Renergie Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 15ml/0.5oz

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I don't mind my creams being in glass jars, in fact I prefer it this way with certain products. Landing page quality generally refers to whether or not the overall page contains relevant and original content to the web page visitor. Cornelia 6 May

Renergie Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream  15ml/0.5oz Intensive Skin Serum Concealer - #06 Beige 0.24oz

Apply this cream in the morning, over your serum. The cream is basically white, and is but totally non greasy upon contact. After one week of daily use, my skin looked much plumper and wrinkles were less intense. After a good month, my skin was much softer, firmer and more hydrated, leaving me looking and feeling younger and more radiant. The spf is fabulous too as this protects your skin from future ageing. The cream is thick, has a pink tinge and a floral fragrance.

The cream is a lot thicker to what I am used to so I was surprised at how easily it absorbed into my skin. I was pleased to see that my skin was left feeling extremely soft and silky. There was no greasiness or tacky residue.

I only use a BB cream during the day but always with a serum and moisturiser and I found the Multi-Lift day cream worked well with my BB cream. There was no pilling or patchiness. The product itself is in a jar, makes it difficult to use if you have long nails and also not hygienic unless you use a scoop. Very thick cream, very pale pink and not much smell. I trialed for 3 weeks and didn't notice any difference in my fine lines and wrinkles, it was also difficult to use.

Too thick for me as a day cream it was tricky to apply, I had to use a lot more than I do with other products. I wouldn't buy it again, there are better day creams around. Three stars because the packaging is lovely, iconic brand, feels like a treat. I was fortunate enough to win this in a BH competition, and nearly cried when it arrived!!! I was surprised to note that the cream had a gel like texture, however, the ease of use due to the consistency was an added bonus with it gliding over my skin and only having to use minimal product.

The smell was on a different plane all together That's no mean feat considering I'm 49! If I had unlimited funds, this would easily qualify as my 'go to' day cream, and I could only imagine what the whole range could achieve! I have rather dry and sensitive skin but with a bit of combination skin thrown in on nose and chin.

This cream is perfect for me. I love the smell and the texture. It's easy to put on - very smooth but somehow the texture is still firm - just the way I like it. And my skin loves it. It feels firmer and more radiant and yes I do have the impression that those wrinkles seem a bit less pronounced after a couple of weeks.

Lancome's Renergie Multi-Lift Day Cream comes beautifully packaged in a silver box with a gold embossed rose on its lid. The cream itself is contained in a luxurious looking deep purple and silver glass jar. Purple used to be the colour associated with royalty and this cream is definitely luxurious and effective enough for royalty.

Upon opening the jar a lovely light floral scent wafts out. The cream is a silky, thick and luxurious consistency, pale pink in colour. I applied this cream using the recommended massaging technique, basically starting in the centre of my face and massaging the cream outwards and upwards. I found this beauty ritual of massaging the cream in every morning and night very relaxing and therapeutic in itself.

The cream absorbed into my skin easily and quickly and my skin felt smoother, silkier and more hydrated after its application. I love the fact that this cream contains SPF 15 which I see as an important and necessary inclusion in day creams. Following two weeks of daily usage I have found my skin to feel smoother and firmer and to look more radiant.

My skin also looks plumper first thing in the morning and as a result some of my fine lines have diminished. I absolutely love this cream! Thank you so much beautyheaven for the opportunity to trial such a luxurious cream. I have used a few Lancome products over the years and have always loved their formulations, and their Renergie Multi Lift is no different. I love a high end cream, maybe its the grand promises they make, or just the opulence of them, what ever it may be, Lancome is a true love of mine.

I was extremely excited when Lancome's Renergie Multi Lift was given to me to trial. Literally right in the middle of the day after a hard morning in the paddock, I washed and buffed my skin so I could see what all this fuss was about with this cream. From the very first application I knew that I was in Love.

Inside a shimmery silver box, lies a generous and gorgeous purple glass jar. I don't mind my creams being in glass jars, in fact I prefer it this way with certain products. What I was expecting to find is a spatula so my fingers don't ever have to touch the cream in the jar, but alas there is no spatula Nevertheless, it didn't persuade my excitement at this stage. The scent is some what strong.. I Loooove the fragrance! After learning the massage technique for optimal results, I was set.

The texture of the cream is luscious and feels a little thick going onto my skin, yet it turns into a velvety soft finish, with no tacky residue at all. And the fragrance lingers, I really enjoyed that. From the centre of my face I massage away, upwards and outwards, concentrating on my problem areas a little more to see what the results would be. I really enjoy taking the extra time to do this, it's my five minute 'Me' time morning and night.

I love feeling the cream go to work in my deeper layers of skin, I can actually feel my skin tighten and lift. It's like magic before my eyes. Over the past couple of weeks, I have only gotten happier by noticing some dramatical improvements in my skin. Hydration is a big key for me, and Multi lift ticks that box with ease. Over the weeks, the extra hydration has seen the texture and slight pigmentation of my skin smooth out. My lines and wrinkles appear to be fuller and much less noticeable, and considering I have deep forehead wrinkles which I loathe, seeing these reduced is a beautiful thing.

