Earthly Body Massage Candle - Naked in the Woods - 6 oz

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I would almost place this as a fougere.

Earthly Body Massage Candle - Naked in the Woods - 6 oz Danielle Creations Miracle Foot Mask

Fresh, but not summery fresh. Earthy, but not dirty. One of my go to designer fragrances for work. All in all Terre is well balanced fragrance with great and unique scent, good performance and versatility. To me, the ginger-like aromatic side of Geraniums has played equally important role as the citrus-vetiver compound. Not really a review, but a comment that may help put people's mind at ease - I may come back and edit this later on with more review info.

Don't be scared of the reform talk and it having short longevity and such. I got a sample of this and have been trying to wash it of my arm for the better part of the day now. I suppose the good thing I can say about it is the longevity.

If you want to smell like a grandfather who heavily overuses aftershave, this is your scent. Not even as a gift, unless you really want to get back at someone. I used to find TDH so off-putting, almost acrid but a few months ago I tried it again, several times. And for some reason it finally just clicked with me. I find it really quite a unique scent, one of those that can be really personal and therapeutic, something that you wear and sniff for yourself, as I'm not so sure the ladies like it all that much.

But who cares when it smells this good? It's the earthy smell of autumn, that transitional season that takes us from warm to cold. It's not on Fragrantica but an incredibly low-priced and decent alternative to this is Kudos by Milton Lloyd. One of my favorites, especially when it was one of the first fragrances I tried in a long while.

There are more interesting and complex scents, but this is a pleaser. Used to love it back in I love earthy fragrances, and this one is very unique. It opens with a realistic orange scent, like peeling a juicy orange. Like eating a fresh orange after a rainstorm. I find it very uplifting. It is also subtle, which I appreciate. Where has this been all my life!? I can't believe this fragrance came out 12 years ago. I've sampled it today for the first time and am in love.

Also my first Jean-Claude Ellena perfume. This is a good scent, but it's not for me. I could see it pulled off best by a mature older? It doesn't really strike me as a casual scent. Best worn in spring time.

If you like citrus and vetiver as fragrance notes, give this one a try. Excellent longevity, good sillage. My friend had no problem smelling it on me from about an arm's length, and this was hours after application of 2 sprays.

As soon as I saw it, I experienced the sense of doubt and uncertainty with nervous trepidation.. As I've gotten older my tastes have changed and some things I used to love in the past, I dislike now and vice versa on occasion. Recently I've been reliving my scent past as I've come across certain fragrances I forgot ever existed, not least that I'd once owned them M7, Dune, Givenchy Very Irresistable etc. With that in mind, I decided to give this another try and see if I liked it more than my gut was telling me I used to.

The answer is still yes AND no. I so much want to enjoy this but it's just so weird that I can't. The orange power in this cannot be ignored but it's not a sweet orange, it's more spicy and earthy, like if you poured a litre of orange juice over yourself and rolled around in a paddock for 10 minutes. That may sound harsh to lovers of this fragrance and I don't mean to be derisory of it, it's just not for me, despite the fact I can kind of appreciate where and what it's trying to be.

I now realise why I'd forgotten this one and pushed it to the back literally and metaphorically of my fragrance world. Performance wise it's good, quite loud projection and sillage and decent longevity but not much changes throughout. As a final and perhaps to some, humorous note, I ventured to the local shop soon after freshening up with this and no doubt stank the place out.

On my hot footed journey home, I passed two kids walking a dog, which promptly barked savagely at me and actually BIT me! Just not for me.. It does not mean its bad but not for everybody. Took me many years to finished a bottle. I have tried many hundreds of fragrances and this is one that i really really love..

Having loved other offerings leather etc from Hermes, I had high expectations. Indeed this is a very special fragrance. It is citrusy and orangy without being fresh. It is certainly not 'dirty' as commonly described but rather smells expensive however you define this and refined. The downside is the performance. Suddenly and without any warning, not leaving any trace.

Sniffing like a dog with my nose direcly on the wrist will not help. It no longer exists, not even a trace is left. This is very strange and I've never experienced this with any other fragrances before. Could this be the effect of ISO E? Still a nice uplifting and refined smell that will stay in my collection for years to come. I have tried hundreds of fragrances and this is the first one I find horrible To me it feels synthetic and more like a awful chemical cleaner.

Terre d hermes is a wonderful scent and is one of the best in the market. Some people who like it, love it but some dont like it and hate this fragrance. I would personally recommend anyone not to blind buy this fragrance as there are mixed opinions. I prefer the edt over the edp in this case as the projection is very good the Longetivity is also moderate,but if you are looking for a long lasting fragrance with moderate projection then go for the edp version Scent edt: This fragrance is one of those "works for you", or "works against you" type of scents, unfortunately, on my skin, it falls in the "works against" category.

To be fair, I really want to like this more as I love the scent of the fragrance. A colleague of mine wears this, and I very much admired it. At first whiff, It is very clean and crisp, it smells like sunshine in a bottle. Very nice Fragrance indeed but not for young guys I believe. I will give it to my DAD. I smell it on my self like an old man: This fragrance for me is a symbol of coming into my own. And as a collector. It's made me realize that half of my collection is pointless.

