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We're a friendly group who love social media. Smith's Rosebud Salve Tube.

(3 Pack) Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm Tin - Brambleberry Ocean Potion Suncare Protect And Renew Spf 35 Face Anti-Aging Sheer Sunscreen Lotion 3 Oz, 3 Pack

We have all natural beeswax as well as vegan friendly candelilla wax so that your lip balms can be enjoyed by everyone. Where Do I start? Join Us Around the Web We're a friendly group who love social media. See you 'round the web! Join Us Around the Web. We're a friendly group who love social media. See you round the web! Where did I go wrong?

I have checked and double checked assorted recipes and have not found this to be a common problem. Could you tell me a little bit more about the amounts that you used in your recipe? The frozen spoon trick is a super easy way to test if you like the consistency of the lip balm you are making before it hardens up. Hi i made my first batch of lip balm tonight, the first batch i used strawberry flavoring like you wqould get at a grocery store, but it didnt solidify i guess and seperated andf the balm was mushy: Is that why my balm turned out mushy?

Flavorings that you can get at the grocery store are going to act a little differently then a lip flavorings that have been made specifically for lip balms. You can find them here:. I made a 2 oz batch about a week ago and I noticed some condensation of the oil on top of the balm. Sometimes that can happen if the ambient temperature is a little warm or the air is humid. Thanks so much for your help!

When you were adding your lip-safe essential oils, when did you add them in? We like to add them in as soon as the base for the lip balms has been fully melted. Can we use floral water together with other ingredient? You can substitute Olive or Sunflower Oil for the Sweet Almond Oil, but it may change the consistency and feel of your lip balm. And, you will want to watch the shelf life on the oils you are using. For more on the shelf lives of our different butters and oils, you can check out this post from the Teach Soap Forums:.

I made the vanilla latte exactly with the ingredients and measurements. What is the solution for the graininessWe love the glide in this recipe and i want to make it again. Thanks for the question. It sounds like the Coffee Butter might have been overheated a bit.

That will help to prevent any graininess in your final product! I hope this helps. Hi, the recipe above looks great — how long will it last? Can see you mention shelf life above but how long is the shortest life oil used here? For the above recipe, it is going to have a shelf life of about six months to a year depending on how old the Sweet Almond Oil you use is.

I have a question. Is it possible to add one or two tiny drops of Lavender Essential Oil to throw a nice lavender scent to lip balm. Anytime you are adding an essential oil to a lip product, you will need to make sure you are using a lip-safe product. Hungarian Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil: Blueberry Bliss Flavoring Oil: Honey Kisses Flavoring Oil: If I omit the flavoring oil will i need to alter the recipe to get the right texture?

The flavoring is an optional piece of the recipe, but we find that many people prefer it. Hi Becky Thanks for all your feedback. Like I still have to scrape it to get enough on my finger to feel it on y lips, if I simply swirl my finger around its like a glossy bit that comes off but at such a small amount I feel like I have to do that ten times to get enough on to even feel its there … I poured not too hot and I followed the recipe exactly as I have with the others.

I only poured this bath into 3 tins to test it and the rest is waiting to be poured I hope. Such a pain all the scraping out etc. I also have tried the frozen spoon trick. Sometimes when ingredients are substituted in a recipe, the consistency can change a bit. Could that also be part of the problem? How hot are you pouring it in the tins? Another great way to figure out what the end consistency of your balm is going to be is to use the frozen spoon trick, have you tried that yet?

When I inc the measurements most of it is left in the dish which I mixed it with the oil in. Plz plz plz can you direct me to a good safe fool proof recipe? But, I am here to help you out and troubleshoot what is going on. Could you walk me through your process so I can help pinpoint the issue? Have you had a chance to take a look at our infused lip balm video yet?

We typically like using the La Bomb colorants or micas for our bath fizzies because we have found that they work the best. If you are using a colorant for you lip balms or chapsticks, you do want to make sure it is lip-safe. Any of these colors from Bramble Berry can be used in your lip balms, chapsticks and lipsticks:. Have you talked to your local print shop about maybe doing some custom labels and cutting? They might be able to help, or maybe just point you in the right direction!

Any suggestions for getting a whiter, milky color for the lip balm? It is just the nature of lip balms and butters to have that slight yellow tinge to it because of the ingredients used. You can try using lighter oils in conjunction with a small pinch of Titanium Dioxide to see if that does the trick. I actually had the oil rise to the top and when I turned the tubes upside down, alot of the lipsmackin sweetener and flavor oil drained out…I still think I might remelt and repour just to be safe..

The best course of action would be to remelt and repour it to see if it will setup better this time. Good luck and keep us updated! I am using the vegan lip balm base, and accidentally added too much flavor oil to my batch which is now in tubes…will the excess flavor rise to the top, or will it solidify and make the balm softer? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Typically we like to use.

