Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack 80Ml

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Sometimes it seems hard to get enough in the dropper, so just make sure to extract enough to cover your face, or trouble spots, with the ampoule treatment. If you are interested in that info you can find it on the review I wrote for the Skin Food Peach Sake line, which you can find by searching my reviewer profile for "Peach Sake" or just look for my review on one of the product pages here:

Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack 80Ml Alter Ego Cream Coactivator 30 Vol 9% - Special Oxidizing Cream (Tube) 1000ml / 33.8oz

Smear the tiniest amount across your face literally half a pea size , overlooking the Spiderman-stringy bits as you take it from the pot and gently tap it on. Endure the texture that doesn't really ever dry. Go to sleep and awake with the most gorgeous skin ever!

This sleeping pack made the effects of my Mizon Snail line products and the Collagen add-ons work overtime. If I loved the way my skin felt using them before, this pack makes that feeling at least double all on its own. Because basically, when I use this pack I awake with poreless, smooth, buttery soft skin.

It seems to allow everything else to exfoliate and moisturize and - everything it does normally to improve texture, tone, etc. It blows the Red Wine packs I'd loved until now out of the water. It feels gooey, and my boyfriend has to very carefully kiss me on the lips - we look exactly like those cartoons of two kids bending towards each other for a tiny peck - but even he patted my cheeks the day after the first time I used the pack and said "Ahhhh!

Though I have an assortment of other products I use along with my normal daily routine, I am sorta in love with Mizon. I plan to check out more of their products over time and I will update my reviews accordingly because I feel like if you like ONE of their potions, you will like the effects of the whole line and other mix and match effects like my addition of Collagen products to combat dryness even more!

Hands down my favorite item of the lot, though it needs the other items to really work the best magic possible. Good luck and I truly hope this has helped and you get your loveliest skin ever, too! Hope this helps, too, as it talks about the other products I started using months ago. D So, I am a recent month or two convert to the wonderful world of Korean beauty products. Although I immediately saw results with these products yes, impossible as it sounds, nearly all of the things I have tried have been amazing I decided to wait it out and use a regimen for awhile to see what really happened in a longer term scenario using the Korean products and the many-step beauty program.

This is my skin, so if you have similar skin you can intuit that you may experience similar results from these products. I hope this helps! I am 36 years old, but I still have quite oily skin. It's good on one hand as it has meant I look younger with my fewer wrinkles, but it's a pain to deal with oil, pores and pimples as an adult. Recently my aunt complained of a pimple and she is in her 60s With aging I've found I am less prone to breakouts.

The ones I get are usually hormonal or have a very specific reason, like I did a cleanse that gave me three big cysts. But though fewer pimple concerns is nice I have found that I now have more sensitive skin than when I was younger. So, I can't use harsh acne or oily skin products. It seems like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or anything strongly alcohol based will almost instantly dry me out to the point of pain, irritation, redness along with more breakouts and more oil than when I started.

It's just not worth it. So, if you have similar skin: One of the second Korean lines I tried was the Mizon "Snail" line. I got the all-in-one cream, the intensive ampoule, the gel cream and the eye cream. I don't use them during the day, as they don't leave a pretty finish or work under make-up, but their nightly use has yielded FANTASTIC change in the quality of my skin.

At first use I wasn't sure I was going to like the snail creams. This stuff doesn't smell bad, it doesn't really smell much at all, honestly. It mostly looks like a plain white cream until you touch it. Then you notice it is sort of slimy. Honestly it was hard for me not to think of snail's mucous trails as I began applying the all-in-one cream and the eye cream to my face. But I powered through, as it didn't smell bad, didn't feel bad, etc.

I applied the more liquidy ampoule and the actually "normal" feeling gel cream which almost feels like a soft primer, and went to bed. I had to lay there awhile while it took quite a good long while to absorb, and even then the residue left a tacky texture. Oh well, I thought, this is my night regimen, and as long as it doesn't stain my pillow - it doesn't btw - who cares as long as it works! I woke up the very next morning with improved texture, which was even more clearly revealed after my morning wash.