This is how I should smell. This is what communicates the essence of competence, sophistication, distinctiveness, verve, intellect, wisdom, and creativity. And it does it stylistically in a manner that I'm becoming more drawn to--the use of natural tones of raw materials. It smells vividly of bitter, burnt orange peel, wet flint stone, benzoin, green spicy vetiver. And not because of deceptive trickery or sweetness or romance. But because of assertive skill and competence.

With self-expressive confident creativity. Such that if it does come. It's the kind attached to a woman of substance. I think this is an instance where like attracts like. You wanna smell like a handful of hair gel, tonka beans, and rootbeer, then fine, put on your BlueXtreme Intense by Zoolander and maybe the rave girl will lick your face while she's on molly.

But what about the rest of real life? And this is a scent with realness that I feel attracts those who value it. If you're a young man who rocks this. Your just ahead of the game. That's the proper way to think of this scent. Not rating it as old or young, but the relative position of coming into your own.

In fact you could think of this scent and how people think about it as a way to think about them. This is going to resonate with grown ss interesting men. If you hear someone say it smells like it's for old men. You just know not to do business with them. This just became a times a week scent for me. It's hard to put one something of lesser quality or resonance with my own style and place in life. I'll be selling or giving away half my collection now.

And moving on from this hobby. Having accomplished what I set out to explore. The knowledge of the scent beauty and why things smell interesting and what they express in me and around me to others. It is a nice scent but it does not last at all. Citrusy, fresh, not overpowering. It also does not project well on me, must be my body chemistry. I prefer Eau d'Orange Verte for its sharp green tones.

This is superbly blended. It's like digging your hands through the soil on an orange farm In fact, if you have ever thrown orange peels in the bin, then thrown spent ground coffee over those orange peels Every time I smell it, I'm amazed at how well blended it is. There are two types of men who would wear this: Feels old at some point. Not sure if I like it because everyone likes it but everytime I wear it I fail to discover it's greatness if any. Lasts about 8hrs, gives me a headache around half the trip.

That's when I realize I may don't like it. The headache comes from the contradiction it creates. I'm expecting a flowy-earthy scent full of movement and all I get is an overdosed orange-grapefruit upper-class sitting male which takes me nowhere. I kinda dig this but it needs to be the right situation.

Deff agree it is an orange vetiver bomb with the grandpa feel but not too bad. Mature scent and situational, not for me I can understand people reject this fragrance when testing because it can resemble citronella candles and alike or because it is a mature fragrance not for kids. But it is modern at the same time, not dated at all and quite unique in how it smells and behaves it develops untill it dies.

This is just not for everyone. It's not a simple pleaser, it's a scent to be worn with personality and character. It's bitter and it's crisp and at the same time very dirty. But even though I do love it when smelled up close and believe it is one of my favourites, I admit that it's true magic relies on the wiffs you get from time to time. When someone else is wearing this, you don't smell it directly, you get certain and constant wiffs that are true magic.

You really have to know how to pull this one off, those who don't have that capacity say it smells like grandpa lol, don't listen to them. This can be worn with a suit or nice casual clothes but I wouldn't wear it with a tracksuit for example. It's wearable all seasons. No crap here, this is all masculine. A stayer in my collection and for sure signature worthy. I remember my first impression to this awesome fragrance: Thank you universe for having me over in this world, and thanks God for giving me the sense of smell to be able to appreciate this scent.

I never had this fragrance though until, recently I finally bought it. I had this as a large sample which I wore for a few weeks. My initial impression was that I disliked it. Somehow it reminded me of my Grandad, or more specifically my grandad after we had worked the morning in the vegetable garden. It's a pleasant memory, but I didn't want to smell of it.

After an hour or so it settled down to a more pleasant smell. Very vegetable like, and earthy with a peppery body. I grew to like it, but my wife says "it smells like peppery B. O" which means I won't be adding this to the shelf. Unique, Elegant, Alpha with decency and above all after three hours you want to bite your own flesh where it was applied. After dry down of two hours it become a different fragrance in summer.

Orange and earthy This is kind of bitter orange but not sweet, dry down to mature formal scent with earthy soil and hints of Hermes house note that so green and fresh He must smell like this perfume. I don't really understand the love for this one. Smells like a citronella candle to me. Not all that great, but not horrible either unless you're a mosquito. I would never wear this. Not necessarily being a bad thing but it smells synthetic to me. It really packs a punch if you smell it directly after application.

The citrus combination of citrus pepper and vetiver is too strong to have a natural smell. Not sure if it's cuz of the orange vetiver mix or orange pepper mix, but it smells like something that would burn a lot if gotten in your eyes. Personally I would prefer it to be bit softer, perhaps Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche is something I would appreciate more, haven't tried it yet. Btw it smells a bit like cleaning agent - Cif lemon cream cleaner.

