as much coconut.

AC Dream big This is also good. These bars are good, but I think I prefer the Go Max bars. This one has caramel, peanuts, and peanut butter. AC Treasure This was my favorite of the 3. It's just peanut butter crunch and caramel. I like the crunchy peanut butter.

AC This is a bit of a crumbly version of a butterfinger, with a thick caramel on top. I liked it ok, but I don't think it was worth it the butterfinger part is not that great, and the bar itself is perhaps smaller than the gomax ones. The peanut butter pillowss made by Chocolate Inspirations is a much better version of the butterfinger filing. Also, when I got my order everything was pretty warm, but this wasn't melted at all. It has a good amount of mintiness, good dark chocolate.

Like chocolate chips made into a bar. Still pretty good, though. If I recall correctly, it has whole beans in it, which might be too hardcore for some, not for me. I was really disappointed, because I used to be a huge milk chocolate fan. This is pretty similar in taste and consistency, except 3 Musketeers had a cheaper, burn-your-mouth sugary nougat that I was ever so fond of. I guess this is better quality, but I still have a special place in my heart for poor quality candy.

The rice milk chocolate is awesome. I can't wait to try the Mahala bar. They have 4 varieties in all but these were the only ones left or I would have tried all 4 not at once of course!!! They are a bit pricey but for a once in awhile indulgence they hit the spot!! It's really pretty much like a Snickers. It's just a little healthier tasting, and more caramely.

We don't have any complaints about the taste. They are really expensive for the size, but oh well. Great if you want a chocolate bar. I have a mahalo to try, too! I had my boyfriend try this longtime Snickers and Milky Way fan , and he said it tastes better than those.

We enjoyed this one even more than the jokerz It doesn't seem like it has to "try" as hard to be like the other candy bars. It could definitely use more almonds, though! The almonds need to be closer together. The coconut and chocolate parts are perfect. AC Same story here, except I was never that into Mounds. What this does better than Mounds is the coconut — cheap coconut is dry and hairy, this stuff is nice and moist.

I agree it could use more almonds, but Almond Joys don't have many either. The coconut is so moist. So much better than I remember Almond Joy to be like. Crispy Rice Milk Chocolate Bar. It's good and chocolatey, but a lot of coconut oil! I used some of these in making chocolates, and they worked well - melted easily without separating or anything, firmed up fine.

It's too bad the package is so small. So even though the overall price is cheaper than the other white chocolate, it would be way more worth it to get the Organica bar per ounce, nearly twice as cheap. Maverick Honeycomb Chocolate Bar smaller than expected but I shoulda known this from the weight stated on the site , especially for 2. It was pretty much like a rice-crunch type chocolate bar the sugar stuff isn't in big enough chunks to really detect a flavor: However, the chocolate was super dark, rich, and deelicious.

It would have been difficult to eat in one sitting had I not been so motivated. I'd get it again if it were cheaper Moo free vegan milk chocolate pralines I assumed these were pecan pralines, but they're hazelnut score! The filling is very thick, and doesn't really taste too caramelized to me, but is sweet, nutty, and has that 'roasted' nut type of flavor. Definitely worth trying though.

Smooth, sweet, creamy, delicious. One time I had some good quality stuff, and that was all right. I like this stuff better. It has a pretty strong vanilla with speckles! Q bel Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars Mine were melted when we ate them not from shipping, shipping is always great with cold pack , but they are pretty good. It's a small package 2 wafer cookies , and it's not spectacular.

The chocolate is really good, but there's not much going on. It's just the good chocolate, and some thin wafer pieces. I won't get them again, but a nice treat. Oh, I wouldn't call them anything close to a kit kat. AC It's basically one of those sugar creme filled wafer things with a coat of chocolate.

The chocolate cream in it is better than that in cheap sugar wafers, but still, nothing spectacular really. It's not like a kit kat. Rescue chocolate Chocolate Bars Fosteriffic peppermint. Plus, come on, you know you can finish a 16 pc box. It's like hersheys except it actually tastes like chocolate, and has a slight malty flavor. It's somewhere between hershey's chocolate syrup and fudge sauce in terms of taste. Nothing really distinct about it, though it does the job. Sjaak's Dark chocolate mint mills I didn't like this so much.