Wondering if you could update your list of lip safe colorants? There are some that are described as lip safe that are not on the list apricot blush,surplus sienna, etc. Also, some are described as cosmetic or mineral make up Peach shimmer, etc , but it is not clear if they are lip safe. Thanks for the great suggestion, Sara! Hi, I made the quick and easy recipe and it was so easy!!! We are so happy to hear that the recipe turned so well for you.

Another great way to test any lip balm recipe is with the frozen spoon trick that can be found in the How to Make Infused Lip Balm video. It is a really helpful tip on making sure you get the right consistency for your lip balms:. How to Make Infused Lip Balm: Does beeswax make the lip balm firmer than using soy wax? I have only used soy wax and my lip balm is too soft.

Is there any benifits using beeswax over soy wax? All the recipes that I have seen always use beeswax. Beeswax definitely does help to harden up your lip balms if you are finding that they are too soft for your liking. We have found it to be one of the best hardening agents for both lip balm and lotion bars. Some people prefer soy wax over beeswax because they are trying to make an all-vegan product, but we have found that the beeswax works the best for us.

I hope that helps! And here are some super fun lip balm recipes that I thought you might like to take a look at:. Winter Lip Balm Recipe: But, we suggesting keeping it under F. I hope that makes sense. All you need to do is simply omit the colorant and make the lip balm. Then you are set to go! When looking at where you talk about labeling, you list titanium dioxide as an ingredient. However, I do not see where that is listed in the recipe. Can you please clarify? I can see how that can be a little confusing.

I hope that helps to clear up some confusion! Yellow Lip Safe Mica: I have so of the Basic Ingredients already. Also by adding more colorant does that make the color more visible. That is so exciting that you are making your own lipstick! A great way to get a opaque color is to mix your lip-safe colorant with Titanium Dioxide, as it will give it that colorful, yet opaque look you are going for.

And, if you want the color on your lips to be more visible, all you need to do is add more color! More Lipstick Springtime Recipes: Lipstick Making — Mixing Colors and Testing: We do ship internationally and you can check out how much it would be by adding items to your cart online and choosing the most affordable shipping quote. But, if you have any other questions about international shipping rates, you can email customer service at info at brambleberry dot com and the fabulous gals in our customer care department would be able to help you right out!

The shelf life of your product is always the shelf life of the shortest-lasting oil. Is there an easy way to add SPF to lip balms? Sunscreen is very highly regulated. But you can use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as they have been known to help with sun protection. Here is the actual languaging that defines sunscreen as a drug is here: With your lip balms, you are not going to want to use orange essential oils as they are photosensitizers and can burn your lips if you wear it out in the sun.

I think that Candi has some great suggestions about using butters and oils that have known sun-protecting qualities. The simple recipe listed at the top makes about 3. I second it on castor oil! Castor oil, cocoa butter and beeswax.. My favorite ingredient to put in lip balm is a bit of castor oil for shine. Second is definitely Gold Sparkle Mica. Shine with a whole lot of shimmer!

Tutorials by difficulty level: What is lip balm? Gave them away to everyone she could think of. I have four left. How to Make Mermaid Ombre Soap. Related Articles on Soap Queen. Review and Rate this Item. Showing 1 - 5 of 14 Reviews: So Simple I melted the base in the microwave until barely melted, mixed my flavor and color together, mixed it in and poured it in the containers.

Can someone not count? Missing a container, not very long lasting I ordered this kit because I had wanted to make lip balm for a while and this seems like a good place to start. Fun with Granddaughter Made this kit with my 10 yr. Where Do I start? Join Us Around the Web We're a friendly group who love social media. See you 'round the web! Join Us Around the Web. We're a friendly group who love social media.

See you round the web!

Brambleberrry Leaves a nice mauve sheen will last you quite a. It's large enough that it. Pages with related products. My only complaint is the great thing is, the scent always got a tin in packaging like a tube, pump, much. It's large enough that it. One person found this helpful. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. I now own four varieties tightly together that I had to literally mutilate it to get it open, and even original Rose feels a little thicker and heavier than the Brambleberry, Mocha and Strawberry so it is my go-to balm for winter or if I've been slacking on drinking enough. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Published 1 year ago.

Lip Balms I Love #2 1 ROSEBUD Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm Tin oz "RB - 06" *Joy's SMITH'S Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm Tin Moisturizing Skin Therapy oz . Bundle & Save up to $* Payment is due within 3 days of purchase searcherandstallion.comg: pack ‎| ‎Must include: ‎pack. Rosebud Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm is scented with the delicious aroma of freshly baked berry Link's Lip Balm - Peanut Butter Peppermint - "Peculiarly Perfect" - 2 Pack of fl oz balms out of 5 stars · $ Prime. Rosebud, Strawberry Lip Balm Tin, Ounce Lip Smacker Dr Pepper Balm Trio, 3 Count. 1 ROSEBUD Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm Tin oz "RB - 06" *Joy's Ratings and Reviews. Write a review. 5 product ratings. 5. 5. 4. 0. 3. 0. 2. 0. 1. 0.

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