Probably bit poorly blended tho. All that being said I still do not dislike it, and wear it. I appreciate the performance of it and I like the smell of oranges. I have many perfumes in my treasure box. But I have 2 magic scents which attract the attentions of females. Hermes and amouage lyric. I don't know why but this scent has a special effect on females.

Don't ask me about details but I bought 4 bottles more to keep this magic on me for a long time. To my nose subjective this stuff is horrible. Orange, cedar, pepper and vetiver combine to bring about a stand out fragrance that is bold. The fragrance has been described in a lot of reviews as earthy and outdoorsy. It is true all the way. Terre d'Hermes captures the energizing smell of the great outdoors like nothing else. It's like when you smell the natural subtle aroma of woods This is a total manly fragrance and while it's got cues of woods, it'll work really well in an office setting.

Bottom line, Terre d'Hermes is a masterful blend of ingredients that all men maybe not so much boys would love to wear. With the person with the right skin chemistry and this will smell divine. I have smelled this one someone and I knew right away that it was Terre D'hermes.

It was projecting nicely and it was sweet,tangy and green with the vetiver gentle punching through the air. And with the wrong chemistry,it'll smell so damn bitter and will develop into a rancid scent. It smells like a cool lemonade with the vetiver.

Like an opulent lemonade poured over a fancy glass with gold embroidery. Like someone's sugar daddy drinking whiskey or cognac in a yacht or by a posh 5 star hotel outside the terrace. And it goes a lot more lemonade-like! It went officially from a like to love for me. It might smell basic and simple,but with the right skin chemistry,it'll be more than basic.

It's about learning how to find a basic perfume that will properly mingle with your skin and making the great out of it. I sampled this after reading reviews and it was literally a whole different level - beautiful! I rushed and bought a bottle. First time I wore it to work the Occupational Therapist walked in and says "who smells good?

I know it was me as nobody else wears fragrances consistently. Terre D'hermes is now my second favorite autumn rotation fragrance first is Uomo by Roberto Cavalli - I will always re-purchase this scent again and again. This is a really nice dirty orange fragrance with main notes of orange, black pepper and vetiver. Unfortunately it only lasts a memory on my skin due to the Iso-e-Super in it a note which I'm anosmic to. But not everyone is anosmic to Iso-e so it may work better on you. Overall incredible scent, not so great performance on me.

I prefer the EDT version for a stronger vetiver presence. This juice smells much better on the skin than it does on paper. One of my favorites perfumes. Vetiver at maximum, very vigurous and tamed pepper. Smells like nature, like earth terre Definitely a very earthy one. First time hubby sprayed it on in store he just said 'it's mud' hahaha.

But low and behold, after an hour it develops a nice warm earthy spiciness and has a very good longevity, and that in our hot and humid Mumbai climate too. So we ended up going back to pick it up. I just love this on my husband. It's manly, yet sophisticated, quite multidimensional in the way it develops, yet very harmonic. Would repurchase any time. I first smelled this on a massage client and then "test drove" it on myself for 24 hours.

Make me feel like a million dollars. I smell Vetiver more than anything, along with sweetness, calm, warmth and richness. It's strong, so I just put it on my wrists so I have control of how much I want to smell it- which ends up being a lot. Reminds me a little of Calvin Klein's Obsession mixed with women's Opium perfume. Very lingering which I look for.

Oh how delicious, an orangery ripe to bursting to rich fruit, and all around rich soil from which they spring. Great sillage and longevity - I get hours from a couple of sprays. But for me it has a very narrow temperature window of around C. Any colder and it slinks away and seems out of place, any warmer and it's too sweet and cloying. Perhaps in a dry heat rather than the humidity and pollution of London you could dial it up, but for me this remains an early Spring scent.

I wore it in Croatia and orange rich Portugal in 20C and felt at home in it, it's a must have in the wardrobe, but too limited for a signature scent unless you're lucky enough to live year round in C. I can see how this is a polarizing fragrance. It smells very earthy and sweaty. It smells like a hard days work on a farm.

It's orange and vetiver and other stuff I just love it! I love smelling this fragrance on my husband! One of those fragrances that has a soft, calming scent yet very masculine. Just one sniff and I was under its spell. A lovely scent that can transform a suit and tie outfit. Smells expensive as their handbags but with a more affordable price tag.

Probably the best orange-based scent that you will routinely come by. Because it has the longevity and complexity to back that claim up. The orange sticks with you and is backed up with the vetiver and flint notes that give it true depth and that dirty, earthy orange vibe.

Honestly, this reminds me of eating oranges at halftime of a soccer match. This is one of the best designer scents ever made. I still however don't recommend this for men under It smells like success and for most men you don't attain your success until you in your 30s. Now also if you are under 30 you may not appreciate this in all its glory. This is complex yet simple and it's casual yet formal.

IDK about that but is it fantastic?? Your damn right it is. Men under 30 won't appreciate this to it's fullest extent. How do I know? Perfect for every weather except the high heat Tres Eau Fraiche version is better. Its a really popular fragrance and highly rated, But im shocked when I finally sprayed it.. It smells like balinese massage parlour place Lemongrassy-aromatherapy like. But I realised, a lot of Hermes men's fragrances are the same, they go for that natural scent.

