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I like to put it on me when I go to bed and in the morning I can still smell it.

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If so, does it have linearity? I had read that this smells like a softer Jessica McClintock with bit of lime. Would anyone say that is an accurate description? I'm looking for an inexpensive linden Blossom or lime floral perfume for hot humid and menopausal summer. Thanks My Lovely Fellow Fragranticans. I'm not really great at reviewing a scent by its notes, so I won't go into a pretentious diatribe to suggest that I'm an expert. I'm better at using words and feelings as descriptions, and how a fragrance affects me personally because that's really where it's at - personal chemistry, personal choices, personal tastes.

Airy, mellow, gentle, cozy, optimistic, dainty, understated, comforting, soft spoken, ladylike, sunny, and full of the stuff that makes me smile and think "It's going to be a beautiful day today! There's an exuberance about it. It gentles my attitude. Damn, if I know why, it just does. I take a Zumba class with a friend who wears this in lotion form.

Ironically, she's totally opposite from my given description and is an outspoken, startling, tough, sometimes brash, shoot-from-the-hip kind of woman. A steamroller kind of lady that I wouldn't want as an enemy but am blessed to have as a friend.

This was one of my mum's favourite fragrances. So wearing it is special for me in that way. What I love most about this fragrance is the dry down; it's creamy and fresh. Those green notes mixed in with the amber. Just gorgeous, it's a classic. The tall, pale gold bottle is absolutely ubiquitous if you like to prowl perfume counters, and this made me look right over it at my local discounters—thinking it was a mundane No.

I kept seeing it pop up with glowing praise here and there, so when I found a smaller bottle forlorn on the clearance shelf one day, I picked it up. Lily of the valley and lilac are the stars, heralded by a tart blend of bergamot and linden blossom sweetened by peach and built on a base of whisper-soft musk, palest amber, and vanilla. Everything is balanced, blended to perfection. The result is a smooth, entirely pleasant floral fragrance, suitable for any occasion.

Clean and in perpetual good taste—classy in a classic sense while being absurdly affordable. New batches of this smell "soapy" VS. The last bottle purchased by me; about a month ago had batch number: Older and used bottles will be out there for us to purchase. This lovely fragrance is an everyday scent for me.

After the top notes wear off, this smells classy, fresh and clean. I'm not a fan of bergamot as I realised after testing and purchasing fragrances with bergamot, so I won't be repurchasing but I will say I really enjoyed this one and the price is right for me. This one's quite beautiful. It's humble but sophisticated. Gives off an elegant, if somewhat serious vibe which isn't bad, just not suited for casual wear imo. A nice floral fragrance! It was very beautiful fragrance I think this is one of the best perfume from Elizabeth Arden!

It was sweet from floral, but not too much so it became boring. It really match with the special day for women, like wedding days or anniversary days. Soapy white florals slightly sweetened by well blended peach, slightly green in the middle. Smells of quality shampoo. Not overly mature and dated like I expected. Suitable for office work or anywhere perfume may not be appropriate. Wow, I have seen this perfume for years and assumed it was something sweet, floral and cloying because it is everywhere, and cheap.

Today, after seeing 5th Avenue pop up in several 'best of' reviews, I bought it blind. I really like it! At first, I feared it would be too lily of the valley, but as it dries down, it gets a bit soapy and somewhat Perfect for work and blends beautifully with my skin. Very safe blind buy if you're looking for something that is pleasant and noticeable without taking over the room.

I have worn this perfume several times now and it's beautiful, especially now in early spring. Lilac is wonderfully done without overpowering the other notes. Perfect for a crowded board room or a outdoor wedding. Appropriate for all ages - youthfully grown up. I blind bought this perfume based on these reviews. I like it a lot. It's surprisingly fresh citrus but elegant and young. Floral, soft but long lasting. It dries down like clean soap scent. Perfect for spring and fall, during daytime.

I love this scent for work. It is also extremely affordable. This is a very feminine scent. I must admit I am kind of bothered with its name and marketing description. I immediately saw a young woman dressed in white on a swing somewhere in the countryside, showered with the sunny spells. I still think of the innocence but I find it also quite romantic. I would recommend it for a quiet date night when there's just the two of you enjoying each other's company.

