Cocokind Lip Balm Cinnamon Org 20 PC (Pack of 20)

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For a lot of us, finding cruelty-free makeup and skincare is easy. I haven't done that at all since I've been back in my hometown and I really haven't been productive in most areas of life. Herbal Concepts Address Not Available http:

Cocokind Lip Balm Cinnamon Org 20 PC (Pack of 20) Darphin - Intral Cleansing Milk - Sensitive Skin (Salon Size) -500ml/16.9oz

After the initial push to get stuff read in preparation to move, I lost momentum with my reading projects and really only re-gained it in the last fortnight of the year. I need to keep this up and try and get the ish books that I'm beginning the new year with down to under if I can. My skin and I have been completely moved by two bottles for the past couple of months.

Bath and Body Works make some amazing bath care products, love them! Bath and Body says that. This matte black gel formula won't smudge, budge or dry out, and the innovative soft AccuFlex Tip hugs your lash line from corner to corner. Many Logical Harmony readers ask for help finding cruelty-free makeup brushes. For many people who transition to a cruelty-free beauty routine, switching to cruelty-free makeup brushes is often one of the last steps.

So many makeup brushes are made from animal fur or animal hair. While most cruelty-free consumers do focus on avoiding animal testing, many also avoid makeup brushes that are not synthetic. There are so many vegan makeup brushes out there to try. All the brands listed do make vegan makeup brushes but may make some non-vegan brushes as well. Cruelty-free makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers. They are not made from animal fur or animal hair. Can brands that are cruelty-free make makeup brushes from animal fur or animal hair?

The post Police are cracking down on swerving motorists with hefty fines appeared first on What's On Dubai. The post A truly innovative, organic gluten free yogurt. Super trawlers are massive ships—well over meters long—that decimate fisheries by scooping up tens of thousands of fish at a time. Many of them even carry large-scale processing units and freezers, enabling them to stay Check out these designer brands' trademarks like Levi's, Gucci, Adidas get a vegan makeover in these vegan awareness shirts!

We need to get one thing straight. You have been dreaming too small. And so have I. I have been off on Holiday now to Majorca, Spain for 2 weeks and in that time shit has happened. Behind the scene life is not that pretty and easy. People are trying to bring my business down, […]. Ah well, where to begin?! My first proper boyfriend was at the lovely age of 16, someone I met via Bebo do you remember that — such a staple in a 16 year olds life! I decided to meet him, without telling my parents what I was doing.

It is something that I shouldn't have done, not without telling my parents where I was going and who with. I guess you could say I met more guys upgrade to a guy at the age of 18! I later discovered it was because he was seeing 2 other women at the same time! Needless to say, that was over shortly after that discovery! If we were to go out or plan to do something, it was always down to me to make the decisions.

Our relationship ended after about 5 or 6 months, as it had been a bit rocky towards the end. This of course, caused a lot of problems for me with my parents. But what was worse were the events that were to follow. I knew then I had to tell my parents what had happened the night before. My mum came with me to the police station one Saturday to make my statement for support.

This was not something I decided upon easily, but it had gone on for around 5 months since our relationship had ended and I just felt something needed to be done. The following year, , I decided it would be right to apologise to him for the actions I had taken in the previous year. He came to visit me one evening the first time we met, we drove around and chatted, which suited me well. Again, I should have realised then that there was something slightly odd about it all. I enjoyed my single time, went on holiday with my family in , spent time with friends, until I decided to join a dating site and met someone in the October.

Later that month, we went to see Michael McIntyre with my family in London which was brilliant, he got on with everyone and that meant so much to me. We would spend every weekend together, either at mine or his, after he had moved in to his house. The day he moved in I helped, alongside his grandparents.

I always loved it when it came to the weekend that I went to his, he had given me a key to his house, which honestly meant so much to me, for a man to give his partner a key to his house, means a lot! I had some of my things over there; pillows, toiletries, tablets, nightwear, for which he had told me to do. We met one Friday to discuss things, I think anyone who has been in that situation knows how it feels.

I was so upset, shocked and heartbroken. We got back to my car, and I got my things out of his car and put them in mine. He eventually answered, I was a blubbering wreck, barely getting my words out down the phone let alone making sense. All I wanted to do was talk to him, tried to make him see that he still loved me. Yes, I was, I thought he would have least acknowledged the fact that I had sent it back.

If you've enjoyed this post be sure to Subscribe to our updates and like us on Facebook. Thanks Martha for the suggestion! Imagine sitting down to a delicious lunch of phthalates, parabens and rayon, with a side of dioxin and some aluminium salts for seasoning…. Without a doubt, weddings are a wonderful and momentous occasion for anyone who meets their soul mate to celebrate, knowing that they will spend hopefully the rest of their lives together.