Just like Hermes Voyage and the Un jardin line. This fragrance is the orange version of Creeds Aventus Let me explain There are only 2 fragrances i know about that balances the fresh and fruity with dark and smokey with perfection. Terre d'Hermes and Aventus. They both have the ability to make the right parts of the fragrance shine at the right times. If you use these fragrances in the summer heat, it will tone itself down and let the fresh and fruity part through. If you use it in the winter cold, they will let the dark and smokey parts come through.

Thats why we love these fragrances. They are balanced perfection. The main difference is that Terre d'Hermes has an overripe orange smell. Its more rounded than Aventus' sharp pineapple smell. That takes the edge off, and limits its range as it wont come off as extreme light vs extreme dark as in Aventus.

Hermes is a bit flatter. That not a bad thing, but overall it comes off as a darker fragrance than Aventus. And that makes it seem more mature. But as i said earlier, they both balance themselves to perfection, and you cant go wrong with it. Summer, winter, day, night. You cant go wrong with it. Let me end it with something.

If youve ever watched two and a half men, this fragrance is Charlie. If you prefer synthetic fragrances that just smells "clean", youre more of an Allan, and you should look into something else. This is an ISO E monster. The late drydown smells exactly like molecule Not similar, but identical. I get jealous reading other's reviews of this.

I love orange and especially fresh scents. I've now tried it 3 times over a 5 year period. In spring , spring and now, spring I don't like it. I also am usually very neutral to colognes, I'm that person who everyone says, "That smells better on you than me. It really makes me sad because I've not found many orange scents and am not willing to pay the price for the Creed Orange Spice since it wouldn't be something I wear year round. I mean no offense to those who love this but this is what I get from it, maybe someone can help with another Hermes?

I have heard the other Hermes might work better for me but this one is so frustrating that I don't know if it's worth the time, money, hassle. This fragrance is extremely nice. It's so sensual to me that it doesn't just remind me of a place I've been, but always reminds me of the same fictional scene in my mind every time I smell it. Last time I smelled this fragrance was months ago smelling it right now and even as I smell it, I'm still getting the exact same imagery of a wooden house in dark but somehow vibrant green woods.

The wood and subtle patchouli blend with the citrus notes to create a smell that is reminiscent of nature yet homey and familiar. After a couple of moments, the citrus dies down and leaves you with the most wonderful smelling "earth" scent I've ever smelled, which finds it's success with cedar being the centerpiece, and the now-subtle orange beautifully layered over it. Pepper sits over all this creating a wonderful mineral vibe.

Easily one of the best things I've ever smelled. This stuff is fucking incredible. Literally brings me to nights in a mountain town during the summer getting high as a mf. The smell of the summer mountain night air with the crickets and wind This shit is as sensual and memorable as it gets! Seeking out different scents away from my normal fare, I'm constantly having 'aha' moments as I find scent memories from previously experienced passing wafts as people pass by.

This is another one of those. It tells a story and it's a good example of fragrance as art. For my nose, the opening citrus has a combative element of sweet orange and very bitter grapefruit. It's a challenging fragrance, and it draws a line in the sand straight away.

The cedar is definitely there, but it's a turpentine,solvent-like cedar. Like the wood alcohol extracted from timber in prohibition days. It's strong and astringent, harsh and bordering on unnatural. Vetiver is here too,earthing and balancing the cedar. This part is truly 'ozonic', not synthetic aquatic ozonic, but real Ozone that is created, like when using an old electric power drill. It's metallic and ethereal at the same time.

It's very clever to find this element in a perfume, and done so well. Not quite sure it's something I want to wear,but interesting to visit. I mean, who am I to judge Hermes. I'm a little obsessed with Hermes. I often stop at their store on my way to work and gaze at the scarves in the window as a little tear trickles down my face.

I zealously explain to so many people that Hermes is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship that they ought to give me a stipend. It opens with a sharp green smell that will be familiar to anyone who has dug weeds out of a garden- the smell of snapped green stalks. In the end, it smells like an airport duty-free. Also, Hermes, I'm still willing to be a paid spokesperson.

I accept silk scarves! I think terre is a classic.. One of the few aromas that are actually complicated but safe to wear. Bitter and sour notes create a harmony. Firth spray, you get Sharp Orange smell tamed by the bitterness of grapefruit.. While the sourness remains, cedar and vetiver show up to give a certain dirtyness..

Classic, elegant, refreshing, masculine, signature scent, another masterpiece by my favorite nose for fresh scent Mister Jean-Claude Ellena. I really love this juice. I don't get all the "mature, suit-up fragrance" opinions - unless you're going on a rave or McDonald birthday party, you should be fine. I'm 24 and got compliments from year old girls wearing this on a college campus. Sure, the pelargonium makes it more sophisticated, but mixed with those earthy vetiver and orange notes it gives up to "expensive" rather than "formal" factor.