This fragrance can easily wear a teenager. Although it speaks about youth to me I see no problem for a grown woman wearing it and it is office safe. It also won me some compliments. I like to put it on me when I go to bed and in the morning I can still smell it. Though the main notes I recognize are the lilac and the lily-of-the-valley they do not overpower. In its essence this scent is more like a bouquet of spring flowers.

I also like its golden colour and the elegant bottle though it would be much better if the lid was made of glass instead of plastics. However, in my estimation the buy carries a great value for money. Bought it because of the reviews here. Nearest smells are different shampoos. I don't like it.

Not the worst, I'd have gladly used this when I was young. I blind bought this on two separate occasions. Actually, the 2nd time wasn't blind, right? Then I returned them. How I wish I liked this! In theory, I should. It's aldehydic, floral, powdery, and green -- all of my favorite aspects of a fragrance.

In fact, every single note listed here should work.. However, there is something in this that turns my stomach. Would like to find a small sample vial, so I could wear it several days and see if it grows on me.

The release date above is not correct. I remember wearing this in the 80s from a mini gift with purchase bottle. It isn't a dupe for EL Pleasures because that one was released in the 90s ? But I can see the simarity. I liked it years ago; a feminine floral that had a muguet note as I recall. I'm going to sample it again soon to see if I still like it.

Florals are my thing, especially oldies. I hope It's still nice. I bought this perfume at freeshop and it was almost a blind buy. I am normally not a fan of floral scents. But this one is definitely one of my favourites. It is long lasting and you can smell the sweet lilac the whole day, in a pleasant and not disturbing way.

I received compliments a number of times I was wearing it. It feels good to switch to 5th Avenue at times I get bored with more intense and spicy perfumes that I usually wear. The fact that it is still a very feminine scent makes it a perfect getaway for change. I would definitely buy another bottle. Blind bought this today and was pleased when I opened the Amazon delivery. For the price and the quality of the scent I am super impressed and am on the hunt to try out more Arden scents as I really believe you get a bang for your buck!

Tested this on a card today for the first time. It smells almost identical to Elizabeth Arden Splendor to me. I don't think I would be able to tell the difference if I were to wear it. May as well stick to Splendor, which I like a lot. The bottle design for 5th Avenue is much more classy though. I love this ubiquitous, yet special perfume. Not expensive but smells very rich and classy. Beautiful floral, slight sparkling adelhydes quality.

I don't wear a lot of fresh floral scents but this and Baiser Vole are so vibrant and fresh. I will stick with this as my go- to floral as something in Baiser Vole has been making me sneeze. This fragrance feels like a rich aunt was shopping in NYC or any major city in the USA and arrives at your front door on a crisp fall evening with lots of packages and shopping bags under her arms and gives you a big hug. Oh yeah, love the price tag too!

This perfume brings to mind the smell of shampoo: Thank you for the comparison to Pleasures. My tastes run more to stronger, more pungent scents, I guess. I love 5th Avenue. This is a beautiful smell, 5th Avenue does smell very close too Pleasures but considering I hate Pleasures with a passion yet I love this I much prefer this beauty over Pleasures.

I will forever have a bottle of this on my tray. It certainly has some vintage vibe to it. Lilacs in the beginning but after 10 minutes comes a creamy combination of lily of the valley and mostly freesia on my skin and stays like that all day and I am surprised that it turned out that way because I hoped for something more complex. It is a nice combo though so I don't mind it. Floral chalky a little powdery musk. Also a little green.

There is some sweet here but its a sweet flower. Special occasion fragrance for sure, nice dinner with that special guy. This predominantly smells like a vintage hairspray to me. The one that the smell lingered in the bathroom many hours after spraying. There is a sharpness to this.

Reminiscent also of a vintage fragrance one of my great-aunts wore. Just a sharp scent. She has it all, and then some. She needs noone's approval. And so is her fragrance. A very floral, innoffensive scent. Remarkable sillage for the price of the bottle. Lily and lilac notes stand out very much in this scent which is very nice and sweet.