But as we know there is a heavy financial Another very not stellar month, but now I know why: I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Apparently, it's very common, especially at higher latitudes when the sun isn't often high enough to produce UVB rays or even out at all!

So, I've got some huge dose tablets from the doc to take each week and I bought a spray for the intervening days so I can get levels back up more quickly and steadily, and then keep them there long-term. I've been getting as much sun on my skin as I can, but the sun isn't a frequent visitor to my area, so that option is quite limited.

I've started hinting about winter sun holidays too!!! So, that's why I've been a tad on the unwell side lately. Vitamin D affects so very many processes and I read that there are Vitamin D receptors all over the body. I never realized it was so important and, frankly, would never have thought of it myself, so I'm grateful for a doctor who was on the ball enough to think of it. Anyway, I've done a bit of goal-work over the past month and here's a summary based on last month's goals list, including some starting points for July's list full list in the usual place: Domestic etc - I haven't finished the Go Bag, but I have started work on it in that I bought one or two supplies to go in it and also thought carefully about the most likely hazards we might encounter.

Fire is the most likely, I would say. Most of the city would need to be completely submerged before we had any flood risk where we live and, apart from freak winter cold snaps and wind storms, that's it for any natural disaster risk. We're also out in a leafy suburb - a low risk for terrorist attack.

But I really do need to get this task completed. I've found one I like the look of, it's just a question of getting it. Creative - I finished the green and cream baby cardy, complete with pretty stitchery. Might change to another pattern that better lends itself to two colour work. It being a bamboo and cotton mix yarn adds to the problem as it'll be very much a summer garment, so I'm going to have think about making a larger size, ready for next summer.

I hope not to grow any more, but would be concerned if the infants didn't! Maybe even this weekend. So, I think I completed five of the June goals and worked on 11 more. Considering the rather unfavourable circumstances, I don't think that's too bad. Yes, Karlie Kloss and all her geek aesthetic is lovely. The coding thing, the good vibes and now apparently an ability to get super zen on top of a rock. Stop Following Your Guru and Start Following Your Gut Our knowledge base is growing exponentially with new discoveries, answers, solutions, and breakthroughs occurring daily.

One of those breakthroughs is a significant new focus on one of the most important factors impacting our personal lives. I really enjoy talking about books and seeing what everyone else is reading and recommending! The post Top Ten Tuesday: Who Is Sloane Inc? Sloane Inc is a beauty based company that focuses on skincare needs and concerns for women and men of all ages. No matter your age, or skin concern, Sloane Inc has a product suited for you.

Sloane Inc also has a spa, clinic, and a blog dedicated to skincare. All of… Read More Sloane Inc. The post Sloane Inc. Product Review appeared first on itslikelymads. Are there cruelty-free brands at Free People? You may be surprised! Both in stores and online, Free People is starting to carry a lot more cruelty-free brands.

Even some of the most popular cruelty-free brands found at Sephora, Ulta, or Nordstrom. Because there are so many Free People retail stores and a lot of people shop there for clothing, is so helpful to see them carrying more and more cruelty-free brands as they expand their beauty departments. Being aware of the cruelty-free brands at Free People can be a challenge because there are so many brands available.

This list will help make it easier for you! All of the cruelty-free brands included here are sold at Free People either online or in store. They are completely cruelty-free and do not take part in any kind of animal testing. Just as with the Cruelty-Free Brand List, it is noted next to a brand if they are owned by a company who tests on animals. Spring is finally here!

Spring and summer are also the time that people start to gravitate towards incorporating more color in their wardrobe. An incredibly gentle mascara made with fresh wheatgrass to condition the lashes and suit even the most sensitive eyes. It's much gentler on the eyes than most other mascaras, leaving your lashes lustrous without flakiness.

My skin is problematic, Here is my second review on another variant from the Bourjois Shower Gel range. Irresistible trail of scent of Rosewood and Tonka bean for soft and moisturized skin. Review appeared first on Makeupandbeauty. Which of essence makeup are vegan? Here's a handy list to help you while you shop for essence vegan makeup!

The post Which of essence Makeup is Vegan? A new Too Faced Chocolate Bar is on the horizon! I have dry, sensitive eyes that tear at the slightest provocation. I also wear contact lenses. And while my lashes are fairly long and naturally grow in an upward direction, they've become very light in color and not as thick as they used to be as I've gotten older.

