New OptixCare Eye Lube (25 g)

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Contents sterile until cap removed. Maintains moisture in dry eye My little senior doggie has one eye that is very dry.

New OptixCare Eye Lube (25 g) Secret Key, Starting Treatment Aura Mist, 3.38 oz (pack of 1)

This was recommended for use by 2 ophthalmologists, a vet ophthalmologist and vet school. This is a gel and my dog doesn't seem to mind it. Suzy77, November 11, It was prescribed by my Vet and performs well. My dog will need drops daily for the balance of her life. It was reasonably price with free shipping. Rich, November 7, It's what the doctor recommended but at a better price.

Mama, March 24, I have several ShihTzu's and this breed is known to have eye issues. My vet has them on eye drops for eye irritation and dry eye. Compared to what I get from my vet Optixcare works as good if not better. It is easier to use, less expensive and comes right to my door. I started using this product five years ago when my dog started exhibiting dry.

Veterinary ophthalmologist had recommended it, and it instantly improve the look and feel of the eye, and I can tell that my dog is more comfortable because of it. My little senior doggie has one eye that is very dry.

I have tried different drops and gels and still battled keeping her eye moisturized all day. This works better than any I have tried, including the original formula and I usually place drops in her eye two to three time per day. This is a nice size to have. My chihuahua has no working tear ducts in one eye so we have to try to keep it lubricated which is not easy. He patiently lets us apply the Optixcare so it must feel good to him.

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Top 10 Cats Eye Care [2018]: Beaphar Eye Gel, 5 ml Instill drops in one or both eyes as needed or directed by your Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g). $ Don't miss the new products, coupons and deals! Optixcare Eye Lubricant is a moisturizing gel that helps ease your pet's dry eye discomfort. Available now from Optixcare Eye Lubricant (25 g). (17). Jan 24, - This Listing Is For A Brand New Item With A Guaranteed Fresh Expiration Date. Optixcare Eye Lubricant Hyaluron Is A Moisturizing Ophthalmic.

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