Frag for masculine yet nature loving guys. Refined but still raw. Just as a man should be. I'd gotten this some years ago. About 6 or 7 years ago. I'm puzzled by, but respect, the love of this fragrance. This one smells exactly like the orange floor cleaner they had at my elementary school when I was a kid, so it definitely gives me some nostalgia. The initial spray is a blast of orange and it settles into some nice earthy tones, but the cleaner smell just gets to me.

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She asks if her friend will back her up because she lied to her parents about having a sleepover together. The lavender isn't overly sweet as in Azzaro pour Homme or Rive Gauche, and it isn't coupled with anise which smells odd to my nose. The geranium makes the whole thing smell and feel very cooling, almost like mint.

Due to the clary sage and slight neroli in it, it retains an old-world sort of character to it, and reminds me of a lavender version of Salvatore Farragamo's Acqua Essenziale Colonia a citrus barbershop favourite of mine.

This is the greatest barbershop scent, hands down. I want a full bottle of this some day. I have silver box. It seem likes work only 3 - 4 Hrs. By the way i loved it. I only own fragrances that I use regularly, if I don't absolutely love it I have just purchased my fourth bottle of Egoiste Platinum. This is my "I don't know what to wear today" frag. It never offends and is perfect for any occasion - casual or formal. An absolute all year winner! I just don't feel the amazement others do.

Maybe there are too many similar scents these days. Also, nothing in this is similar to the original Egoiste. I don't think the average man or woman under 30 would like the original egoiste, but they'd like this one for sure. Additionally, I feel that there are better scent options for the same occasions when I'd use this. YSL l'homme, allure, Burberry..

The quality really shines in a league way above its closest cousins: The current one feels very similar to the bottle I had in With respect for all reviewers,I'm not sure how this fragrance performs for you, but I get more compliments from this newer version than from the 1st! To me, the opening is not as harsh I seem to get more of the moss and the "green notes" than before. With the 1st version, the aldehides became more unpredictable on me, and by the time the drydown arrived, the life of the fragrance was about gone.

Big improvement with the newer version for me!!!!!! I bought a ml genuine bottle from an airport duty free. It was the new packaging probably a batch. Unfortunately, I was shocked how severly this was watered down and dilluted. The citrusy soapy opening is still the same but longevity is 2 hrs max then it is hardly detectable. This masculine masterpiece was my signature scent ten years ago and I still remember how I get complements after 6 hours from spraying it in the morning.

The magical sophisticated super classy drydown is very faint now and turns into lemon powder within 2 hours. This is definitely my last buy of this legendary perfume. The bottle as shown at the top of this web page is still transparent but a little shorter than the first bottle, and more cubed looking, or more squared rather than rectangular. To see a picture of the original taller, rectangular bottle , look at the EBay adds above and you "may" see the differences between the two bottles.

Masculine ,floral,woody and slightly smoky scent, better if u dress formal with this. Dry down smells great however it smells a little generic Overall rating- 6. What a magnificent, hidden scent. Took me forever to know about this one, until I heard Jeremy discuss it.

I read all of this reviews prior to going and sniffing it, so I had a pretty clear expectation: As I sprayed for the first time, said expectations were destroyed, for it opens with a much more astringent, clean and metallic scent. I immediately put it down and continued my walk through the store. I actually laughed by myself in the car when I sensed the perfume evolve into what everyone says: This is the most non-linear fragrance I have smelled.

It smells past any notes, and straight to the concept of class and masculinity. It does have that 90's smell, but I do not find that to be a problem. This is going to be my next purchase, definetely, and will restock it for as long as I live. What a fantastic creation by Polge and Demachy. Chanel scent and performance, does not disappoint in any sense, and fits perfectly within my collection. If you want a lavender floral scent with balls that still works in the office, The Third Man by Caron would be an excellent choice.

I just hope that my bottle is the only bad performance batch. Please Can anyone confirm what the newer reformulated bottles don't have projection and longevity issues? Fresh herbal — citrus — metallic Color impression: This perfume has great effect against stress on me. I wore it for every single interview; whether for university or position. It turns harsh herbs into tuxedo scale. Probably the most well balanced scent from the 90s. A truly beautiful mix of botanicals with freshness.

Sporty, versatile, modern and masculine. This hidden gem is also a monster compliment-magnet, girls love it! IMO the best male fragrance from Chanel. The new batch doesn't last more than 6 hours on my skin, sillage is heavy within 45 min range then it's just ok. I just wish this was a little stronger on my skin, but don't get me wrong, this is a masterpiece from Chanel, this is the best male versatile scent I've ever smelled!

There are so many fantastic qualities to this one and it definitely gets compliments. Smells fresh and clean. An EDP version of this would be amazing! I have to agree with edge42's review in respect of the latest formulation - with the exception of the initial? I didn't repurchase this for about a decade on account of how harsh and metallic the formulations at the time were. Longevity was also a bit of an issue for me, and apparently many others.

As a result, it gives a great rendition of a fresh modern barbershop fragrance. The performance is also great - sparing application still lasts all day with a great silage. I feel that Chanel is finding its feet again after a brief stumble. Just a similar overall feel. After using the new batch u must say the projection is a semi beast.