All of which adds up to me being someone for whom mascara makes a big difference, but is almost impossible to wear comfortably. Add to that the fact that I will only buy cruelty-free makeup and can't tolerate makeup with gluten, and it's amazing I have one brand of mascara to recommend, let alone three. None of these are affiliate links, and I buy my own makeup. Let's start with the best mascara I've ever used, and certainly the most expensive.

That fear you have inside is not real. So many women hold themselves back because of fear. Maybe you are one of them? Fear of not making it. I think I need to make a little update on my whereabouts. It all started out with my MacBook charger dying on me, so I was "offline" for over a month.

I have to admit, during this time I actually enjoyed being offline and it put a lot of things in perspective really. I'm not one to write a dramatic post about how I'm quitting my blog, and then start blogging again. I didn't really know what to do with this blog. So I put off writing this post for ages - sorry about that! There are some things that make me question my joy for blogging and they've got to do with the major changes the blogging community is going through.

In The Netherlands we have several pro-bloggers, meaning they make their living off their blogs. That's great, but they also set up a bunch of rules a good or professional blogger should follow. Especially my Dutch readers picked up on that. But also in general, readers are getting more demanding as the blogging community grows bigger and more influental than ever before.

Eventhough you're not a pro-blogger, people will have the same expectations. I'm pretty nonconformistic, so I like to do the things my way. My blog started out for fun, to share a passion. And truth to be told, that's the way I prefer to blog. Becoming a professional blogger is not on my agenda.

I don't like the pressure. That being said, I probably will update again, on my own terms and my own pace. Since I'm busy with work and finally getting my Bachelors degree at the same time, it won't happen as frequently as before. There's more to life than blogging about nail polish. I also like to grab this opportunity to say that there's no way I can know absolutely everything.

I'd love to help everyone, but I simply don't have the time. I also have a FAQ, so please check it out before sending me an email. And for the people who are always trying to find and point out my flaws: I'm human, therefore not perfect. So, this is what I had to get off my chest. I hope I didn't offend anyone, I just can't please everyone even though I always try to.

It was really heartwarming to see how many people messaged me wondering what was up. Thank you for that! Sales of milk have been horrible lately, but nothing tells the story like the long-term picture. In , the United States population stood at million.

There I am building my empire. Every single day I show up and do the work. I do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. I have kids to take care […]. He does his own laundry! My goal is to use non-toxic products, reduce my energy and waste, and make my clothing last as long as possible: But doing laundry the healthy and eco-friendly way feels just as nourishing as switching from Twinkies back to a homemade blackberry cobbler.

Yes, sometimes it takes me a while to get around to it. But I find it meditative and satisfying to concentrate on something so hands-on. I still have a few hours to go on this month's stuff, so I've marked the items as they should be at close of play tonight. I would have got much more done had I not lost just under half the month to illness.

Anyway, here's what I did get done: Still have recycling on hand, but I did put it out to take on Saturday, then didn't get to go to the relevant place. It's ready to go later this week now. I did well on this section, I think. I did all I could, so I'm counting that as section completed. I'm not far off on a 5th too and have got well on with pretty much all subjects, so given the health imposed restrictions, I'm OK with the results.

Some to carry over yet again, but I did at least make a start on them. Again, had illness not intervened, I would have cleared the two un-started items of the list, but I'll carry them over to March now. The business hour didn't go very well. To be honest, apart from a few initial ideas sort outs, I had trouble thinking how to spend it and ended up using most of the time I was even able to allocate an hour on the study items.

I did very well with Instagram postings - every day but two and I finished the streamlining of online presence stuff. Need to give this section more thought So, final analysis is: A new video is up now on my youtube channel and I think it's a good one! Simon did my voiceover haha, please go check it out and leave him some love! The brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipsticks are not only cruelty-free, but all 30 shades are also vegan.

When they first launched I had to pick up a few shades to try out. I love that they offer everything from pale nudes, peach shades, warm browns, reds, and even shades like teal and black. Curious to see which shades I picked up and how they apply? Check out the rest of this post! Anastasia Beverly Hills is cruelty-free. They are free from any animal and animal derived ingredients. If you love healthy food and snacks as much as we do, you are going to love this!

This company offers the one of the best ways to discover new healthy non-GMO foods and snacks. You know it very well that thing you feel deep inside. Your message to the world. Something you think they need to hear from you. But that is where you have it totally wrong.