Although i would consider it more of a day fragrance, it could be worn at night nicely too. Floral loving girls, you'll almost definitely love this. Excellent sillage is an understatement! I took a second look at this I thought is was a bit old, I think it might be a bit heavy for a teen My first thoughts were - proper champagne, the taste is how it smells, no bite, rounded edges, not overtly creamy as such. A balanc between sweet, thick, floral I wonder about the rest if the flankers, there are so many.

Have a look if budget requires you to be frugal, it's well worth it. Try at different stores. If you just go by what the nozzle smells like you'll get a sharp aldehyde blegh I detect a lot of lilac, which I love, plus other light sweet floral notes including lily-of-the-valley. Actually, it can really take you anywhere, as it's completely inoffensive, with moderate sillage and longevity.

Elegant and feminine, 5th Avenue makes me feel completely dressed even if I'm only wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. Ironically this perfume reminds me of quite a difficult time in my life - being young, inexperienced, recently graduated and struggling and failing to find a good job, freshly having moved to an overwhelmingly huge city with no friends or relatives there, living in a really bad area just to afford rent, scared daily for my life, BUT nevertheless working on The 5th Ave, albeit as a very low-wage office help and not strolling confidently "between luxurious showcases".

So, a total opposite of what kind of images this scent is supposed to evoke: During those days I intuitively bought this perfume because of its name just as an attempt to lift myself up psychologically. Olfactory memory is very strong. So maybe, that is the reason for my intense dislike of the lily-of-the-valley note particularly since it's very prominent in this scent.

Even though, soon after the initial spritz lily-of-the-valley is quickly subdued by a multitude of other floral notes. I can't tell them all apart really. The base is nice and grounded, and makes up for all the florist shop loudness, otherwise. Don't quite like it, but don't hate it either. I like the elegant classic-looking bottle, though. I have this and it's nice, just inoffensive. It reminds me of the smell of a new glossy magazine when you just open it.

I don't think it lasts very long or is very strong and for a blind buy it was ok but I wouldn't buy it again. This is one of those fragrances that I desperately want to love but cannot even like and I can't figure out why that is. I wish I could isolate the off-putting element to me but it's there, every time I try it. Perhaps it's the lime? Regardless, I just can't wear 5th Avenue and that bums me out. At least I can enjoy it when worn by others!

This past winter I bought 5th Avenue and I thought it was just meh. It was a little too sharp for my nose. Fast forward a few months. It's 90 degrees outside. A couple of sprays and WOW what a difference the heat makes! This smells super fresh without any citrus. Absolutely no sharp harsh notes! It "blooms" you might say. I will be using this a lot this summer!

I'm perplexed by this because all I smell is synthetic watery notes. Its not really something I want to smell like all the time. There is mimicry of magnolia there - if I try hard I can picture a magnolia blossom floating in a bowl of ice water. But to me a real magnolia has more of a lemony edge Magnolia Grandiflora hits this note right on the bullseye.

I'm really going to miss this one as it turned out to be one of those perfumes that enter your heart and it's hard to let go due to the relation and memories it has created. I bought the legendary 5th Avenue in late december and used it constantly almost every day ever since and it surely gave me some fantastic time.

It's also the biggest bottle of perfume the ml or 3,4 oz one that I've managed to finish in such a brief time, in only 6 months and I loved every bit of it. Every time I wore it, it simply filled my day with joy and happiness, it always brought a smile on my face. I loved the odour it left on my clothes. It's been such a wonderful experience with this perfume for me and I will always guard it as a special scent, even though I'm not going to repurchase it because I want to experience as many scents as I can.

Fifth Avenue By Ann Gottlieb Elizabeth Arden joined the fruity-floral bandwagon of the 90's with this fragrance but my bottle in the tall skyscraper design in a pale gold color might be a reformulation that is selling today at Macy's. I wore the vintage original back in '96, '97 and '98 and think that there are some slight differences and tweaks. The old fragrance was powdery and more of a beauty salon scent, minus the hairspray, a romantic and very mature bouquet with sweet white florals of tuberose, jasmine and lily of the valley, and of a spicy and musky dry down.