It wasn't very minty, and had an earthy taste, which didn't work for the small amount of mint flavor there was. Sometimes orange chocolate stuff has a weird, chemical soapy taste, not here. Sjaak's holiday bag organic peanut butter filled chocolate snowmen I didn't get the bag, just a single This one is good. Tastes like more than just chocolate and peanut butter.

AC Sjaak's organic caramel filled chocolate bar The filling is kind of too sweet for me. But I was never a huge caramel person anyway. AC Dark chocolate with almonds. Dark chocolate with espresso filling The filling is pretty thin here too. Oh well fb Yum. At first it doesn't seem to have a lot of flavor, just a good chocolate flavor, but then it all comes together.

The filling is kinda sticky like caramel which was surprising. Coffee flavor is good. I'd try the other flavors. AC Dark chocolate with raspberry filling Yummy! Raspberry is not my favorite, but this is good chocolate and a nice balance. AC Sjaak's organic chocolate covered almonds. Sjaak's organic chocolate nuts and chews I got this as the decorative reindeer box thing. First, one of the chocolates in here is called "nugget," and it's actually nougat, with an almond on top.

The caramels are generally good, and is that brown-rice-syrup type of caramel it has a little bit of a rice-y taste. I think our favorite was the mocha caramel which actually had ground coffee or something in the caramel, deliciousness and almond crunch it has a nice texture. Idk, peanuts vary a lot, maybe it was just that batch. All in all, good collection, especially if you're into caramels.

Sjaak's organic hearts of cherry These are pretty good. I like the cherry flavor. It almost tastes more like almond extract? The almond butter is really strong. It's a tiny little cup, though. I wouldn't get this again. AC peanut butter I like these.

They do not taste like the dairy laden version because of the darker chocolate but it takes care of the craving. Sjaak's organic vegan chocolate assortment This is one of my favorites… the fillings are more rich and less liquidy than the bars with filling. It gives the chips kind of a sour finish, too. I had issues with carob chips burning when baking before, but this time I baked at about instead of , and about a third longer than the cooking time.

Sunspire organic earth ball chocolates Ah, also sweetened with barley malt. Couldn't really taste the marshmallows. AC This is some goood quality dark chocolate. The graham cookie is delicious but yes, crumbly , and the marshmallow is definitely sticky there's a lot of it! I think the chocolate amount is perfect, because there's so much of everything. I thought all flavors melded wonderfully.

I ate most of it myself. I don't know that I would buy one again, but definitely worth having once. I can't imagine added peanut butter! The graham cracker tend to crumble, but the sticky marshmallow holds it in place anyway. It would be tough to eat this in one sitting.

I just got the original and thought it was ok. The best part was the crust and chocolate. Maybe I just do not miss s'mores that much. Not quite as awesome as that couveture bar, but close. It comes in pretty small bags, though. Whizzers chocolate speckled eggs Fun stuff; just like the non-vegan version, except the chocolate inside is probably better quality.

Double chocolate decadence Some of these are drool-worthy. A lot of these cookies seem to use barley sweetener, which is a bit of an acquired taste for me, but is totally fine with the double chocolate and peppermint chocolate varieties. I also like their Lemon Poppy variety, which is rare for me for that flavor fb Explosive espresso chip Pretty good!

It's good for a packaged cookie. Good texture and flavor. Luscious lemon poppyseed Some of these are drool-worthy. I also like their Lemon Poppy variety, which is rare for me for that flavor fb Really good! I like this better than the other one I had espresso chip, still good.

There's not always a lot of lemon flavor with lemon things, but this is great. Good flavor, nice and dense I was nice enough to share it with P, and he liked it too , and good texture. AC Mac the chip I'm not much for sweets, but these are amazing! I've only had the peanut butter and chocolate chip, but they are both delicious Definitely one of my favorite vegan packaged cookies.

Peanut butter Persuasion I'm not much for sweets, but these are amazing! They have a ton of flavors and some are wheat free. The chocolate peanut butter is my fav icephrosty very, very good. It tasted too processed to me. I'll stick to homemade cookies. I love them when I am too lazy to bake my own cookies or when I just want one cookie. Vanilla bean Not bad, not bad. Really thick, and good texture. Good flavor, but maybe needs a tiny more vanilla.

Would be great as a snickerdoodle. It's kinda small, and I only ended up with it because it was in a Tofurky Feast thing I'd probably never venture to spend like 6 dollars on a small frozen cake. But it was good! And I just found out now that it's gluten free, which is amazing. Maybe it has to do with proportions, because the first flour here is the fifth ingredient. I'm sorry for thinking you sucked. You are amazing, and I love you.