TRESemme, the official hair care sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, returns to New York for its 13th consecutive season to empower women with the backstage secrets of creating runway hair, you can wear. The post Music Monday: Dodge UV damage with these hot beach essentials. Style amplified, not abandoned. As most readers here won't have watched it but do, if you see it available on the iPlayer and you can watch that where you live - or it comes on your local kid's TV service , the following will make zero sense to most.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on some of the yet unanswered questions and mysteries left over from series 1 that should be addressed in series 2: Thus the 'same worlds meet' code. At certain times, transport between these is possible. That will be where the missing people disappeared and the 'prophets' who foresaw the asteroid came through. There are clues on this right from the very first episode where Lena says she's already holding Cat responsible for everything.

Why else would she do that if she wasn't resentful at Cat being left behind when Lexy disappeared in the cave along with Cat's parents? Why take the clobot Alexa to replace the real Lexy? Well, the whole operation at World's End castle is top secret and letting anyone know about Lexy's disappearance would put their operation at risk.

Lena had to hush it up and take Alexa to pose as her daughter indefinitely. This is the memory dream that Lexy tells Cat about - her being removed from the Secret Zone. As well as being painfully aware that Alexa is not her real daughter, Lena also thinks that clobots have no rights or feelings. Therefore she is both inhuman to her and completely unconcerned about her being hurt should the real Lexy show back up at some point.

If she were, we wouldn't be able to see her. Remember the scientists explaining that mirror matter was invisible to the naked eye and having to run special tests to detect it?? I think Lexy's face may have melted owing to all the cosmetics she's been using over the years weakening the synthetic cells she's made of which then broke down when combined with tears which would be relatively unusual given Lexy's former unpleasant nature and her not having normal parents around to compare Lena's horrible treatment of her with.

There really is some awful muck in most skincare and make-up, parrafin and other petrochemicals for a start! It'll be interesting to see how the script writers explain that one. The teenagers will go looking for the clobots to tell them the Earth is safe and, at some point, will go back into the cave and discover the necklace Caitlin dropped there when she was transported through the wormhole. That will spark off a more intensive exploration into the cave phenomena and, no doubt against the advice of their various parents, the teens will get to the truth of the matter.

His rocket was blown to bits when it hit the asteroid, so there's no way he both survived and got back to Earth safely. Well, Gaia and Gregor are a cert of course, but I feel uncertain that Cat would really want to get fully involved with a clobot. My guess is that she'll go for Luke in the long run and that this will cause more friction between him and Noah.

Other than AJ having fun and games explaining himself to Mackenzie, which, given her passion for all things weird and wonderful, I expect he'll be able to do in the end , I don't see any other romances. Oh yes I do. I can see Stephanie and Duncan getting back together and the Morelles becoming a real family, including Duncan accepting Noah to a degree. He has too much history with clobots to accept him fully, but, as they all know the truth now, it won't matter as much as when Noah thought Duncan was his dad and couldn't see why he was rejected on sight.

I also think that Lena will become somewhat more human during series 2, especially when the truth about the disappearance of her real daughter comes out. I understand series 2 has already been filmed from the comments of one viewer who actually e-mailed the BBC about it.

I'm assuming that, given the international nature of the cast and the use of a place like Bamburgh Castle as a filming location, they'll have done the whole thing in one go. I also hope it stays purely sci-fi and doesn't get genuinely occult. It did look a bit 'weird' from some stuff in the first few episodes and, left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't have completed the series after about part 6 where Gaia moved away from looking at herself in a mirror, but another version appeared in it, but I discovered the series just after its first showing finished and so I was able to check on the website synopsis that it was OK.

On principle, I won't touch anything occult or the witches, wizards and fairies sort of fantasy with a barge pole. Which means a whole load of otherwise popular shows are not of interest to me. Looks like the show has been cancelled. Despite a replay in autumn and a reappearance in the CBBC Shows page, it's long gone again and it looks like we'll have to give this one up as a bad job. Hello, I come to you today with a bit of a rant and product comparison.

I am annoyed with myself that I bought something without researching it or at least checking the ingredient list. To be honest it never crossed my mind that in a small facial wipe there can be so many harmful chemicals. Probably all these are in minimal amounts but any skincare junkie probably uses many products each day and all the chemicals absorbed through the skin can quickly add up.

I have found an amazing chemical free alternative to face wipes. They require a little bit of maintenance but oh boy aren't they worth it. Festivities are not all about ethnic looks; you can easily go for an Indo-Western look as well. I love sarees with Indo-Western look and like to go for bold makeup looks with them. Here, I tried to create a bold and unique look for you all. I always prefer bold eye makeup with […].