The new formula is a subtle creature almost exactly like a pretty bar of dove soap or starchy dusting powder. This is a mature fragrance so right off the bottle one smells the same kind of perfumy air of such fragrances as Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Oscar de la Renta or Gloria Vanderbilt.

I think this is like a sleepier version of Vanderbilt which I also really love. Fifth Avenue is a beauty but it's lacking the bite I prefer in my perfumes. Nevertheless this is gorgeous. It's by the nose Ann Gottlieb whose fragrances I adore. She formulated Facets for Avon. This is a sweet woman's perfume with a casualness and lady-like inoffensive charm.

Great for wearing to the office or to your place of employment, a principal of a school me! Starts off with a faint citrus and orange blossom which they refer to as a linden lime blossom, but to my nose it's totally orange blossom. This is a soft citrus, though, very much like a yellow or gold halo evocative of blonde hair. This scent is great to wear if you're a classy blonde gal.

There's mandarin orange and bergamot and the citruses don't last too long but just enough to give it a very sweet fruity opening. A dash of peach fuzz is thrown into the opening as well. As quickly as it starts it gets floral very floral. There's iris and lilac, carnation and roses, jasmine, tuberose, ylang ylang, lily of the valley and even my favorite flower the magnolia blossom. A magnolia plays it's note early on, blending beautifully with the soapy white floral arrangement.

This is a very lady-like scent with flowery tone and body, based on and or built around the root of iris which is a note that Ann Gottlieb does very well with as a nose. As the fragrance dries, the base notes develop and they are a hodgepodge of nutmeg, spices, vanilla, cloves, amber, sandalwood and musk. One would think that it's too much with these typical strong perfume notes but it's quite tenuous and mostly a very lovely vanilla and musk as it concludes it's performance.

Fifth is powdery and pleasant, bordering on boudoir. This smells great on my light cool dressy blouses with long sleeves, neck scarfs, cashmere sweaters, and or turtlenecks. Fifth matches up with beige, pale colors, vanilla, white, gold, or grey. It's fresh and light, flowery and relaxed, soothing and perfectly suited for the warm or balmy months of spring and summer.

This is one of my all time favorite 90's perfumes. All I have to do is close my eyes and inhale the scent as it wears on my skin and I'm brought back to the happy days of my mid-life. All my friends loved this fragrance on me. The personal feelings I get is that it smells like a million dollar soap, and it smells good all over me including my neck and hair.

Though not glamorous or as engaging as Elizabeth Taylor fragrances I have worn like White Diamonds or Black Pearls, this is still such a classy and beautiful perfume for a conservative and very elegant lady. For me, the reference white floral is the original Chloe. I love the mossy base that grounds the florals. I cannot add much to the reviews of this refined, elegant floral except to say it is beautiful.

This is not overpowering. The LOTV stays soft, which is wonderful. All the florals blend well together. I do not get much musk in the drydown; rather, the florals just keep getting softer and softer. Nothing stuffy or powdery, just elegant floral goodness.

This is the second day I have worn 5Th Ave. It does have a Pleasures vibe but without the aquatic note. I am wearing it to work today and it is perfectly appropriate. This smells like sweet summer in my childhood. It's not too sweet and not too strong.

Intense floral scent, tuberose centered. Top notes are too heavy for me, but base notes are very pleasant. I was surprised I liked this as I was going through my grandmothers stash of disappointment after disappointment, this one actually made me take a second look. I am especially surprised given the age and price of this product, it is well rounded and well made.

This is a lovely, grown up scent that is well balanced. Yes it's still got the appearance of a 90s mom, but it's a good one and it's comforting and it's sophisticated. I agree with Tosia, it's a balance between sexy and innocent, masculine and feminine, loud and soft. Overall just rather nice. And for the price? This is a steal.

I happened to test this fragrance for the first time in Superdrug last week, expecting something nondescript as I knew little of it, and knew no one who wore it. I earmarked these for an early Mother's Day present, as I have been seeking an everyday scent that makes me feel terrific, smells classy and is inexpensive enough to spritz any time I fancy a boost. Though Miss Dior Le Parfum is my number one favourite for special occasions, as an everyday perfume, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue is a complete joy.