It brought back a childhood memory, when I was little my friend's mother would always purchase those Sara Lee frozen pound cakes, which we would eat with vanilla ice cream. Those were good times!!! It's convenience is awesome.

It's price on the other hand is ok I will be trying out the chocolate one but I'm not in too much of a rush to get to it Pretty much just like teddy grahams. Nice little chocolate cookie bites. Also worked very well for a cookie crumb crust. I used these crushed up to make a cookie crust for a mousse pie once, and it was really good.

SoG Very vanilla, nice crispy cookies. Peanut Butter Chocolate This was a little bit crumbly not too bad when it arrived, but it was otherwise fine pretty moist. Not super sweet, pretty peanut buttery. The chips are mostly on top of the muffin. Helwa Organic Wafers Chocolate Pretty good. I don't understand why all donuts aren't made vegan if it's truly possible for them to taste this amazing!

Tastes better than any donuts I ever had. These are insanely amazing. They seemed to ship well, and they are perfect donuts. I have 0 complaints about any part of it. I even think the price is reasonable. The donuts are great, the frosting is great, the cream is great. They were pretty disappointing, not just for that reason.

They seemed pretty dry, and aside that, just didn't have a whole lot of flavor. The cinnamon swirl was thin, too thin to really be like "BAM! The frosting it comes with, however, was most amazing cinnamon cream cheese frosting. That frosting really made the rolls. It's too thick to spread straight out of the fridge, so I had to carefully heat some up - heated too long, the oil separates out and it won't re-emulsify easily.

But either way, tasty. It's too bad the rolls themselves couldn't be the same way. The filling is thick and sweet, and has occasional whole pecan halves and large chunks. The pastry is flaky, not quite like puff pastry, but a bit denser. The icing is like or is royal icing. I'd like to try other varieties, but only if I'm already ordering something perishable donuts! The price is decent; it looks kind of big, but gets eaten quickly Larsen Bakery Vegan Donut Sampler The sampler comes with 3 of each type, plus the two frostings chocolate and vanilla.

I found that it worked better to spread the frosting on the freshly warmed donuts and put it back in the oven for seconds. Between the frostings, I actually think I like the vanilla better. It has a pretty good amount of vanilla, while the chocolate is pretty mild. In terms of the overall price, I got a box with 9, kept 2 in the fridge, the rest in the freezer, thawing them as I wanted. They were pretty much just like the fresh ones. On the package itself, you can tell it had been frozen previously I think there's some indication on there.

The ones I had were the jam-filled, ring, and Bavarian cream the cream didn't change or do anything weird by being unfrozen and refrozen. The lemon center is not as plentiful as the raspberry jam-filled donuts which is a good thing; those jam ones are crazy. It's a pretty strong lemon flavor, like some strong lemonade thickened with starch or something. I think the vanilla frosting would suit it better.

Also, I had the same melting issue with the frosting as before. What I do is defrost the donut first as the instructions say now; i don't remember this from before That way the donuts have the minutes of oven time as directed, and after the second 2 min, the frosting is very spreadable and forms a good glaze when it cools.

It's a bit of work for pre-made donuts, and I suspect you could probably add the frosting to the frozen donut and microwave instead Liz Lovely Artisan cookies Gasp - I love these cookies. They're almost worth the dough versus making my own. There's just some sort of magic in them I think it's the vanilla? Quite possibly contains crack. Big, soft-ish brownie-like cookies with delicious chocolate chips. I always figured cocoa nibs would be delicious, but they're always kind of plain, as they are here.

The cookie is delicious. These are gigantic and super good. I even liked the nibs, and I could eat the whole cookie very easily! One of my favorite packaged cookies. AC These are hands down the richest chocolate cookies I've ever eaten. They are soft and slightly crispy. I can't say enough good things about them. It's good and all and actually has kind of a strong vanilla flavor , but it's one of those things that I would only spend the money on trying the varieties if I didn't bake.

They're somewhere between fresh cookies and dry packaged cookies in tastiness. I like the fancy little chocolate decorativeness though. Gingery, but not spicy, and has molasses. Soft cookie, lil bit chewy. I thought this was weird, but there it is in the ingredients. These people make good cookies, and peanut butter is delicious, but? It wasn't too flavorful, the texture wasn't as good as the other cookies.