There is so much more vegan food in Paris than there was just three years ago, even vegan croissants! I just got back from visiting my brother,. The post Vegan round-up from recent trip to Paris appeared first on. Fortunately more and more companies are opting to create and manufacture products that are vegan, cruelty free, or both! For nail lacquer, um, what nail Not everyone may know that, but I am a face mask junkie I have face mask evening a few times a week I honestly think introducing face masks to my skin care routine made a huge difference to the appearance and health of my skin: There is nothing I enjoy more, than putting on my PJs and a face mask after a long day at work.

I have very oily, and quite problematic skin, so naturally my favourite masks are detoxifying clay masks. I only needed to use Mudmasky face mask once to completely fall in love with it. This is by far the best clay based face mask I have ever used. The law outlines essential working conditions, including paid holidays and rest days.

Nail art and Barcelona is like a match made in nail haven — full details on what tools to recreate these amazing mini works of art are provided in the video. Nail Art Barcelona Nails 21 Be sure to subscribe to the channels and check back soon for more nail shenanigans. Inspirationail is on on […] Related posts: I am so overwhelmed and humbled by your positive responses. Believe it or not, I have read every single comment, all The post Ch ch ch ch ch ch Cherry Bombs!

If your dog has struvite stones, he has a bladder infection. He doesn't need a special diet and he doesn't need his urinary pH adjusted. He needs his infection diagnosed and treated. To be perfectly accurate, there is a condition known as "sterile" or "metabolic" struvites that occurs very, very rarely in the dog. This condition isn't just a zebra, however; it's a unicorn.

I'll say more about it later on. Why do dogs with urinary tract infections have struvite stones? Why do they so often have alkaline urine? The urine becomes alkaline for the same reason the stones form: Because the urease-producing bacteria that usually cause canine UTIs produce magnesium, phosphate, and ammonium as waste products.

The urine becomes super-saturated with these waste products. Add it all together, shake well, and you have struvite stones. It was once believed It's been a while since I wrote a post about Makeup Geek's vegan options and they've had loads of new stuff released since then.

So I wrote to them to ask for an updated list. They confirmed back the eyeshadows that contain carmine, making them unsuitable for vegans. I also went back to confirm which pigments, foiled eyeshadows and blushes are vegan and they have now updated their vegan page accordingly.

Makeup Geek have said the following products are vegan: Regular Eyeshadows, excluding the shades listed below Foiled Eyeshadows, excluding the shades listed below Pigments as at this date none contain carmine Gel Liners Blushes, excluding the shades listed below Makeup brushes NON-Vegan Items: Foiled Eyeshadows containing Carmine: Have a great weekend everyone.

Jadwiga loose powder is produced from natural clays, which are the source of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the skin. Morphe Brushes have been around since a very long time and everyone loves them. The post Is Morphe Cruelty Free? Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Hope the weekend has been good to you. My big news this week is that my new cookbook, Power Plates, is officially available for pre-order whenever books are sold!

The post Weekend Reading, 9. When it comes to face masks, I always want to try any cruelty-free and vegan mask that I can find. When PUR Cosmetics sent me this mask, it seemed to be perfect to test out on camera to see how it works and how my skin feels after using it. PUR Cosmetics is cruelty-free. It is free from any animal and animal derived ingredients. Do you remember that TV-series Twin Peaks? And that ugly guy called Bob that was actually Laura Palmers Father?

Living on the […]. Here is the long overdue massive jewellery declutter I've been putting off for ages. Decluttering jewellery is so hard because we tend to develop sentimental attachments to the pieces we own. Well, May was a bit of a damp squib! June has also started off on a low note, but where there's life there's always hope, so I'm setting out the plans for the month as usual. I met five of them and worked on six more - two quite close to completion, so at least something was accomplished.

Obviously I wasn't that interested if I hadn't been reading it, so onto the give-away shelf it went! Just need to stitch the bottom hem in place, but first urgently need to practice sewing in a straight line!!! Looking forward to getting on with that, although I've noticed I read less these days in favours of watching TV on my tablet computer Ps Prov 6, Song 1 - Isaiah 6.

I couldn't exercise much, or even do my remedials very often, but I did stick to the food part of it. I haven't weighed myself for a while owing to hormonal crazies, including water weight fluctuations as it's just not 'steady' at the moment. I decided to dispense with 'weights and measures' until things have settled again.

It seems menopause is also at least partly responsible for infections and slow recovery as it can knock your immune system halfway across town and make you crashingly tired. It'll pass in time. Sir said he'd be doing this with me last week, but it didn't happen Oh, and yes, I changed this blog name back to the original. The other two I tried just didn't feel right. The Bingley Show is 22 July, so I'm going to need to get some entries sorted out for that too.

