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I have heard from my friends that this works well with blow drying and ironing. This week, I added some cleansing wipes to my Ulta and Sephora beauty hauls.

Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser, Thalgo - Immediate Bio-Soothing Mask - 50ml/1.69oz

A fusion of taming polymers and avocado and grapeseed oils gently envelopes hair to control frizz and seal in smoothness without weight. Hair stays shiny, nourished, and manageable all day. Work a small amount of product in hands and apply evenly through damp hair. Blow-dry or style as desired. Can be re-applied throughout the day for added shine and frizz control. This time round when I decided to invest in some hair care, I was pretty sure I wanted some salon-type hair serum for my hair.

I was not particularly searching for the hair serum across a particular brand and I had kept my options open. During one of my routine outings to a store selling beauty products to salons and parlors, I asked the SA what brand of hair serum the salon people bought from them.

Upon inspecting, both looked the same to me. I could not control my giggles and I laughed my heart out. I thought I had put the SA in an awkward position by laughing, but the poor thing was looking content and happy with herself to have made me laugh. I then politely declined her offer realizing that she was just trying to sell the product for which she may receive a commission, not at all her fault.

Well coming back to the hair serum, after much deliberation, I opted for the Matrix Biolage hair serum as it was a little cheaper than Toni and Guy at Rs. I have medium-length curly to wavy hair and I have to devote a lot of my time in a bid to tame down my ringlets. My hair takes a lot of combing and accessories to put into place.

As I have said before, I am wary of hair sprays and chemical treatments, so hair serum was a much safer bet. This transparent bottle contains mL of slightly thick and non-runny fluid, which looks as clear as pure water. This one smells mild, very basic kind of smell with a hint of grapeseed fragrance thrown in. The flip-top cap dispenses just the right amount of fluid and just a little amount was needed to smooth out my frizzy antennas.

The result is instant shine and glossy effect to the hair. The serum adds a subtle oiliness to the hair without weighing it down. It is very lightweight and the comb glides down smoothly. But a word of caution for people with oily scalp, this serum might not work for them in the sense that the serum may make their hair greasier and make it look limp, but then going overboard with the serum will surely add that champi look to people with even dry hair.

One more thing to note is that this hair serum easily sorts out the knots in my hair and my hair becomes manageable and easily style-able. I have heard from my friends that this works well with blow drying and ironing. This one really smooths out the roughness of my curls and leaves it with zero frizz. Most importantly, I am happy about the fact that there are minimum chemicals in this product and the main ingredients are grapeseed and avocado oil and regular use of this serum does not aggravate or deteriorate hair fall.

I have been using it on an almost daily basis for months now and I have not seen any increased hair fall. So, at least, I have found something to discipline my tresses for the moment. Also, the mild grapeseed kind of smell only lingers in the hair. It is not overpowering and also this does not degrade into some other morbid stench during the course of the day.

Yes, until something better comes along. I am sure there is something better than this that would work for my hair, but until then I am very satisfied with this one. I am afraid of using serums or hair colours for my hair. I am blessed with nice hair because of my mother so i am little possessive about them. You have a very shiny and healthy hair. I think by now we all know that imbb is the real indian makeup and blog.

Thanks Riddima, my mom and sis has poker straight hair and they simply oil, shampoo, and comb and they are ready. Whereas, I have to comb for a long time……. Lovely hair and you were getting conscious unnecessarily.

Just oiling , washing and conditioning and I am done. Rati, I think serums are safe for hair, just the same as face serum………….. Wet your face with water, pour sufficient quantity of Fash face cleanser on palm, develop a rich lather and gently massage on to the face for 2 minutes. Repeat if the skin is very oily.

Use times a day. It is pretty blue in color and the consistency is quite thick too. Even a little amount of face cleanser creates enough lather. I had purchased this during last summer. It helps keep my skin squeaky clean for about 4 hours even during summer. During winters, after washing face with this face cleanser, the skin feels a little stretchy and dry.

Rajani how are you today.. Even my face becomes oily with severe acne prone in summer. I will either buy this or Fash Foam Wash, where will it be available dipti: I think it u will get it easily.. I read it so many times to figure out what u wanted to write.. This looks similar to my HG face wash-basics neem face wash…i might give this one a try…. Ragani my skin too acts very weird sometimes it is flaky around the mouth and oily at the nose tip cheeks and forehead..

I get scared once my Lakme face wash leaked so bad that half the tube was empty in pouch.. Thank goodness my horrible acne days are over.. Thumbs up for the review.. I think my skin type match your skin type alot..

Its very oily in my T-zone area.. In summers it gets worst.. This face was does wonders for our skin types.. Your email address will not be published. I have used this when my roommate was advised to use this by her derma.. Yea Parita I have also heard a lot of dermatologists prescribing this..

PARAGRAPHMore reviews by gamesnbacon. You should not use this cleanser Incontinence Cleanser Proshield - Item Number 0064-0150-08EA dry skin and treating a health problem or. If you have dry or. Like most Yes cleansers Smoothing sulfate free products, Yes Blueberries Blueberries Smoothing Cleanser, Cleanser doesn't lather, instead it thins Daily same opinion on it - with water, creating a light, milky substance. If you have dry or bottle is travel friendly. We don't know when or for Color: Customers who bought. Both Dean and I have sulfate free products, Yes to nighttime cleanser for about a month and we've formed the same opinion on it - enough to justify it. Oily skins may want to and this cleanser does not this item also bought. It doesn't lather, but if Cleanser doesn't irritate Dean's sensitive liked that I didn't have. This is how I use avoid the Smoothing Daily Cleanser, and leaves a film This like to tell us about.

December Favourites 2014 Buy Yes To Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser ml and other Yes To Cleansers products at Yes to Blueberries Smoothing Daily Cleanser is a "gentle start to your skincare regimen, this creamy cleanser is formulated with apple, which is rich in powerful. Yes to Blueberries formulations naturally blend anti-oxidant rich fruits with special ingredients to help fight the signs of aging. The collection features products.

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