Not too strong just perfect. I keep receiving compliments from women and men. It's an ageless edt. A bit overpriced though. Recently I again purchased Iksir eau de parfum from Turkey. Now it is darker but still a great substitute for someone on a budget. Both the original which is deep and the Turkish replica are worth buying.

On me, it was a dirty, metallic, citrusy musk. But this wood note they used in PE is really just fresh newly cut wood. Thought this fragrance was owed a couple clarifications, seeing many of the comments since the recent reformulation First, there are absolutely no concerns with strength of the newest formulation. Chanel takes this very seriously and it shows smells.

Still easily lasts all day with a couple sprays with moderate-to-strong sillage. Second, what they did accomplish with this reformulation is in my opinion an improvement over the vintage. From my own experience, many other reviews and the noses of passers-by, the newest formulation of PE is also the best. Reformulation doesn't always spell tragedy. I got this as a present from a colleague in , but I only started appreciating it recently.

At first I was not really impressed by the smell, but it grew on me with time. Extremely clean, fresh almost soapy scent. It is therefore odd how somehow it manages to set itself apart from any other fragrance out there. I think its distinct metallic feel is what makes it so unique, masculine and classy. As far as I know the composition has been reformulated in the past and all I can say in this regard is I have the reformulated version and it smells very contemporary.

No one would define this as old or dated unlike the original Egoiste or Antaeus for instance. Suitable for any occasion or season, but I would avoid it in winter due to its cooling metallic vibe. Monster projection, silage and longevity on my skin. I have received a compliment from a lady 12 hours after application.

And usually scents do not last long on me. For comparison so called 'monsters' like Ultramale or Eros evaporate after less than 2 hours on me. I have also received crazy comments from girls like 'I could still smell you on me the next day'. I have rarely worn this without receiving a positive comment. Good design, high quality sprayer, the only thing that bothers me is that the cap is a fingerprint magnet and it is very irritating.

If it were a magnetic metal cap it would have been perfect. But in terms of compliments, uniqueness and versatility, I would choose this over any other every time. A bar of soap, citrus fruits pith's only and white flowers sitting on a Xylophone. In fact, if I only had one fragrance, this would be one of them. Clean, fresh, safe, lovely spring in the bottle! The sillage in the first our is good, but later the whole creation calm down, and become a very skin close scent.

Lets see the scent: Few minutes later the levander arrives with a hint of citrus notes. If the sillage was better, this could be a perfect scent. Platinum plays in a league of its own. It's herbs, flowers and metalic notes well blended. Things are in harmony here. Here you can be a man without having to force things. Platinum to me is just effortlessness. It was a hard choise between ck eternity and pe. Its a fresh, slightly sweet classy fragrance.

Not offensive and is a perfect balance of freshness and dryness. I am a guy who usually goes for pepper cedar wood sort of notes but I must say I have fell in love with this. It is expensive over usd for ml but the projection and spillage is okay. It is not a beast though. This works well both in cold and hot weather. In my opinion this is one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled. This fragrance or Smth similar should be in every man's drawer. It's also good that it is not as popular these days as it used to be.

I also noticed some people complaining about longevity however it stays on me more than 8 hours. In the past I have owned a clone of this parfume coming from a turkish frag house called Iksir. It was very well done and had similar potency. I think I will order one more to have it next to the real thing. However the real one smells heavenly don't let the bad comments fool you.

I can only speculate how good it must have been in the past. Very 90s a bit old school powdery warm fresh musky type but very very refined. I am in my 30s. I feel comfortable wearing it. Nothing quite like this is there? Still one of my favourites after many years.

It works well all year round in any situation, definitely a signature type scent imo. I don't think its as strong as when first released but the scent seems the same to my nose. I love the clean fresh metallic vibe this has, its so unique and classical.

One of Jacques Polge's best. Undisputed champion for years and years Which sucks because I really wanted to like this Well, much to my dismay, this one destroys my senses So there is something about this that really triggers allergies for me. Anyhow, what I can say is that the reviews are correct It's a "sharp" fragrance too, the entire time this gives off a definite sharp-metallic vibe I guess that's where platinum came from. It's a little piercing to my senses. It's fresh, but not in that overdone aquatic fresh that's so popular nowadays.

This is more of an herbal fresh, the florals in here are strong herbal florals too However, I'm 33 and although this doesn't smell "old" it smells a little dated for my liking. I wouldn't mind a more modern take on this fragrance. What I'm noticing is that, this fragrance is really well done I feel this is teetering dangerously close to really bad men's fragrances that some men would think are high quality.

This could almost be an Axe Body Spray if it wasn't careful. Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad fragrance or it's cheap by any means Fresh openning and the drydown is elegant and sophisticated. A bit dated but still and will always get you complements. No issues with Performance and longevity.

Its hard to go wrong with chanel. No problem with sillage and projection on me, longevity at best! I bought a ml bottle last August and every time I wear it, I apply over 8 time and the opening is great but after 1 hr or less, the scent falls in a huge way and you can smell it around the skin.