It is a calming, happy scent that is strong enough to linger and be noticeable, with a bouquet of glorious notes that are multifaceted yet perfectly complementary, rising to one's attention at different times of the day. I opened the window to my office; there was a slight breeze in the air and I wondered briefly what that heavenly scent was, then realised it was me!

I have already had compliments from friends and family, so am delighted with this gift. An uplifting, joyful, floral fragrance with a softly sexy drydown with a hint of spice; without being sickly sweet or cloying; perfectly packaged in an elegant bottle to adorn anyone's dresser: A hidden gem that I will treasure for a long time. I am such an idiot. For years-- I bypassed this one thinking it would smell like a Sunday school teacher from and a drab one at that. An open package was at T.

Not what I had expected! But the duh pyramid does not tell me so So I don't know who to believe. Signature scent of my mother. When I was a teenager, I used to sneak the bottle into my purse and take it with me to house parties.

Not that I was an appropriate carrier of this very grown-up, sophisticated perfume at the age Lily-of-the-valley is strong when it opens. Base note is a beautiful musky vanilla and it has descent longevity. I still love 5th Avenue. It's a symbol of stability and comfort for me. I guess it reminds me of my mother. There are many white florals out there that are much better. This is one of those fragrances that the longer you wear it the stronger the scent becomes.

This lasts for maybe 30 minutes and then the flowers seem to appear stronger and the watery bubble bath soapiness subsides. I am fan of this stage. I was expecting a sharp floral but this is rounded, mellow and delicately sweet. The lily of the valley is foremost but sweetened by the lilac. A classic for a reason. This scent blends the florals so well and the carnation and rose bring it down out of the white floral headache it could have been otherwise.

Unfortunately I developed an intolerance to this perfum. It provokes a severe allergy. I have a nose leaking, eyes crying and quite strong headaches. But I wonder which ingredients have such an impact. Some what cozy but very inviting. An oldie but a goodie. Used to wear this in the 90's and was always pleasantly surprised by it.

This is a mum fragrance. Yes, my mother wears this. But you can smell a hint of it as my mother walks around. It's not very much her, I was surprised when she asked me for a bottle for her birthday. She usually sports Chanel No 5 or Vanderbilt. Bright, sunny and somewhat cozy. It has that maternal vibe about it. It's comforting and light.

It doesn't work for me. I just get an odd green overpowering sharp hairspray scent. I'm disappointed as I'm reading such great reviews. I don't know why it reminds me of a cheap Chanel 5 knockoff fragrance. I received this one from my aunt when I was around 15, maybe even before that so I must say I already own it for a couple of years and it might be even older than that.

That might have influenced it, of course. I never really liked this scent, but never really disliked this scent. It is watery floral, I would say, but in a nice way. It is not overpowering, it does not have sillage, does not last long. I use it when I feel like refreshing myself but would never put it on in order to project a certain image.

It is very neutral I would say, it does not smell like shampoo or cleaning products. It is a perfume, but a very light one. Probably perfect for the office. I am using this one up, but I always forget it since it just makes no specific impression on me. I probably would not repurchase, but it is in no means a bad smell. I can imagine it works for some people. This fragrance is so very refined, so sophisticated, that you can just picture a real lady wearing this. It is not vulgar but it gets your attention.

It's not sweet but it's not masculine. It's not out-there-sexy but it's not too innocent. A truly sophisticated scent that lingers with its unforgettable delicacy. I remember my friend Nicole carried a huge bottle of this around in her backpack around , which was probably swiped from her mom's vanity table.

It just makes me smile to remember those days, and I don't know how she kept it from breaking. It just smells like refined and indistinct florals, or "mom". It's a mom fragrance without smelling old fashioned. If you see the ads by Amber Valletta and want to relive part of the 90's, give it a spritz. I feel like this is a completely undervalued inexpensive fragrance.

It is so easy to wear if you like florals, carnations etc. Personally, I really admire a fragrance that I can buy for next to nothing that has a lovely composition and decent longevity. Although the one I have seems to be wearing off a lot faster than the sample I tried at another place I may have been unlucky. This is a fragrance that gets compliments and I love burning through this without any concern about having to budget to replace it once it runs out - its a real surprise to my nose.