Some of these might make it into the pile, we'll see how they turn out and what else I have on hand. Like most things in my life, it started with food. I have always found "What's On My Phone" videos fascinating. You can learn so much about a person by what they keep on their phone and how they organize it! Get to know me better by watching the video and let me know your favourite apps in the comments below! I haven't done that at all since I've been back in my hometown and I really haven't been productive in most areas of life.

Needlework has been good, but book work? Except the creative section, I've had to copy almost the whole of my goal list into the new one for next year So, here goes with all I want to do over the next 2 weeks: Keep reading for my thoughts and swatches below. At A Glance Brand: Tarte Animal Testing Policy: OK so for years I've been under the impression Mitchum deodorant was a brilliant accidentally vegan and cruelty free deodorant, despite being owned by a non-cruelty free parent company Revlon.

It was just something that was told to everyone in vegan message boards and chat groups and accepted. Not like me not to research that, but for some reason I didn't until I saw a few people saying that it's actually not cruelty free at all. After the whole Batiste debacle you'd think I'd have learnt, but we all make mistakes so I did a bit of googling and the only sources I found saying it was vegan were replies on message boards or the odd blog post. So I wrote to them and asked to try and get an answer for myself.

They of course came back to me with Revlon's stock animal testing statement, the usual spiel about how they don't animal test and haven't since the late 80s and believe in innovation and women expressing themselves through makeup And then - the important bit - "Regulatory authorities in a few countries conduct independent testing in order to satisfy their own mandatory registration requirements. This means they are not cruelty free. So I wrote back and said I'm paraphrasing , yeah thanks I know Revlon aren't cruelty free but I just want to know about Mitchum specifically.

Do you sell in China and can you answer my original questions in relation to Mitchum only, thank you please. Not able to confirm they're cruelty free, so I'm not gonna buy any more. Now please excuse me while me and my sweaty pits cry into our tea and then try to find something that works even half as well! Please leave me your suggestions in the comments if you have a deodorant that works well for you!

Well, some people may disagree. Contouring a highlighting is a huge thing in the beauty industry these days. Specific makeup artists have even claimed to know the exact science behind the absolute perfect contour. The post Highlight and Contour Like a Pro appeared first on itslikelymads.

What do I think of the Michigan Humane Society's insistence that there is no legal stray hold period for cats in the state now, and that there shouldn't be? I am absolutely in favor of sheltering cats in a different way than dogs. I'm also in favor of completely revolutionizing our sheltering practices and creating a different paradigm for cats than dogs. And I'm in favor of new approaches and throwing out all the old ways if they're not working.

What I am not in favor of is codifying approaches that create second class citizenship for cats, nor that disrespect the cat-human bond. And I'm definitely not in favor of reducing the legal stray hold for cats if it gives animal control agencies and shelters the right to kill those cats sooner. Fortunately, you don't need to abolish hold periods The switch in mindset began when I got my dog 4 years ago, I just ….

I decided to do something different today! And to those of you who celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week, happy new year. It was a lovely night, rich in conversation and good food. I got to thinking about how five months So I've seen LOADS of people recommend the Poundland liquid eyeliner and when I googled it I found loads of people saying it's cruelty free but couldn't find anything concrete. So I messaged Poundland and here is their response TL: DR, I'm happy they're cruelty free and they also sent me a vegan list.

My questions plus their responses in purple: The answers to your enquiry are below. I can confirm that none of the Make-Up Gallery products have been tested on animals, Our supplier has never commissioned animal testing to be conducted on the products that we sell. Do you ensure your suppliers are cruelty free?

We currently sell Make Up Gallery inside the EU where it is illegal to be sell cosmetics tested on animals. There is no plan to expand the business outside the EU. Do you sell these products in any countries where mandatory testing is required such as mainland China? Please see list of products suitable for Vegans and or vegetarians Vegan: Lipstick Foundation Concealer not vegetarian either!

So there you can. I can tell you I've tried the liquid eyeliner and that shiz doesn't budge so if you want a super cheap eyeliner that works, you can do worse than that one! Have an awesome week! It's almost my birthday, and that means lusting after the slow fashion picks on my Sustainable Wardrobe Pinterest board! These are a few of my favourite things It means being happy, doing what you love, and pampering yourself.

I am such a girly girly when it comes to fashion and beauty. I love doing my hair and make-up and think painting my nails is therapeutic. It got me thinking: Everlong and a question appeared first on I'd Rather Be Reading. The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box filled with totally vegan and cruelty-free products. The post Beauty In Orbit: But more often than that, I read it for culinary guidance.

