Spa De Soleil Pure Mineral 11-oz Repair Toner

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Laminar Mica Crystals, 30 lb Crudoleum Cream, 4 oz, Heritage Products.

Spa De Soleil Pure Mineral 11-oz Repair Toner 4 Pack - Dermabrush Advanced Cleansing System, Purple 1 ea

They're customer service is the worst. I ordered about I sent them back and Rena told me they were fine. Nothing wrong with them. She refused to give me my money back or even replace the product. Also ordred some equipment from them. Can't get them to replace or fix anything. Horrible company and horrible owner! I can't believe they are still in business! I have to agree. I purchased my equipment in July at the Las Vegas show and was promised the world.

I was promised I could have my equipment on the Tuesday they returned from the show. I keep getting the blow off from Alex Bastein I think his name was finally He returned my call after I blocked my phone number. They promised me a different sanatizer it was a joke just explaining what I was promised to the girl that works there.

Cheerleader with a job. I have to take it as a learning experience. Sad thing is if the service was better they would have more of my business plus business of my co-parts. Do your research before dealing with this company and why do they change the name of company all the time??? Purchased anything from Spa De Soleil. You have purchased your equipment from Reeve Lab which is a completely independent company that distributes some of our equipment as many other companies they do business with.

Spa De Soleil did not treat you or give you any customer service if you have any problem or issues turn them to reeve lab. Do not create business slandering for a party that has nothing to do with your purchase. As a business owner you should realize that when companies finished the show if will take them at least a couple of hours the following day to enter their orders into the system.

You have picked up your merchandise on July 2 and you chose to pick it up as we clarified with Mr. As far as Mr. Bastien documents he as helped you, in every way with all of your questions. Spa De Soleil takes that accusation very seriously and considering taking legal action against you for business. Dear Dorren, You purchased your items from a Spa De Soleil distributor and since your relation with her went wrong you are trying to blame Spa De Soleil. Please be aware that we are moving forward to legal action regards to your the business slandering on this website.

So I do apologize there in name the wrong company name, but somehow they all seem to be affiliated. The weird thing is Spa De Soleil is where I picked up all my equipment. The customer service that I encounted there was a joke noone knew anything and there was a lot of miscommunication.

I have documentaion of times I talked to him what was discussed and the several occasions he said he would call me back and did not. SO again I will retract the name spa de soleil and correct it to reeves lab. Now when I went to get a replacement part and was told by alex to go to the same address arminta street in sun valley, ca i did go there and the sign said spa de soleil so guess what my invoice also says spa de soleil so i have purchased from you guys and on the occasion the customer once again was a joke.

We would like to reply on a compliant this client Danny Nguyen purchased their unit which an image was emailed as well as faxed to the client. The image was exactly what the client ordered as well as at the time of purchase they signed on the sales order which indicated the code and the name of the unit as a silver shower. Images that are posted on our website and that are taken of our equipment are very simple and clear.

There was also a regular Manuel that included specs of that unit that was also faxed to the client as well as an email listing all technical information. The client visited our showroom and even confirmed their order when they saw the actual equipment. After a few months of receiving their equipment, assembled, and installed it into their facility they called Spa de Soleil trying to argue that they wanted the silver frame sauna.

Due to the fact that this unit was already assembled and in use for a few months, the client had even no original packaging. There would be no possible way to pack it in fair condition as well as place it in its original condition for Spa De Soleil to replace it. Nguyen argued with Spa De Soleil for months almost a year and when he finally made a decision that he would pay Spa De Soleil the difference Spa de Soleil was out of inventory on the item that he requested.

If they discovered that they were not completely happy with the item they purchased the item was not under Spa De Soleil warranty, however in this case it seems that they did it deliberately by agreeing they received the lower price at no charge. This client is not a legitimate Spa, but when he came into the facility he identified himself as a spa owner.

This comment is in reference to Doreen Destefano. We found out that she made a purchase of our product in the beginning of and for over 3 years with those products there were never any complaints to the distributors or to us.

She was actually very happy and pleased about the product and even fought over territory from other clients because she wanted distributorship and exclusivity in her area of doing business. Doreen was even a good friend as well to our distributors and even helped sell and market the products. As we were notified by the distributor, the product quantity that was purchased was only 2 each on a few selected items as a mix and there was no acne products of that and we even have a copy of that invoice from the distributor which states that she did not purchase any acne products.

So for what ever bizarre reason you are posting this complaint on the complaints board. We feel that this is a lie and you are trying to put the aggravation of your unsuccessful business on someone else. Doreen never expressed to us that she had any problem and she wanted to return any items.

We cannot locate both of you as customers unless you used a different name or under your business name. If you had any dealings with Spa De Soleil and complained to Spa de Soleil it would have been handled according to the terms and conditions or with reasonable resolution to this situation.

However, if you went though a different party other than Spa de Soleil there is not much that can be done. Both individuals are more than welcomed to contact Spa De Soleil, present your purchase documents and complaints. If both were Spa de Soleil sale items then we will be more then happy to help you. With summer around the corner, sheer skin with minimal makeup is in. Improve your complexion with Instant Glow from Spa de Soleil and be ready to look your best this season!

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Spa de Soleil Avene Antirougeurs Calm Soothing Repair Mask · Avene Antirougeurs Fort Relief Garnier Skin Active Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Anti-Blackhead ml · Garnier .. Garnier Skin Active Nourishing Botanical Toner With Honey Flower ml .. Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder · Clarins Bronzing Duo Mineral. The secret to a spa quality, deep facial cleanse starts here. . @gloskinbeauty #discoveryourglo in Glo Skin Beauty Boost: Repair serums. . 50 mL fl. oz. SOLUTION: SMOOTH. Glycolic Resurfacing. Toner. A leave on toning . Glo Skin Beauty offers a mineral makeup system. Find Spa De Soleil UPC & Barcode, including barcode image, product images, Spa de Soleil MD Repair Masque + Free Brush Spa de Soleil MD Repair Toner Spa Nouveau Rosehip Seed Oil Skin Corrector, 1 Fl Oz. 24k searcherandstallion.comg: pure ‎mineral ‎

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