Was good enough for Biggie in the 90s but I'm not sure you'd pull a lot of ladies with it today. Lavender plays a strong role up top. My problem is it's not balanced. Where Fierce sort of went overboard on the sweetness to appeal to teens, Platinum Egoiste goes bone dry and probably could use a bit of sweetness to round out the sharpness.

Longevity is about average hours for me. Isn't a huge projector after the first hour. It's classy but dated and doesn't get a lot of play from my collection. Egoiste Platinum I adore. It's very fresh, but not incredibly citrusy it is, despite there being no mentioned citruses in the notes.

Most likely lemon or mandarin. It hits all the cues for the perfect masculine scents for me. It sparkles, it's mildly aquatic, mildly green, mossy as all get out. The lavender in this isn't entirely barber shoppe, but it's one that smells entirely unnatural to me. It mixes quite well with the clary sage and geranium, however. Only for use in warmer weather, this becomes very sharp in the colder weather. Watch out for the metallic notes as well, they can be overpowering.

The smokey mosses are to die for, though. This is a flanker to Egoiste not because it's a similar scent, but the same type of man would probably probably wear this. Classy, serious but also kind and capable of having fun. I don't like this or the original Egoists but this one is slightly more tolerable. I dislike sandalwood and geranium so I guess that explains it. This was my go-to perfume for a long time.

When it was almost empty I bought a new bottle with the new design. I immediately noticed that the new bottle was weaker and but it smelled exactly the same. I hope it was only my batch. I sprayed the old one and the new one on my wrists and the old one stayed for a whole day while the new one vanished after hours. One of my all time favorites. I can't get enough of this scent. It's by far the most sexy fragrances that ooze confidence. I get more compliments on this scent than any other fragrance.

A must have and definitely a staple in my collection. Citrus overlord vibe with a spicy lavender first lieutenant! Universally appealing, from a distance to close up. Someone, somewhere will have worn this around you, and you will recognize it! I have current formulation. Although it can seem a bit too familiar, it is also a much loved scent.

Well constructed with quality ingredients - it has gorgeous transitions, opening with a bright saucy citrus and and dries down to a soft, spicy, talcy accord. The lavender note is one of the best I've smelled. Nice energizing boost anytime you wear it. Great sillage and longevity, love it on anyone anytime! I was there recently and the stuff they are selling is the same as in UK and US.

I have a bottle and I can still smell it on my skin 12 hours after application. It's not as harsh as the vintage , and gets compliments. This was the greatest fragrance ever, prior to the reformulation. Today it pales in comparison to the old one. I was told that Paris still has the original formulation. I wonder if there's a way to buy directly through a Parisian site or something Test the performance on your skin before you buy!

The longevity of this one i so short it's pointless to write anthing else, really. A bit harsh opening that lingers for 0, hour, then smells nice for a few minutes then it's more or less totally gone. Possibly the single weakest performing juice I've ever tried - certainly the worst performence of all scents i've ever owned.

Bought in airport july This is an interesting scent but yet boring at the same time. This doesn't evoke any emotions for me. I like that lavender not and a shampoo accord to the smell. The name is very fitting Platinum because it reminds of me something metallic. Now for the bad news. Next it has no staying power. After 30 mins on my skin this becomes a lotion scent. I know my point exactly, no one would care about this weak scent.

This may have been nice in the 90's, however, it is now just some nostalgic juice that is a former of itself. Don't buy you have been warned. The sexiest man fragrance ever made. Sharp beginning, gorgeous heart and dry down. Apply minimum min before a date. I've got the 50ml spray and from the get go it is bang on. Got today al rehab U2 man 6ml roll on oil. Can't go wrong with that soapy clean fresh vibe.

I picked this up on vacation because of a recommendation of a beautiful sales woman at the duty free shop. It smells ok, it's sort of plain, it's clean woodsy ish but weak in my opinion. Its unique tho and like it It smells weaker and does not last as long. Why do they reform scents? I'm not one that typically complains about reforms either. I wore this when I was a young lad in the 90s. Evokes lots of memories. It was then and still is now a pleasant and unique scent. Egoiste platinum is a fragrance of modern conception, with little evolution, but with a very convincing, young and elegant aroma.

The aromatic start sits the fern base on which the fragrance sits. Rosemary and lavender mark the initial pattern to which a spicy touch and the floral note of geranium that produces a clean and neat floral set effect.

This is a fragrance of the most versatile I know, available to serve any occasion for its good performance and aplomb. The woods, of dry aspect and the musk that is detected from the middle notes produces that acid effect, metallic, dusty that gives that sensation that they have many fragrances of the present time like for example Invictus or Sauvage.

Egoiste Platinum, is more important than meets the eye. That musky set during drying used here is one of the bases of male mainstream perfumery of the last two decades. Chanel Egoiste Platinum must be top secret, because why has it taken me so long to discover it? This fragrance is a collaboration between Francois Demachy and Jacques Polge, two of my favourite perfumers.

