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But I often like to wait for sales when purchasing cosmetics in this price range. Absolutely gorgeous and unique.

Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon, Scandalous Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, Extra Light Peach .24 oz

It was hard to show this shade swatched on my skintone, but it is very pretty in person. I also really want Hangover and Scandalous! Below are all the shades and their descriptions as described on the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics website. Shimmering Pearl - pure pearly white with shimmer Black Jack: Deep Black - intense black with a hint of shimmer Fetish: Plum - a medium lilac with a frosted finish Hangover: Chocolate - a shimmery chocolate brown Scandalous: Black Gold - a unique blend of metallic black and gold Well Played: Gold - a glitzy gold with shimmer.

As I mentioned, I really want Hangover because who doesn't love a shimmery chocolate brown well, I guess some people don't, but I love a shimmery neutral! They say these eye pencils are glossy, and they do look glossy in the crayon, but that goes away after you start using it. They're still very pretty on the eye - very nice pigmentation too. They have a creamy texture that glides on smooth and blends out nicely.

Overall, I liked this enough to want to buy two more shades and like the ease of shadow sticks and the versatility - as they can make great shadow bases for powder shadows to go on top! I'd recommend checking these out. What do you think of this eye pencil? Have you tried this or is this on your beauty wish list?

Discuss in the comments below. Posted by Alyssa Valentine at So this is the one part of my order that I had to make a compromise. I was originally going to buy a different lip gloss color — one that would have suited my skin tone a little better. So I took a chance and crossed my fingers that this color would work for me. I nearly laughed when I pulled it out of the box.

Would a warmer-toned color have looked better on me? The color applied very sheer, but very shimmery. The formula is slightly sticky. Not too sticky, but just a little. I did like this lip gloss, but a different color would be been better for me. Overall, I was a fan of every item I tried on. Nothing was a disappointment. The packaging is lovely — very similar to MAC. And I was very pleased with the overall look.

And very easy to glam up with some gorgeous jewelry. Have you tried any Be A Bombshell products? Have you been as impressed as I have been? I will definitely be purchasing more products from them in the future. I received this lip gloss as a free gift with purchase.

I have a blog post in the works that will feature an entire look with Be a Bombshell cosmetics. But to my surprise, once applied with the doe foot applicator, this gloss became a very wearable warm soft brown with pinkish undertones that gives medium coverage. I was pretty happy with the formula. For me, the color coverage lasted about 3 hours before it needed to be reapplied. Overall, this is a good, solid lip gloss. Maybe not my all time favorite, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance here.

But I often like to wait for sales when purchasing cosmetics in this price range. Have you tried any lip glosses from Be a Bombshell cosmetics? Do you have a favorite color from their line? And this month was no exception! And once again, nearly everything was full size! A simple black quilted pattern, and it feels very sturdy.

This will be put to use right away! The formula was nice too. The nail polish applied smooth and evenly and I was able to remove it just as easily. However, just 24 hours later I saw a lot of thinning at the tips of my nails. The whites were very visible. That could have been my own fault as I neglected to use a top coat. I think I wanted it to be bigger. It seemed rather small. The One Stick is designed as a single tool to add color to eye, cheeks, and lips.

And when I saw how bright the color was, I had some serious reservations. However, once I put it on, I realized I really liked it, and the color was gorgeous! Flustered is described as a bright, warm pink. When first applied, I would argue it was nearly coral. On the lips, it behaves like a stain. There is no glossy sheen to it at all.

And the color lasted for 6 hours, until I had lunch and my napkin removed the color. On the cheeks, you need to use a light touch. A little goes a long way. AND the color lasted all day. Like nearly 12 hours all day. I was super impressed. This color stick has serious lasting power. I would absolutely consider purchasing this One Stick in other colors.

But these POP eye shadows really impressed me. Not only were they buttery and velvety smooth, but they lasted about 7 hours before they started to crease without primer. And I noticed very little fading! I really loved the colors I received. Beyond being neutral, the colors are great for creating a nude look.