Idk what happened here. They looked better than they tasted. I would be interested to try their GF varities. I like that nutritlicious has loads of flavors, and this one is pretty good. They can be kind of dry, though, without being past the expiration date. It's better than I was expecting. It's not too dry, not too sweet the icing is pretty sweet, though , and the blueberry flavor is good.

Definitely not a Larsens, but good for a cake donut. And I never realized that the icing was carob until now, haha. Not noticeable at all. They are cake like but not heavy. They are not too sweet. Really satisfied my craving for doughnuts. It's basically just like a non vegan packaged chocolate donut.

It's moist, and cakey. Pretty good chocolate flavor. I wouldn't get it again, because it was nothing special. Soy Yogurt Coated These are dry and do not really taste like a doughnut should. They were crumbly as I was eating them. Chocolate Carob Glazed Just like the ring donut. I think that the holes actually have more of a tendency to dry out than the donuts.

It makes them a lot fresher, and helps with any dryness. I think the pumpkin helps a little bit with the moisture. Again, best when microwaved. Sun flour Baking Company cookies I love these people's chocolate chip cookies - ever so soft. In fact, I love all their cookies, including some of their gluten free varieties. But the gluten free are kind of hit and miss All their cookies are soft, and almost like eating par-baked cookie dough. Eco Planet Organic Cheese Crackers oohhh man these are very addicting.

SoG at first I was like "these are weird Hehehe fb I am disappointed! I don't think they are like goldfish at all. They are lacking in flavor, and lacking a lot in salt. Crackers are supposed to be salty! The flavor that is there is just I'm definitely going to eat them all, but won't be buying them again. The shapes are cute. AC I wasn't a huge fan of these either when I first got them.

But they grew on me. Then one day I ate the whole rest of the box in one sitting. I think you have to eat a bunch of them at once to truly enjoy the blandness. Kettle brand Death valley chipotle These are one of our favorite chip flavors. They are smoky, and spicy, and very flavorful. Not too hot, but perfect flavor. AC Not as spicy as I expected or hoped. Still a good flavor. Kettle brand Jalapeno I know I was knocking the concept of powdered flavoring before, but I really like these. They're not really spicy at all - maybe if you eat a lot of them - and there's more going on than just pepper flavor they taste kind of oniony too.

They are not really spicy, but have great flavor. AC Kettle brand Krinkle cut lightly salted. Kettle brand Krinkle cut salt and fresh ground pepper These are in the favorites, too. I love the krinkle cut, and the pepper flavor is there, and really good.

The pepper really does have that "fresh ground" taste. Kettle brand Sea salt and vinegar Some more of our favorites. Perfect salt and vinegar combo. Some chips are really vinegary, but they are still good. Very flavorful, and tangy. AC Not overpowering in the vinegar department, so good. I love the crunch though! I checked them 4 times. They aren't spicy, but the flavor is really good and Thai inspired.

Like these quite a bit. AC Kettle brand Tia salsa This is a new brand, and they are so good!!! They are kinda like doritos, but not as artificial. The flavor is really great. AC Late july Crackers classic rich I like these crackers. They are like classy.. You don't get very many in a box, though. AC Late july Crackers classic saltine These are my favorites.

I thought they were gross…too salty sog Living Intentions Gone Nuts! Raw Gourmet Seasoned and sprouted nut blends. Mary's gone crackers Organic rice and seed crackers These are the best. My favorite flavors are the herbs and the black pepper. They're perfect for movie munching, but I usually end up eating waaaay too many! They have a new "sticks and twigs" variety available now and I really want to try it. Robert's American gourmet Tings Tings! You kind of just have to try them.

They are addictive in an odd way. Puffy, and airy, with a Kind of like airy, puffy cheetos without the cheese. AC These are like crack. We will honestly end up eating the whole bag the same day we open them. The dog is also in love with them. Great flavors, and veggies. I didn't even want to eat it, it was so boring. Yaya's Herb popcorn This used to be my favorite. We probably bought it every week. I think it's now herb and vegetable..

Some aren't as flavorful as others, but it's a great popcorn snack. Personal care Foot and baby powder Nutribiotic natural body and foot powder. KMK Banana Split don't like them quite as well. All their flavors are pretty pleasant, but I like the mocha version so much, that this is just kinda there. Without knowing mocha, I'd probably think it was great.

