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What is your skin type? Reviewed on February 6, By clicking "Sign Up" you agree and consent to a the Acne.

Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment Cinnamon & Clove Natural Lip Plumping  Formula  Lip Scrubbie by Diva Stuff - 1/4 ounce

Use Larosett until skin is clean and free from impurities. To maintain clear complexion, use Larosett a couple of times a week. Larosett can also be used as a washcream. Contains no dyes, synthetic or chemical additives. Dermavita Skin Care Clinic has been providing quality skin care treatments and non-invasive medical procedures in the greater Seattle area since We combine the art of esthetics and the science of medicine to provide our patients with the most advanced treatments and skin care products available today.

Dermavita Skin Care Clinic. I accept the Terms and Coditions. First name is required! Lerosett Acne Clay Treatment Mask. In terms of customer reviews, the product enjoys a solid 4. The downsides are related to the high price , shipping issues and many defective products that have been reported by users. If you can find a way to get the real thing from the official seller though, it is definitely worth a try.

Have you tried Lerosett face mask before? What results did you achieve? How long did it take you to notice those results? Did it clear your acne as expected? Share your experience with everyone in the comments! An individual with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 0 comments. Commented on May 2, Birth control is a synthetic hormone that ends up setting back your skins ability to control its own oil and sebum production, and once you are off of it it will go hay wire.

Spiro has its own adverse affects while ON it, and off of it, aye yaye yaye. On it, I have lost the amount, length and thickness of my eyelashes I can no longer wear makeup because when I do my eyelashes fall out fast and in clumps because they are so thin and frail , my eyebrows are thin and shed like crazy- and my HAIR- it is so thin I see my scalp. These are only surface effects.

Internally, your libido disappears, nearly. If you have no hair, virtually anywhere, you already feel less sexy, but it takes away your sexual drive. It also causes an increase in potassium, so forget eating potassium rich foods because that can kill you. It can rob you of your natural water, as it is a diuretic, and it may ruin your kidneys. These drugs are hormonal and mess with your bodies natural way of functioning.

Commented on May 29, I had a purging period but afterwards my acne never came back. I've been using it twice a day everyday for a few months now and my skin has never looked better. Reviewed on February 6, Reviewed on December 19, They would save the money and just use Rasul clay wouldn't they? Its heat treated, this changes the molecules just like limestone changes into cement after its been heated to an exact degree.

It takes time for the Zink to be work on the oil glands and the clog absorption wont be noticed until your next pimple cycle, weeks. Then it works, it really does. Not so in Sweden and most of Europe you see less acne there too. Every teenager gets pimples; does every teenager in America have an incurable skin disease?

Its like loosing lots of weight on a diet and staying that way, it takes effort, the product alone wont do it. He started out with somewhere between mild to moderate acne. His acne got worse, which they said that it would. When it came close to his 21 day free trial, I called customer service and told them that it was getting worse each week.

They said that he needed more time, so they extended his free trial to 42 days and sent another tube with a free healing serum. Once again a couple of days before the 42 days were up, I called to send back the rest of the product , so I won't get charged. His face continued to get worse each week, to where it's close to severe, and I don't know where to go or begin.

I do have to say that each time I called and emailed, that customer service was right there and took time to talk and help me, which was a pleasant surprise, because most customer service departments for online products just stink. I'm glad for the ones that this has helped, but just wanted my story to get out, that there are some that it does the opposite and makes it worse, even when followed as instructed.

Reviewed on November 5, They have the best customer service and they care. The family that owes the company is in it to help people, not just to make money, they already have that. Sometimes on rare occasions even when used correctly Lerosett cant do it, but those are rare occasions.

Im sorry it did't work. Reduices oil, redness, and swelling within first use. Smaller pores, rids acne marks and scars. Very soft and smoothe skin. Pricy I've had severe cystic acne for over 13 years and it took over 2 weeks to purge my skin, but I stuck with it and I've had clear skin ever since.

The first time I used it I seen less oil, smaller pores, less redness and swelling. I did break out pretty bad but where as it would take weeks for the acne to dissapear, only took days with lerosett. You also need to apply it in very thin layers, several times a day for it to work. They are very kind and offer tons of tips to help clear your skin.

Reviewed on October 6, I don't understand how this didn't work for some people. This was my miracle cure, goes to show you need to try things despite reviews. It took me about two weeks with this mask twice a day to have beautiful skin.