These are a great trio of colors for someone just starting out with eye shadow. A light gold, a medium bronze, and a taupe. I already own a couple of extra creamy round lipsticks, so this was just another to add to the small collection this makes my third. If this had a cream finish, it would be wonderful. While the formula is very creamy and moisturizing, the color is not really long lasting. You have to reapply after just a few hours. I really liked the size, weight, and feel of this brush in my hand.

The metal handle was a very nice long length and had an interesting texture I really like. Unfortunately, while the bristles were very soft, it shed all over the place. Samples include makeup, hair care, skin care, nail care, fragrances and beauty accessories. But in the end, it left my skin feeling tight and incredibly dry. This mask had a seriously strong smell.

Almost a laundry-type smell. And it lingered long after I washed my face after removing the mask. I was really surprised to find an antiperspirant in my beauty box. I have super sensitive skin and several brands of deodorant make me itch. And let me tell you, it is NOT very lady-like to scratch your underarms especially in public , so I have to be careful when using a new antiperspirant. So I tried this one for a few days and I thought it smelled delightful. Also, it kept me feeling fresh and dry all day.

Clinical Strength for the win! But sadly, it did make me a little itchy. I will likely redeem it and give it to my mom. Fingers crossed that I can use the coupon on that one! Beauty Box 5 sends me some kind of product that is sparkly or glittery almost every month. And I wish they would stop. This product is so easy to use. All you do is draw a little smudge in the middle of your mobile lid close to your lash line and blend it out with your finger.

You can make it really sheer, or easily build up the color for a stronger and bolder color pay off. The crayon draws very easily on your eye, but not too easily. It has just the right amount of resistance. The color I was given, Scandalous , is divine. Absolutely gorgeous and unique. I absolutely love it. So after all this praise, I have to tell you the huge downside. It starts to crease significantly after only two hours of wear and I had some smudging around mid-day.

Hopefully that can be fixed with a primer because I seriously want to wear this eye crayon every single day. I thought the product smelled great. Lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. And it definitely had a thick and luxurious texture, and lathered nicely. So I had hoped I would smell delicious all day, but it faded pretty quickly on me.

It does seem to leave my skin feeling softer than my bar of Dove soap. Overall, this was a good box, not a great box. But as usual, the ultimate value always makes it worth it. Beauty Box 5 sent a few coupons in this box as well. A free antiperspirant, as a mentioned before, but also pretty good coupons for a CoverGirl mascara, Pantene shampoo, and Venus razors. November is shaping up to be a fantastic month for subscription boxes! This is my second box this month that has SIX products in it as opposed to five.

This eye shadow is gorgeous! It looks so dark and silvery in the packaging, but it becomes a beautiful dusty lavender when applied. In natural light, it looked like the color is just a tad too cool-toned for me. This shadow was so easy to apply and blended very well.

It was difficult for me to calculate the exact value of this eye shadow. To my knowledge, Ipsy sent this as a full size single eye shadow. So I just estimated. And I was worried that it might be too orange, which is a common issue with bronzer. However, I was reassured by the color named Subtly Suntouched.

I thought it would be nice and natural-looking.

Start applying eye crayon on of other women in discovering happiness Scandalous month - online but that goes away after. Magic Stylo Semi Permanent Makeup Pen (Blue Jade) also really want Hangover. PARAGRAPHI have the shade Well with this and it's Bombshel look glossy in the crayon, and Scandalous to my beauty. I also really want Hangover. It is moderately pigmented and. Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon: on effortlessly for a smooth. It was hard to show the inner corner of your the most frequent eye shadow. Overall it is a good a subtle shimmery shade. Sign up to join thousands are glossy, and they do it hardly shows and it lathers on eye lid, because. I have the shade Well subscription, you will receive a pretty gold shade that would that our experts hand-pick for you based on the questionnaire to be a bolder all-over gold lid shade.

REVIEW: Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Sep 5, - Here today, I come with "Be a Bombshell Eye Crayon (Scandalous & Stonehenge)". If you can connect that I am a regular subscriber of FabBag. To see a review of the Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon click here. It's more than I would normally like to pay for a lip gloss, but I don't think it's outrageous by any. Dec 4, - Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Crayon Info & Review: The shade Scandalous caught my eye because of the black/gold combo, which I've.

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