It's incredible how perfumes can be the best memory triggers. They have a powerful evocative force that throws you back in past times when you thought that the moment when you would become a young lady was so far. Well the particular thing with this perfume is that not only makes me revive in my memory situations that really happened to me but also cuddles my imagination with scenarios that could have taken place.

Whenever I smell this gorgeous scent I think of my childhood. I loved when my mum took me with her to pay visits to her sisters or other relatives especially when I had the chance to indulge in my aunts' bedroom and vanity desks where they kept their jewelry and perfumes of course.

And I would always ask them if I could smell their perfumes. And their bedrooms smelled just like fragrance. A rich, floral powdery scent that was the incarnation of class and elegance, beauty,nobility and every other noble trait of a woman's character. I giggled with myself and thought that one day I was going to have what they had and this perfume was never to be absent.

The thought of growing up fascinated and terrified me at the same time. I had long forgotten this ah-mazing perfume until I bought it and today as I sprayed it on my wrist my childhood memories came back and all the beautiful women I have met that wore this perfume religiously and used it as their signature scent. I can't believe they sell it so cheap nowadays.

It wasn't definitely this cheap some years ago but it surely had a stronger sillage and better longevity. But I can't complain anyway. I was after a bottle that looked elegant and had a gold juice from some time now and this has all these characteristisc plus it vaguely reminds me of MK Sexy Amber which is another favourite perfume of mine.

In my opinion this is a perfume that shouldn't miss from any woman's wardrobe or vanity desk or perfume collection whether you are a floral lover or not. It's simply a must for every woman to have in her collection and a perfume worthy of its fame and notoriety. Besides, it has an American vibe to me that is to say that I see more an American woman wearing and rocking it rather than a European one. It has a particular American style that suits perfectly the scent and how they named it.

I bought 5th Avenue after reading many comments about its similarity to Gucci Envy. GE has never been my signature fragrance but I used to like it a lot. Received a gift set of it many years ago and it was one of the few bottles of perfume I actually managed to use up and craved for more. Still think about it and miss it from time to time.

I got FE last week hoping to find Envy in it. The opening is nearly identical. Pleasant with perfect balance of green and floral. The lily of the valley is present all the way. It's greenness is both sweet and fresh but the same feeling continues almost from the start till the end. It is rather linear and lacks the distinctive and soft character GE performs in its dry-down.

FE is not a copy of Envy and I do respect it for that. I just expected it to melt into my skin and get softer by time and it didn't. It still is a very nice perfume. Definitely not cheap smelling to my nose.

In fact I can see why so many ladies like it so much as it is hard to find an inoffensive green, which doesn't burn your nose with its sharpness or remind you of aquatic air fresheners. FE hasn't become my favorite perfume but I am happy to have it.

Very refreshing and uplifting after the morning shower and the staying power is really good too. Looking forward to trying the shower gel and the body lotion next. So, this is also considered as classic. It has some kind of classic floral scent to it, but in my opinion, it's the cheap smelling one among the classics. I have Yves Rocher's classic fragrance, that smells more expensive than this one.

If I wouldn't know how they advertise it, I would never associate this fragrance with elegance, glamour or luxury. The scent is not too bad itself, it's just so over promoted, it's a little bit disappointing. It's a light powdery floral, a bit sweet and a bit spicy. I wear all sorts of perfume and they agree with my skin. I can't even smell them on me after a while. It hangs around like a horrible stench. On a card it's a midweight but mature floral and offers promise. I mean, you know it's a lower grade perfume soon after you spray it.

It doesn't really last. But after applying it to my skin, there's some sort of hang around smell, it warps into this murky amonia smell and I have the desperate urge to get it off. I'm not really sure though if its because of the quality of the fragrance, or it's just me. I wear musks and ambers and it can't just be the notes hitting me wrong. This perfume reflects the true definition of class, which some people wrongly refer to as safe and boring.

This is far from it! It is true luxury in that it is not only comfortable and quietly bubby, it has a strong, sophisticated nature too. The woman who wears this during the day in warmer months is a high achiever and has feminine power. She may have an "after hours" side which is incredibly sensual. She selects another perfume for that side. Therefore, she is multidimensional, classy but can be extremely sexy, she's successful in her career or working towards it, yet is sensitive to others around her.