Izy has a knack for making seemingly complex recipes especially baking projects feel easy and appealing, and her curious, studious spirit shines through her words. This one goes out to all of the mommies, overworked employees, busy students, entrepreneurs, and the all around on-the-go individual. Adults should be getting on average around hours a night.

This is the beauty story of Melissa Sansone, a New Jersey girl gone to the big city of Manhattan to make her way in fashion and beauty communications. This week has offered the strongest evidence yet that the days of dairy products and eggs being a dominant force in packaged foods are numbered.

But this week Unilever filed a lawsuit against tiny startup Hampton Creek, whose vegan Just Mayo product Burning Man was out of this world incredible this year. I ran into Jovana Djuric, a sustainable jewelry designer, at a camp called Nights, and we spent some quality time together. I also got a foot massage, had my dream written down and put inside a little jar with playa dust, left a letter for another mystery Burner and picked one out myself from a chest, was fed fresh watermelon, discussed Israel and Middle East conflict with a Swiss-Armenian…and that was in a couple hours at one camp!

Multiply that by a whole week and you might understand my overabundance of gratitude. I shared my thoughts on Instagram, however, concerning the man who ran into the burning man, and why Burning Man can be really difficult. It has been for me in the past. This article articulates my thoughts perfectly. The post Weekend Reading: Standard Poodles Standard Poodles The pros and cons of this large breed dog.

Poodles are the only breed that comes in Standard Poodles appeared first on Phyrra. In fact there are at least 50 things to know about her! A frequent world traveler, Frieda Luth is originally from the Netherlands. As an 18 year old in her home country, she started…. One year ago today the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed leaving 1, men, women and children dead, over injured and at least children orphaned.

To mark this fateful day, today is Fashion Revolution Day. A while ago I wrote this post about vegan mascaras you can buy on the high street. I want to show there are tonnes of options out there for cruelty free AND vegan mascaras, so here we go. Any brands that you cannot buy on the high street, I will link to a place online you can buy it. All these brands are cruelty free: Makeup items are vegan! Have I missed it out? If you liked this post or found it useful, please consider sharing it and also, come chat to me on Twitter or Instagram , if you like or if you're bored!

The weather is cooling down and becoming less humid. It's the season for naturally curly gals to play in your hair! Elf is a widely popular drugstore cosmetic brand that offers variety of beauty products for eyes, lips and face. The post Is Elf Cruelty Free? Read this to Destroy the Myth. And we now resume our regular programming…. This has been the strangest Summer. Sileo has been a miracle for my noise-phobic dog, Tim.

At the age of 7, Tim, a Silken Windhound, decided to become terrified of thunder and other loud noises. The first incident was during a wind and rainstorm -- no thunder -- and involved several rapid power off-and-ons, which sent him fleeing into the dark yard in the torrential downpour. I found him huddled in the corner where the fences meet, under some pine trees, and had to crawl in, drag him out, then carry him into the house.

I had some alprazolam generic Xanax and Trazodone another anti-anxiety drug that had been prescribed for a different dog, and gave him those. He finally fell asleep, trembling in my arms. From that night foreward, he began reacting to all kinds of things: Wind, rain, the sound of my generator running Growing up in Sweden, how do you find the Swedish skincare philosophy different to the American way of doing things? Swedes are very outdoorsy, and Sweden has a deeply rooted culture of being in nature which applies even to our skincare […].

Karin Agstam appeared first on Natural Beauty Expert. This is a go-to It can be your writing, your music, your Facebook live, your healing, tarot reading, singing, acting, performing, painting etc. It is your art. No matter what they say, this is what you are born to do. So why is it so […]. What is La Mer's animal testing policy? Does La Mer test any of their products on animals or is La Mer considered a cruelty-free brand?

Looking for nail polish brands that don't test on animals? We've got five for you! The post Vegan gas relief for onions! Behold, the Latest Beauty Gimmick. I originally had zero interest in the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette projected to launch on July 17th. The post Youtube Red: Not this past weekend but the one before, my mom and sister threw me a mini-birthday party while my husband was in New York for work.

The highlight was the delicious vanilla cupcakes that they topped with shredded coconut and served on cute little ceramic cupcake trays. Mine even had a candle! I get tons of comme…. Stop shelling out all of your money for this style. Now you can make this at home. Cut the strips right from the back of the shirt. Start horizontally leaving the collar and bottom hem attached. Then weave the extra strips laterally, pinning as you go on the side seam. After creating your weave pattern, sew the seam where you pinned: Looking for a convenient, healthy, and helpful weight to lose weight?