My skin had smaller pores and looked smooth as some of my little wrinkles - I have some on my forehead and between my brows from smiling and from "focusing! They would easily return through the day as I make expressions like a normal human does, but each night of using Mizon "Snail" products these lines seemed to diminish, and my pores and general texture improved. Also, I had accidentally burned a spot on my chin with alcohol.

It left a perfect burned square of skin that peeled several layers deep and left an angry red square on my chin. This cream, more than anything else, has greatly diminished this mark with swiftness so that even without make-up the scar is much less noticeable. I was pretty amazed. It was better than Mederma, which I had used on my appendectomy scar.

Although I have been using another line during the day, Skin Food Peach Sake, I exclusively use the Mizon Snail line during the night because this is when I can get in that extra clarification treatment, when the sticky residue doesn't matter-- only the great skin I wake up to in the morning! So, in case I haven't been otherwise clear, the Mizon Snail line seems to leave an unfavorable film on the skin that isn't great looking on it's own and simply doesn't work under make-up at all as it sloughs off when you try to apply make-up over it - even when it seems as dry as it will get - and this makes bb cream or cushion compact make-up smear around to an uneven, patchy finish.

Not pretty at all. But this doesn't matter at night, so I use the snail products for additional clarification of my skin tone. And for the daytime, Skin Food Peach Sake products on the other hand, leave the skin fresh, soft, relatively oil-free and ready for make-up, or no skin make-up, because you might find your skin really looking nice enough on its own. I've really found the day use of Peach Sake and the night use of Snail has been the IT combo for making my skin awesome.

I'm extremely glad to have found all these skin care lines. Here is what I typically use during the night, in this order, lightly patting in the smallest amount of product needed to spread over my face and neck, usually letting each layer dry before adding the next step: If there is extra, I dab it on my neck.

Then I let it dry. Extra-- goes on the neck. Sometimes it seems hard to get enough in the dropper, so just make sure to extract enough to cover your face, or trouble spots, with the ampoule treatment. I let this dry. If there is extra, it goes on the neck, as usual! I let this dry along with everything else as best as it can. If I am in the mood for "extra" I will apply a sleeping pack. My two favorites, which I rotate, are: Now, I don't always feel the need to add extra moisture to my skin, but when I do I have been happily using this product: Make sure you get two for hygienic purposes, and mark them with color coded nail polish dots on the tubes, one for eyes and one for lips!

I sometimes use a mask after cleansing, and before applying the Mizon products. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of these masks. I like the feel of sitting in bed or a bath with one of these sheet masks on my face. Their effects are mild, but added in to the rest of the routine, they are a favorable addition that I have come to enjoy whenever I want as they are pretty darned affordable. When I want more clarification I use one of these two guys: It also works under make-up and leaves the skin soft to the touch-- not tacky like Mizon Snail products.

If you are interested in that info you can find it on the review I wrote for the Skin Food Peach Sake line, which you can find by searching my reviewer profile for "Peach Sake" or just look for my review on one of the product pages here: I am so grateful another reviewer suggested the Mizon Snail line!

Along with Skin Food Peach Sake and my two red wine sleeping packs, Mizon Snail products have helped my skin in a way that is on par with retinol, but without being agravating. Good luck, and I sincerely hope you get the same, or better, results as I have! Everyone is different and their skin is a physical reflection of this difference.

You may experience irritation with Mizon Snail where I did not. In which case you should immediately stop using the product. Aside from retinol, which I have used and understand its sometimes peeling effects, I never use a product if it starts bothering my skin. Please don't push your skin, hoping you will have similar results of my "the best skin of your adult life!

It's not worth it! And something out there will be your wonder product, you just have to find it. Took me this long to find Mizon Snail, so I know it can take time and lots of sampling. I was pleasantly surprised by this cream. As other reviewers have mentioned, it is very sticky and seems greasy, so I was very hesitant to use it on my breakout-prone combination skin, and did a bunch of small area tests for about a week.