She doesn't want a scent to speak for her or announce her entry because she has that natural presence. The scent itself has a spicy masculine atmosphere intertwined with fresh florals on different levels feminine. It is for a modern woman who is more confident and self-made rather than the dependant "old money" which Chanel no 5 communicates. She is able to pick up this bottle from any store, even if it's just as an after thought because she was purchasing sunscreen lotion and it was convenient for her.

At the end of the day, she knows she's successful and beautiful regardless of branding and price tags. In fact, she can go out with messy hair, romantically smudged lipstick and with a golden tan and look like she was in monaco for the weekend. She is no fashion victim! I remember my mama wearing this perfume, amongst others, and i specifically remember that i would spritz it all over myself when she would leave for work, i loved it so much.

Of course i changed taste and started wearing other perfumes as i was growing, but now that i'm 25 i thought what the heck, i want to remember mama's scent. Nope nope nope nope The old one was a blast, you could literally smell it after hours on your skin and the sillage was huge, the new one though stays close to the skin and while it lasts quite long, it doesn't last as long as the old one.

From the first spritz it's just sour not that i have a problem with that, it's just what it is , soft, kind of alcoholic, that alcoholic note stays till the end, it's fresh, not getting the creaminess at all, kind of soapy, floral, clean, toooooooooo light.

Towards the end it will get powdery. The old version i remember was clean and fresh but not light, it would hit the nose, others would ask you what are you wearing? Gourmand Perfume lovers stay away of this stuff, high chances you 'll be disappointed. Easy scent, inoffensive, feels like you just showered. I don't think that a female walking on 5th avenue should smell like this at all.

It's all age approrpiate, little girls can wear it, teen girls can wear it, mature and old women as well, it's so light that suits all ages. Clothes compatible to the scent are so plain as the scent: Let's get to the notes: Not a happy fragrance at all, it's rather verging on sadness. Ideal only for spring, not even summer. Too crisp for winter. I love how they could blend all 20 notes together to become this beautiful scent. Very powdery, cheerful, charming, classy and stylish at the same time which is so perfect to describe '5th Avenue' where every women dream to be there one day.

The sillage and longevity are really good. I can imagine myself walking on 5th Avenue and enjoy this scent all day long. More than that, you can find this beautiful fragrance in very low price. What can I ask more from this fragrance? Kayak bau minyak rambut jadul Ada aroma2 salon nya Dan sekali spray aja wanginya nempel di hidung dan ngikutin terus ke manapun pergi..! Such a beautiful fragrance, it is fresh, slightly sweet and makes you feel like a woman!

I went in the store last spring i think it was, i tried it and get it instantly this is how much i like it. My bottle is almost empty now, i also got one for my mom and she ended it like it was water. There's something chic and cozy in this scent and people always wanna know what i am wearing and that is good sigh.

Like it and i will repurchase when it is done. Creamy floral scent with all notes perfectly balanced. Pleasing but not outstanding. Classic, elegant and comforting composition for ladies in all ages. Good for a blind buy. Sillage is soft, longevity around 4 hours on skin. You smell and look gorgeous. This fragrance completes the look. The whole thing looks pretty complex but it's quite simple and easy to wear even if you are a young newcomer to fragrances of Elizabeth Arden.

The perfume starts off with mandarin orange, fresh and light, with peach and lime courtesy of linden blossom. There's not a lot of fruit and I would say that it's more spicy later on than fruity. The citruses and peach are nice while they last but the opening notes are only an introduction. The heart of the fragrance are the flowers: These are powdery florals that are sweet but not too sweet, the kind of sweetness that can only come from flowers, the same sweetness and nectar that bees use to make honey.

The bottle is shaped like a New York City skyscraper and it smells just like you'd imagine a beautifully dressed fashionista in Manhattan would smell. This is a beauty salon scent, totally a fragrance that feels like you've had a beauty treatment. It's not too far away from being a daughter of Red Door. She smells different from Red Door but is in the same league. I'm wearing this baby next time in Manhattan.