There is something very appealing and sexy in smelling clean. Egoiste Platinum could be worn ANY time of the day or night and any occasion. Ssssh, don't tell anyone about this one Just tried this new formulation with the small cap. I have fully used up a ml bottle of the previous formulation which has a big cap. To my nose it is a very good reformulation they have kept it true to the original or the last formula.

If you are one of those people who have not tried this than i highly suggest you do. It is one of the cleanest smells you will ever smell. I would stay away from this if you are in your early 20's but for anyone 25 and up it is a must try. Fresh, but so much more character than today's offerings. I know people complain about reforms but I have a recent bottle and it performs great! One of most masculine, gentleman, and clean scents out there. A moist and freshly mowed lawn, wet reed Far too much for me.

And the price is far beyond what it should be. But all of a sudden I stumbled upon this little beauty. What a great scent this is. Jacques Polge and Francois Demachy 1 Bottle size in use: Love the opening and hate the dry-down. Could be nice for some people but not on my skin.

I consider Sauvage to be a modern version of this type of fragrance and a better one too. The new bottle with the smaller cap doesn't have the metallic vibe bought it from sephora, Paris Anyone else noticed the difference? The metallicness of this compostiton sits heavy on my skin I have a friend who loves this and has been wearing it for years but I think it smells much better on him. It smells like it does when you sniff it from the bottle on him. Unfortunately, that is not the case on my skin.

Overall this is nice just not for me! Yeah, I just popped this into my signiture fragrance. Terre de Hermes was it befor. Egoiste Platinum has been called fresh and warm together. It's true, and why it is so seasonally versatile. I reached for it this cool Spring morning, and wow. The warm sandalwood with some classic sour oakmoss, then great manly florals with fresh herbs. Why a signature scent?

I wear fragrances mostly for myself to enjoy, and try not to be offensive. I am going to play tennis this morning, so I didn't want to be focusing on my fragrance, but just wear something classy and fresh, where others will just think you smell clean and good. So it's a great work and casual frag, when your going to be around people, and also want to enjoy something special yourself.

Perfect for the office. And when a girl asks you what you're wearing, you can say "Chanel. I want this one to be my favorite but I think the newer bottles may be too musky or maybe that is the amber. I love the calm yet classic masculine scent of it. I think the lavender is the best part when it is coupled with the woody notes other than that amber which I could probably do without because when it gets hot outside it does not mix so well with moist skin as this fragrance is not particularly sporty or bright.

Still, this one is probably always going to be in my collection. Very soapy and masculine. Reminded me of Eternity by CK. No matter what time of the day or season or occasion or mood or purpose this WILL work. Very classy as you would expect from this brand.

Have always got a bottle handy and would highly recommend this gem of a fragrance. I was wearing it in my early 20s and really loved it. If I had to describe it in a few words… It smells like good sex to me; that distinctive after- great -sex smell! I remember that I used to have this and Eternity in the nineties when I was younger with no collection but just those two fellas.

This untouchable coldmetallic flowery vibe is just heaven in a bottle.. I slept on this one for a long while. I didn't get it. I had a bottle, I used it a few times and just couldn't catch on. I eventually gave the bottle to my brother in law. Then a few months later after researching certain scents the researches would always reference this scent or lead me back to it.

So, recently I went to the local scent shop and I tried it again. The initial spray took me back to that metallic opening and I was ready to dismiss it again. Then, after walking around a bit and just forgetting the fragrance I raised my wrist to my nose again and was BLOWN away! This time the herbs, the floral notes, the amber, vetiver and sandalwood just sung like a soapy masculine chorus!

This is that spring casual dandy juice! This is my signature scent. I am an executive in a fortune 50 company and I wanted to smell distinguished but also something that matched my age. Platinum Egoiste pulls this off. It smells like you just stepped out of shower and came from the barber shop.

The longevity is amazing and I always recieved compliments while wearing this. It works in every occasion and is a true Swiss army kmife. Ive just finished my fourth bottle. I used two ml of the original design bottles and two ml of the new design. There are some differences. The newer design is more sweet and modernised to suit todays fragrances.

It does a succesful job of keeping Platinum Egoiste relavant. I love this fragrance. I use it for nights out, mainly in Summer. The new version has a beautiful sweet aspect, with the cold metallic herbaceous nature of the fragrance is the ideal clean, freshly shaven scent for a summer night out.

I prefer the new version. However, the bottles I used of the original design lasted much longer and projected more. But I feel they have improved the scent, so its an acceptable trade off for me. Masterpiece, that I will always own. It has the classic shaving foam smell to perfection.

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Boomerang Trick Shots Earthly Body 3-in-1 Suntouched Massage Oil Candle - Naked in the Woods (White Tea & Ginger) - out of the shower or bath. % Vegan, Non-Toxic - 6 oz. Specially formulated to melt at just three degrees above body temperature, 3 in 1 massage candles dont just provide romantic light and fragrance the melted wax. Find great deals for Earthly Body Hemp Suntouched Massage Oil Lotion Candle Naked in The Woods 6oz. Shop with confidence on eBay!

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