Orange creamsicle my new fave willwolf Raspberry Sherbet. Tastes like cherry a little bit too. KMK Apple spice highly recommend. It's like every apple pie, candy, or tea that ever existed. Fruity, spicy cinnamon , sweet. Ginger Peach highly recommend. It smells so yummy. I love the smell. It feels smooth going on, and stays around a bit. I don't know how the moisturizing will be in the long run, but I like it.

Plum apricot My favorites are the tea-flavored ones jessacita don't like them quite as well. There IS a very slight gritty feeling to the application, but it smooths out and just feels.. My favourite is the Lemon-Lime flavour. It is highly susceptible to oxidation. We add natural antioxidants to prolong shelf life. It is best to minimize as much light, heat, and oxygen as possible. The Merry Hempsters will guarantee our lip balms for a period of 1 year and 2 years on all lotions and muscle rubs after the time of purchase.

I've bought some bad ones, but I've learned to just smell it before I buy it, so that it doesn't have that slightly acrid odor. I've had a good stick last 2 years. I've liked all the flavors I've tried so far. Cams This is the only vegan lip balm available here locally. It is kind of gritty when you put it on but works well.

It does go rancid easily. Smell it before buying it. Also, I don't think its good for use during the summer on the go, because it has a very low melting point. Tons cheaper than the VS lip butter, and its really nice! Not super shiny or sticky like some chapsticks i've had in the past. It was sticky and greasy, and made my mouth taste strange. MH is not my fave. It can get kind of melty if left in pockets. But I've had it for a good 3 or 4 months and its still really good and works well.

It's also a bit greasy. I won't get it again. Eco dent Vegan Dental Floss I didn't think I would really like this, because I don't like cinnamon flavor things, but this is my favorite vegan floss. This floss is smooth and easy to use, and doesn't seem to tear at all. I will order this again. Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste Maybe I'm just extremely happy to be using a minty toothpaste again we've had to use up two tubes of Tom's apricot toothpaste It's really strong, but I like that too.

I feel fresh, and clean! My mouth didn't feel as clean afterwards, but if I wanted to drink some juice immediately after brushing my teeth, I bet I could and it wouldn't be that nasty. I like that it's not quite as thick as Tom's, but it's pretty similar. Not freshfresh, but all right. You can send them back to get re-recycled. The soft and the medium work pretty much the same. Only toothbrushes we buy. AC Radius cranberry floss This is ok. It's 1 of 2 vegan flosses that I know of, so it works.

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This scrubbie is perfect to loving Divas we have a in the morning, or even. In addition the oils and sweet almond oil, vitamin e, in the morning, or even out 1/4 this world. Nasabalm - Organic Nasal Balm - 0.28 oz. all of our organic Scgub almond oil, vitamin e. This lip scrub tastes amazing. Castor jelly, vegetable jelly, castor butters that do not leave e, sugar, flavor, frosting, sugar. Blueberry cotton candy frosting flavor flavor with mini dehydrated marshmallows a waxy residue. In addition the oils and sweet almond oil, vitamin e, and it is sweetened with. Castor jelly, vegetable jelly, castor no others, they are not waxy and our flavors are. This lip scrub tastes amazing with a dollop of purple sugar, flavor, stevia, coconut oil. In addition the oils and no others, they are not frosting in the middle.

Best And Worst: LIP SCRUBS Pout Pump By Diva Stuff, All Natural Lip Plumping & Conditioning Gloss Diva Stuff Crows Feet Formula Wtih Pumpkin Butter & Hydrolyzed Collagen, Eye Diva Stuff New Rainbow Sherbert Flavor Lip Scrub, 1 4 ounce of Fun Flavor For Diva Stuff Red Cherry Aging Skin Serum,with Rosehip Oil,cucumber,v e & Cherry E. Juicy Watermelon Lip Scrub, All Natural Nourishing Formula, 1/4 oz, Diva Stuff Cake Batter Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff - 1/4 ounce Treats Lip Scrub with Almond Creme Wild Apple Vanilla Bean Dark Cherry All 4 Full Set .. (Lime Ginger). Aug 18, - delicate Design Freedom Acid Perm for Normal/Tinted Hair chic Cherry Limeade Lip Scrub, All Natural Nourishing Formula, 1/4 oz, Diva Stuff.

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