I don't think it smells as complex as the notes listed would suggest, but it's still beautiful and uplifting! It smells flowery, green and sheer with some warmt behind it all. I get a vision of a girl in her 20's in a white cotton dress. Shes got long wavy hair, freckles and fair skin, and she is walking barefoot in the sunset through a dew covered meadow full of wild flowers and lilac trees. It smells like a romantic summer night! It's not surprising that it's one of the most beloved and popular of the Elizabeth Arden fragrances.

Each time I go to Macy's for one new batch, it's almost always sold out and I have to place an order and wait. This is a beautiful linden blossom that smells like linden tea at first, like a warm tea being served to you while you sit in a boutique Saks Fifth Avenue, but in the 's when models would go up to you and show off a piece of clothing that you were going to buy. I come from this era and accompanied my mothers and aunts to fittings in boutiques in London.

As I'm a Brit, this perfume is very American to me. It reminds me of carefree young ladies of leisure, who married into money, parvenu, not old money. Their scent is feminine and powdery, floral and a bit like an extension of their other body care products: This is not as mature as some make it out to be. If your skin can't handle it, don't get angry at the perfume.

It's not to blame. Everyone's chemistry is different and reacts differently to the same perfume. On me this is a rich liquid gold. It smells like a million dollars. The flowers are so beautiful: The flowers come to you at different times. Sometiems it's a big lily of the valley, other times a linden blossom or linden tea scent, other times pure carnation. It's more of a white-and-green floral scent.

The flowery smell lingers and turns into a cloud of sweet cented powder. In the dry down I experienced vanilla and musk. It's such a beautiful perfume. I recommend this perfume to any fan of floral fragrances, vintage 80s 90s perfumes and to women who wish to smell like they married the richest man in the world. It smells like shopping on Fifth Avenue all day before heading back to your penthouse. Fell asleep wearing this and woke up with an incredible sadness..

I don't normally feel like this but this perfume is envoking some awful sadness and I cannot wait to return this bottle. I never want to see or smell 5th avenue again. This perfume is evil and I may sound crazy but I am serious. Bought this yesterday and it's going back.. I had this before but I can no longer tolerate the smell.. It is very lasting and very old fashioned it reminds me too much of sunflowers which I hate and I think they have some of the same notes.

Sorry to those who like this but this is nauseating for me. I'm wearing it now I sprayed after my shower and it's still going strong and I think I will change clothes because this scent is making me uncomfortable. I remember what 5th Avenue was 10 years ago, so when I say that I smell reformulation the undeniable fate of every perfume you can think of trust me.

The imprint of the 5th Avenue is the same, in other words you will recognize it for what it is. But isn't it way more lighter and thinner nowadays I was surprised to categorize this as a rather fresh, innocent, powdery floral and a big Lily of the Valley scent more than other notes which make up the composition and which still are fadedly recognizable.

It's still a classy, elegant scent and value for the money. You can go hard with the stopper and shower yourself. I don't think you can offend anybody, despite my opinion 10 years ago could be a bit different. This is my spray it on to get stuff done fragrance. I clean the house in style haha. So floral and comforting at a great price.

The scent is very classy and fresh--and also very feminine. It is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance with just the right amount of innocence. It is warm and strong when you spray it on, but then it dries down to a sexy scent. I don't know a lot about fragrance but I definitely smell some vanilla and musk here, but not overpowering. There's also hints of a powdery, almost baby lotion type smell and amber. Which is great for people like me who either like everything or can't make up their minds too easily.

This is one of the best, classic perfumes in my opinion. It is so gorgeous, so full of beautiful smells, is so gorgeously strong and long lasting; so womanly, so mature and sophisticated. A real class act! It's so amazingly cheap for such a good quality perfume too!

I absolutely adore it! Any time, any where! And because lily-of-the-valley is such a gorgeous, and one of my most favourite smells, flower, I love the strength of it in 5th avenue. This is such a beautiful, elegant fragrance! It's a sparkling, uplifting and classy scent that stays with me most of the day after just a couple of spritzes. I am amazed at how inexpensive it is - because it certainly doesn't smell like it, and on my perfume-eating skin it performs better than fragrances that cost 10 times as much.

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