I don't look so worried anymore, Thank you so very much. At my jawline where I was really starting to have concerns about elasticity loss has started to be wiped away with much firmer tighter skin No Granny Turkey neck for me yet The best results I have to date are the jawline, neck and decolletage.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, and have done so for many years, with a significant amount of sun damage to this area alone. Never has my skin here felt so rejuvenated, hydrated, and firmer than it has with this cream. I dreaded the fact that I was looking older faster than I should be in the neck area, but I can face these ageing years head on now with Renergie helping me along the way.

I would so dearly love to see the damage from the sun and wrinkles here diminished dramatically more, but I have no doubt over a longer period of time this may be achieved. After just a few short weeks, I can easily say I would definately buy this cream again. Yes its quite expensive, but when results are shown like I have seen, I wouldn't hesitate for a second before purchasing again.

When family and friends notice the difference in such a short time, I know I'm onto a winner. I have been using this cream now for a few weeks and the change in tone, texture and tightness is notably improved. I was not sure if I was imagining the god effects however have started believing more as I have been receiving many comments, i.

I am also finding that my skin is softer to touch, my skin tone is more even and glows more. Lastly, I have also noticed that skin feel tighter after a few weeks of use and can only imagine the effects improving over long term use. This Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift cream comes in a nice vibrant purple jar. This is a gorgeous thick and creamy textured cream that is highly fragranced, as with most Lancome products.

I don't mind heavily scented products and whilst this cream is said to be suitable for all skin types, I think those with very sensitive skin or who are intolerant of strong scented products might not find this product as suitable. I only need a small amount and the cream applies and absorbs nicely.

Upon using this cream just under 2 weeks using the application technique, I have found that my skin feels tighter and the fine lines near my mouth and the wrinkles on my forehead appear less visible. My face generally looks more youthful and smoother. I have confidence that with continued use, this would help improve skin elasticity and fight against fines lines and wrinkles.

Overall I really enjoyed using this cream and would recommend for those looking for a luxurious anti-aging product. My skin was looking a little lacklustre and my current cream wasn't quite cutting it. The packaging is lovely though I do not believe in the interest of the environment and being socially conscious that it needs the clear cellophane wrapping on top of the beautiful box I think it's time all companies and in particular the more high end companies start setting examples of social responsibility and reducing our footprint.

We all love our product looking beautiful but clear cellophane is not part of this and needs to stop. The jar itself is beautiful and but it does need a spatula application. My skin now looks brighter, firmer and less tired. I love the fragrance though some may not, and if you have sensitive skin it would pay to visit your Lancome counter to trial it first, it's beautiful and I have found it's a fabulous base for my Stila Illuminating Beauty Balm, they pair together beautifully and my skin hasn't looked this good in over a year.

I highly recommend this cream and it just confirms for me that the L in Lancome is all about Luxury I love it and my skin thanks you! From a young age I have always been one of those big-time moisturiser lovers, protect-your-skin-at-all-costs and a save-my-skin-from-old-age junkies, I was totally wrapped to be trialling a Lancome moisturiser — first time ever using a Lancome product too!

I will try any moisturiser on the market no matter what price it retails for — as long as it delivers. Such a luxurious product from the packaging to the formula; the silver packaging provides information on the outside of the box in tiny writing and different languages and inside the box is a leaflet of information in many languages and tiny writing once again; the website Lancome. I have really good eyesight and I struggled to read the box and pamphlet, so going to the website was heaps easier to read about the product.

This formulation will effectively combat all the aging signs making you feel young and rejuvenated. Aging is a natural process which attacks everyone when the time is ripe. However, taking proper care of our skin can help to slow down or stop the aging process.

Renergie Multi Lift Face Cream works by combating all the visible aging signs, and protects your skin from future attack. This formula gets absorbed in to your skin cells, where it releases it molecules, which starts treating aging signs and promote regeneration of new skin cells.

Incorporating this formula in your skin routine will help to restore your youthfulness and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Aging process renders our skin vulnerable and prone to damages. Proper care is needed to reverse the aging signs and prevent future attack. This formula is powerful and it works on your skin cells to challenge the most common experienced aging signs.

It also helps to clear skin pigmentation and all the blemishes. This will leave you with a smooth, soft and flawless skin. There are so many available anti aging skin care products, but Renergie Multi Lift Face Cream will take your skin appearance to another level. It works safely and efficiently to combat all the aging signs without causing you any harm.

This formula will completely change your aged skin and it will restore youthfulness and radiance. In just 2 weeks, you will start to experience changes on your skin and achieve your desired results. Renergie Multi Lift Face Cream is ideal for use when you start to notice the onset of aging signs. As we age the composition, texture and appearance of our skin changes. Signs of skin aging include wrinkles, fine lines, loss of moisture, uneven tone, and dull, tired-looking skin.

There are countless anti-wrinkle creams on the market promising to make skin look and feel younger. Many anti-wrinkle creams promise everything short of a facelift or to provide the much sought after "fountain of youth". In reality most are just moisturizers marketed as anti-aging products.

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Lancome renergie multi lift anti aging wrinkle eye cream LancOme Renergie Yeux Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream has the following features: Lift, Firm, Tighten. - Our new multi-action lifting & firming. Buy Lancome Renergie Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Creamml/oz at Renergie Multi-Lift Lifting Firming Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream 15ml/oz A high-performance, multi-action, anti-aging eye cream; Developed with MT Technology.

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