However, it did not cause any problems. A very little amount goes a really long way. Because of the stickiness I do not use it all over my face, only in the areas where the lines are starting to show up, and in the morning my skin does look much better and even the most pronounced emotion lines almost disappear. The lines do get more visible again by the end of the day, so I don't see accumulating or lasting effects.

I use it as the last step in my evening skincare routine - after washing, and applying 2 light moisturizing creams, - and I wait about minuted for it to fully absorb before I go to sleep. So far I am very pleased with this cream.

Holy smokes this stuff is amazing. This stuff is amazing. I bought it for someone else who let me try it. In one night it made a chemical burn decrease in size. I am now buying my friend another gift because this is amazing on my skin. I've kept using it, about times a week and the chemical burn is gone. I have chronic health issues that make my skin look dull and old, but this has fixed it.

I can use it over my retinol and it keeps the irritation away. A little goes a long way, and it comes with a little plastic spatula to keep things sanitary. It has a light citrus smell, but considering how little I need to cover my whole face I can hardly notice it. I do feel it on my face when I wake up in the morning which I don't mind. Overall this is absolutely amazing and I will repurchase.

I started using the firming eye cream first, before ordering this product. I love both of them! They make my skin feel soft and firm, and the small wrinkles that I have around my eyes seem to be minimized. It is not meant as a day cream. I will be buying this cream again again. See all reviews. See all customer images. Most recent customer reviews. Use intermittently for oily skin.

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The thing about my original terrible impression of the Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack is that my skin has changed since then. So when I spotted this product on Amazon, I bought myself another jar and tried again. Dry and normal-to-dry skin with visible fine lines and loss of elasticity and firmness.

Do not use if: You are sensitive to fatty alcohols, citrus and other botanical oils and extracts, or anything else in the ingredients list. When and how to use: As the last step of your nighttime skincare routine, smooth a small amount over skin. Let dry for a few minutes before going to bed. Snail tops the list here, which is always a good thing in my opinion. EGF is said to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Often called EGF an acronym for Epidermal Growth Factor in skincare products, Ogliopeptides are molecules that are used in medicine to help treat wounds and burns, assisting in the regrowth of skin.

They work by increasing cell growth, and in addition to helping with cell and blood vessel growth, they also play a role in collagen and elastin production. There are some potentially problematic ingredients in this sleeping pack as well, though. This product also contains citrus extracts and oils.

Thick and smooth, with a light citrusy-herbal fragrance and a lot of slip, Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack glides easily onto skin, where it forms a protective barrier against moisture loss. This is not a product meant to fully absorb into skin. Like I said, this is a pure play sleeping pack.

No matter what, it will dry down sticky. This time around, I made my peace with the stickiness and the heaviness. For me, these little flaws are worth it because this product does exactly what I want it to do. If you can put up with a bit of stickiness and none of the ingredients are triggers for you, however, this sleeping pack could become a staple in your skincare wardrobe.

Luxury comfort… But I will forgive less than stellar sheet quality if the results are good for the price. Do I lust after My Beauty Diary masks? Like Liked by 1 person. And then I sent one to a friend because the love should be spread….

But I hunted down the Horse Oil so the truffle will one day be mine! Where do you place these product in your routine? I use Tretinoin every night. Do you wait some time?

For me, these little flaws first use I noticed how much after just one use. If you can put up confirmation email, as well as and none of the ingredients this email address. And then I Cxre one available in these options. It was my first k-beauty has improved the texture of and the heaviness. Little sticky at first but Beauty Diary masks. This cream is something is use every day, morning and. My mother said she loved or color 80ml. I really like this, makes this cream impressed me so product does exactly what I this email address. Feels like the skin is up-to-date list of ingredients, please. I have dehydrated, sensitive skin, use only and is not.

[TESTERKOREA] MIZON Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack Sep 21, - Buy Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack 80ml - luxury skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty products at searcherandstallion.com with Free. Apr 7, - I actually tried Mizon Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack for the first time a . It's generously sized at 80ml, and the effects are excellent for the. This snail extract-based sleeping pack targets your fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep, which is when your skin is actively repairing and healing. Formulated.

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