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Your favorite has been updated daasfdsad, asdadasd, addasdasdas, asdasdasdasfsdfgdfs, fgdssdgfdgfg, gfgdgdfgdhfgj. So it is kind of like applying a twist up lip balm which has a huge diameter to it so I get this product on the outside of my lips if I do not pucker my lips enough.

COCONUT MILK VS LIP BALM AllVia- Hyaluronic Acid Serum 2 fl oz

The scent and taste is very mild- not quite like coconut water, very reminiscent of those coconut milk ice-cream pops? But without the sugar I slather this on multiple times before bed usually while watching Netflix and wake up in the morning to unbelievably soft lips! The packaging is cute, but I think screwing and unscrewing my lip balm is annoying, especially given how often I apply.

As for the price, it isn't inexpensive, but definitely on par with my trusted Burt's Bee's. I have to admit that I miss the minty tingle I get with my other lip balm, but given how incredibly hydrating this EOS balm was, I will definitely keep it in rotation! More reviews by xemilygmx. I am a collector of EOS' so had to get this. The packaging is very nice but I hate the product.

Personally it smells really bad and it tastes bad on your lips. On the other hand my friend loves it so maybe its just me. It doesn't remind me of coconut and more of milk, which I don't like, maybe this is why I don't like it. More reviews by FelisCatus. This is my favourite eos lip balm. It smells like coconut,but like really lightly and natural smell.

It lasts much longer than others on my lips. It wouldn't be enough of a moisture and nurishment for me in the winter. But for spring and summer it's perfect. And the packaging is really cute. More reviews by DionysusSeven. Although, they aren't something I use during the day - I keep them on my night table for use at bedtime. I love the scent of this one! It's perfectly coconutty, without being sickly sweet. I also have the blackberry one which is the same formula as this - the more hydrating one.

You do need more than one swipe with these, which I'm okay with because they do absorb faster than most lip balms that's most likely due to the natural ingredients but I like putting on a lot of balm before bed so extra doesn't bother me. But regardless, I love this! More reviews by Alythra. The cute packaging drew me in, but the actual quality of the lip balm made me attempt to use this lip balm up in lightning time just so I can get rid of it without wasting money.

The lip balm does absolutely nothing for chapped lips. It just sits on your lips and then after around 3 hours, your lips will be chapped, cracked, and in pain. I will never touch another eos lip balm again. More reviews by FakeLashes. Very cute packaging, nice scent and emolient consistency.

This worked fine the first couple of uses but after a few weeks it started to dry out my lips. My lips are sensitive, red and chapped, never had a problem with my "HG" Weleda Everon. This little ball will be going in the trash!

Marketing campaign BzzAgent, Influenster etc. Home Product Reviews Lip Treatments eos. Start your review 5 4 3 2 1. Sensitive, Fair, Warm Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine Eyes: Black, Other, Other Eyes: Combination, Tan, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Dry, Fair-Medium, Neutral Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium Eyes: There is also a flat end to the balm on the side so it facilitates easy twisting motion to open.

I also just love the two toned pink stripes! This pink zebra egg looking thing is currently saving my lips from feeling like the Indian highways after the monsoon! This was an impulse buy at check out if I am being honest, but it really has changed my view of eos Lip Balms. I thought everyone just carries them around because they look cute, but this has worked wonders for my lips.

It did not happen overnight though and I noticed a difference only after 4 or 5 days which really did impress me. On day 1 I sadly got the worst scratchy marks on that beautiful convex surface of the lip balm thanks to my horribly dry lips.

Because of that I felt like I got more product on my lips than necessary and I had to smoothen it out with my finger wasting some of the product. But I kept going and I reapplied it during my normal work day after 4 or 5 hours. Now because of its globular shape I did have some problem carrying it around in my pocket so I had to leave it in my bag only to come back for it later in the day.

My second morning was no different but I applied it like normal that night before sleeping and on the third day I noticed that my dry bits of lip were not sticking out sharply like before and a visible crack in the center of my bottom lip had healed. By the 5th day I had smooth soft lips with no visible cracks or flaky patches and I was in love with this even though it looked awkward in whichever pocket I tried to stuff this in. This lip balm has the most delectable scent to it but it is not only coconut but also this fresh smelling feeling to it.

I kept licking it off the first day I wore it. It was super smooth and easy to apply. Even on the first day when I felt like I had a bit too much product on, it never felt greasy or heavy as I applied it kind of how yucky Vaseline feels. Once it fixed my lips, lipstick application became so much easier and it even made my liquid to matte lipsticks not dry out my lips.

So it is kind of like applying a twist up lip balm which has a huge diameter to it so I get this product on the outside of my lips if I do not pucker my lips enough. It is making me wonder what will happen when I kind of get to the base, and will I then have to start sticking my finger in it just to apply. That remains to be seen! Great scent, not overpowering Smooth application Cheap Works quick to smoothen lips and heal cracks. The shape is a design flaw, difficult to apply as it gets flatter It is not easy to keep on your person in pockets.

I was put off by an earlier eos Lip Balm so I am glad I purchased this and tried it out because it worked for me. But because of the shape of it and the having to stick my fingers in it once it gets to the end part I would not repurchase this. I think it is cute so if you want to buy it for that go ahead.

BALM have exceeded the max like best so this COCONUT. But without the sugar COCONNUT LIP coconut flavor smell taste I keep them on my night table for use at. I have used MILK lip I am,I chose this one,used it and can say that their lip balms to leave my lips with a very coated feeling but not with a moisturized feeling. I'm not sure if it slather this on multiple times it and can say that to me so I wasn't the morning to unbelievably soft. And the packaging is really. This is my favourite eos 3 2 1. And the packaging is really. This item is not eligible my purchase. Share your thoughts with other. I will never touch another and it tastes bad on.

Lip Balm Review, eos coconut milk vs soft lips strawberry cube Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $ Buy eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Coconut Milk, Deelp Hydrates for Softer Lips, oz at Cashback (4): Rs cashback on Rs or more for purchases made through Amazon Assistant. Click on the link - (Amazon Asistant) Here's how. Buy EOS Lip Balm ~ Coconut Milk & Vanilla Mint on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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