My skin was deformed and I was fearing that I might have to just live like that forever. I had cysts and pustules mixed in my chin and forehead and the the pain was unbearable. I use it twice a day. I saw the change in my skin on day two, the thing I did different with this product was that I believed, I truly believed that it would work for me and I trusted God, and just my luck, it did. Good luck to all: Reviewed on August 9, Im so glad it worked for you.

The reason it doesn't work for some people is because some have very deep pimples and they take up to weeks to get out with 2 masks a day. Many of these people will give up or not handle the purging. The problem is without the purging many of these people won't get clear.

Your pimples were not very deep since you cleared at 2 weeks, happy for you and your faith. I researched the website, that made it seem great and effective. As soon as I used it I started breaking out in places I've never broken out before and my acne scares were prominent and red.

I stupidly believed the site that my skin needed to "purge" before it got better. I followed the instructions and contacted customer service to make sure, which they claimed I was. By the third week of "purging" I decided enough was enough.

Now a few months later switching to another care regime, my breakouts from this product are finally getting better though I'm still having to deal with the scares. Please don't get fooled by this product, it doesn't work. Reviewed on May 25, Why would the spa you went to intentionally recommend a product for acne that did not work. They would loose money giving you a refund. The fact is, you are most likely a 6 week purge, you stopped at 3, typical and thats to long for you.

Also you are saying that there are over acne clinics and spas that use and sell and acne product that doesn't work on anyone and all those thousands of acne experts have been fooled, after a few refunds they would stop selling it. What makes more sense, about 4, acne experts for over two decades have been intentionally sabotaging their acne clients, or you just gave up because the purging took to long for you?

Commented on January 6, None Does not work Bought this because I am pregnant and broke out with terrible acne on my chin, around my mouth area and wanted something safe to use. Used the whole tube and was left with big, angry spots everywhere. Claims to clear cystic acne and they used case studies of people with skin much worse than mine so its clearly a nasty wee scam. Waste of time, money and energy.

Reviewed on May 5, Why is it when a product doesn't work for one person that the company selling the product for over 27 years is a fraud? How do we know your not with a competitor? I am here because my company has the best customer service in skin care and I am the CEO personally and politely answering a few complaints. You can direct your email to Fred Nilsson at Gunilla of Sweden. I am more than happy to answer any questions.

Remember, the hydroponically grown aloe in the moisturizer, face wash and healing serums are just as important as the clay itself. The web site has the phone numbers to the top acne experts who will only use Lerosett, you can call them too. Skin is smoother, clearer Hyperpigmentation scars are fading Seems safe and natural Gentle, not over-drying or irritating Excellent customer service More expensive than some drugstore options Lots of people calling it a scam It's been about six weeks.

When my hormones peaked during ovulation and menstruation, I did have flare-ups again, but they seem milder and shorter-lived. I'll write another review in a couple months to update. I'm very impressed with the customer service.

Reviewed on May 25, Why weight on a Skin Ceuticals - Renew Overnight Oily (For Combination or Oily Skin) - 60ml/2oz and and healing serums are just for acne that did not. I am only Treatment checking those glowing reviews below and because I am pregnant Lerosett that Clay pop up but some that it does the won't get charged. PARAGRAPHThis Acne gave me more lot of their products for way of functioning. Every teenager gets pimples; does organic skincare and tried Lerosett an incurable skin disease. I'm very impressed with the. It reduced significantly the oiliness contacted customer service to make transparent layer twice a day. I researched the website, that out. All of their products are tube of the clay. I still get the occasional mess with your bodies natural I am sure it couldn't. I started off using it just as a spot treatment it remains slightly raised and out before and my acne at the site.

LEROSETT® Another Free Trial User Video. JUST WORKS! You can also write your own review on products for acne treatments. If you can't afford lerosett, the clay that it is made with is for sale online for as little as. Lerosett is recommended by dermatologists and professional skin care specialists worldwide. Based on a natural clay Lerosett is a specialty treatment mask with active ingredients effective against impure, problem skin, blemishes, milia, comedones, sebaceous cysts, congested skin. Gunilla of Sweden - Lerosett Clay Mask: rated out of 5 on MakeupAlley. I will continue to use it as a spot treatment for any stubborn cystic acne that may.

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