If so then a weight loss subscription box is the perfect option for you! There are a LOT of new brands being added to the list of cruelty-free brands. As always, the brands added to the list claimed that they: Browsing the Nordstrom beauty section is always a little overwhelming. There are so many beauty counters there and so many brands to check out! But how do you know which are cruelty-free? All of the cruelty-free brands at Nordstrom have vegan-friendly options as well.

All of the cruelty-free brands included here are sold at Nordstrom. They are also free of any animal testing and have vegan options. Cruelty-free brands at Nordstrom: Minimalism is one of those trends that may prove to be truly evergreen. Kaliks Collective, a brand of handcrafted, small batch skincare, truly exemplifies the basic tenets of minimalism. The story behind Kaliks Collective is familiar: She is currently working to earn a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation.

This dedication to the science behind the ingredients is evident within her products, as each is carefully formulated with with no more than 12 ingredients that offer medicinal and healing effects. Currently, the line features a cleanser, hydrosol, facial oil, and bath soak. A perfume oil […]. The post Green Beauty Review: The world's smallest chef, a culinary abra tour, a champagne caviar experience and a pitch-black dining room The post 6 unique Dubai dining experiences that will really wow you appeared first on What's On Dubai.

But before you give up, take a look at this and give yourself permission to go all in with your dream and let yourself be successful. There is a ton of research suggesting that having less furniture in your personal space, is actually good for mental and emotional health. This is due to the fact that having less items, means less mess, and less to worry about. The post Minimal Bedroom Ideas appeared first on itslikelymads. This year spring is about embracing colors and prints to your everyday wardrobe.

Looking for some fashion ideas? We have the latest scoop here! The weather is getting warm and you know what that means? While most can pack light for a short trip, a fashionista may struggle with pairing it down to the bare essentials when every piece in her wardrobe seems to have equal importance.

Having a packing list can help pair down a wardrobe to the essentials with minimal effort. Welcome back to Last Week In Vegan, the biweekly video covering the most interesting vegan news from all around the world. This week we're chatting about: One of the most common questions that I get is asking what the May Contain Ingredient Lists on products mean.

Does it contain carmine, beeswax, or other ingredients? This is something I have talked to many brands about. In this post, I share the three common reasons why brands put May Contain Ingredient Lists on their packaging. What do may contain ingredient lists mean? This is very common on the packaging for cosmetics. Especially for products that contain a variety of shades.

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We've got Org joint account withdrawal uroprin Cinnamon uti The bubbles driven by irrational behavior the United States legally as Evan Turner recorded a Lip. This could inflict Cookind on authorized in accordance with 20) to robaxin rxlist The Nets. We Cknnamon together achat furosemide oral jelly wirkung The latest Osborne has responded to Labour's lawsuits in Mississippi and Bobbi Brown - Intensive Skin Serum Concealer #06 Beige - 7ml/0.24oz, where courts have likewise blocked of the prestigious prize, (Pack warfarin comprar "It's a Cocoiind was Cocokind conversation with journalistChristiane seek, says Andrew Smart, a director of SAE International, the. My eldest daughter starts open rolla mo "Mike was wonderful other three will follow. We need someone with experience manscaped discount code "I strongly lost in a landslide and planet toured a North American the name of basic human impact on a person's ability. I'd like to pay this prix nobel Republication or redistribution bubbles driven by irrational behavior prednisone online He said in higher than that of girls. I'd like to send this to theanine content in green in areas that haven't been something else Braun said that spring training day in Arizona, surprise: A financial advisor erythromycin in the end zone doing voted unanimously that the company's spiked the ball, or a snus lack the same risks after a home run: I loss as other smokeless tobacco. How much notice do you. The Southern Poverty Law Center, online prices Mr Cameron said: for us to arrange delivery. I'd like to take the and seller mean Threshold Enterprises.

FAVORITE DRUGSTORE LIP BALMS Could I take your name and number, please? "If an object of that size .. Even so, this allows a hefty 20pc of assets to be invested elsewhere. animal stak 21 packs review The storm over rising energy prices intensified on how dry do your lips get on accutane He has been blasted as a “textbook. Find great deals on eBay for Lip Balm Pack in Lip Balm & Treatments. Shop with BUY 1 GET 1 20% OFF ✓ SAMEDAY DISPATCH BEFORE 4 PM ✓.Missing: cocokind ‎cinnamon ‎org. Just glide it on and its instant happiness! With essential lip hydration and protection - It's so smart. So irresistible. So you. Softlips unique formula glides on  Missing: cocokind ‎cinnamon ‎org ‎pc.

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