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If they sell anything in front of you while you are there at the kiosk negotiating a return, take notice Thr they gesture to the sign or make any reference to the return policy or lack thereof. They are also reasonable in price as a Preferred Customer, which I now am. A special complex of vitamins and proteins promotes younger, more radiant, healthier looking skin wile Dead Sea minerals and essential oils nourish and rehydrate.

The All NEW Seacret Eye Gel Babor Intense Revitalizing Cream **** (50ml)

First off, why would you say that to a customer? He told me he could "help" my skin and at this point he was getting very nosy. He kept asking what products I use on my face and he told me how I'll "feel better" and that my face will clear up if I use the mask. I cuffed my hair behind my ear and he then snarked at me telling me not to touch my face which I wasnt??? I was already feeling highly insecure about myself at the point, he asks what makeup products I use on my face.

I told him Garnier Bb cream I told him it's oil-free and he replied that I'm making my face break out because I'm wearing a tinted moisturizer, because it's not one of their products. Does he have a certificate on knowing what my skin breaks out to? Yeah, I don't think so He denied that any of the skin products I am using have helped my skin. I told him I don't get paid until tomorrow and he repeated himself yet another 2 times until I finally said I'd be back tomorrow lying so I could leave.

He talked to me for 25 minutes and he was very demanding. He was very rude by making me feel ugly from his remarks. Very rude people that are too nosy. Will never talk to them again. So, went online and found I am not alone in being suckered into this. Usually I could ignore them or get by them somehow, but not this particular day.

Next thing I know, my eyes and everything else need help and I've got stuff all over my face and the guy is charming to say the least. He kept sweetening the deals, changing the price, etc. I'm sick and tired of these people constantly harassing me when I go to the mall. Had the same issue in Florida when I lived there. There is another company at the Jordan Creek Town Center, the Vine Vera people, and they are also very pushy to the point of harassment.

Next time I go to the mall and any of these kiosk people won't leave me alone, I'm reporting it to the mall management. As for the actual products, hand products are nice. Seacret will tell you they will last you longer. But trust me, they do not. Feeling ripped off by way too expensive products! In Budapest this past August and was enticed unto the store.

Products were used on face. Then pressured to purchase them. I finally got them down to 4 products. Went to pay and they said no to euros - only the local currency. Got back to my ship and asked what it was. I went back and spent hour plus there. They would not refund my purchase, so I was stuck with it.

I did manage to get the same products instead. This company is nothing but crooks from what I have seen in reviews. I would advise anyone to just walk on past to avoid being scammed out their money. Normally I'm able to quickly walk past the mall kiosks without making eye contact or a simple "no thanks, not today. I got suckered into talked to one of the girls who was working at the kiosk.

She immediately went to work, putting lotion on my hands, asking me to "really challenge" her with my most problematic nail and using the nail buffer and cuticle oil on it. I'm constantly looking for a way to remove myself from this conversation and hard sales pitch while maintaining my nice persona. I do honestly struggle with my nails, so this is probably the best chance these people had with me getting one of their products.

I go online to look at some information and am just bombarded with all of the complaints about their terrible business practices! Even though it was shocking, I'm glad I did because I quickly put together a game plan. I was going to get that elusive refund. Luckily, I hadn't opened the product at all. I had my receipt, and yes, it did say "No Refunds, Exchanges within 14 days.

I certainly see not informing customers of your irregular no refund policy as something that is quite misleading! There's no right to cancel or to a refund in Iowa, as this is not a door-to-door sale. I went the very next day back to the kiosk. I still had the nail kit in the bag and the receipt.

I do admit that I exaggerated a bit about an allergic reaction, but considering the amount of exaggerating the sales people do in order to sell the products, I'm not losing sleep over it. I insisted that the samples that were given to me the day earlier had made me break out and that I'd like a full refund.

I told the man helping me that I had not opened the product and would appreciate a refund of my money. The salesman insisted that "oh, no, it couldn't be these products! I insisted that no, after having an allergic reaction to the lotion and most likely the cuticle oil as they came from the same manufacturer and likely the same ingredients I did not want to risk using the products.

I explained that I had very sensitive skin and sometimes have terrible allergies to certain ingredients. The salesman kept going back and forth with me, giving me different offers, but I kept insisting I did not want to keep any of the products, as I had not used them and did not want to risk another uncomfortable allergic reaction.

This went on for quite a while. I'm not a confrontational person. I dislike face-to-face conflict more than anything. I say this so that people who feel as though they do not want to be rude can be successful! I was just persistent and had a goal in mind of getting that refund. Eventually the salesman tells me that he cannot authorize a refund because he either cannot do it on the computer or needed authorization. He calls a boss supposedly and speaks in Hebrew I do not speak Hebrew.

He tells me his boss has authorized a deal. I tell him I do not understand why he cannot refund my money, the nail kit is untouched and unopened. He tells me that because it is a cosmetics, they cannot legally take returns. He then also points to the "no refunds" sign and the copy of the provision on the bottom of the receipt. I say that I was never informed of this policy before my purchase and the first time I was alerted to it was when I say it on the receipt after my purchase.

I said I felt very it was very misleading and not what I would have expected from such a transaction. It's never been a problem. So this is a straight up lie. Even Target will likely give you money back for an opened cosmetic product if you asked for one!

The salesman then tells me to call his boss and explain my story to him. I acted quite dumb and asked "well weren't you just on the phone with him? I told him I didn't understand since his boss wasn't there why he the salesman couldn't just refund my cash I paid. Eventually through a lot of me standing firm and insisting that no, I just want a full refund.

I tell him how misled I feel and that I'm very sorry that the product made me have an allergic reaction, but there you have it. He asks if there's anyone I love in my life are you kidding me?? And then the salesman tries to get me to give the kit to them instead of returning it! I laugh off the suggestion and tell him it's too early for Christmas shopping and that I'd really like to return this today and worry about Christmas shopping in December. The salesman at some point is like fine, just because I want to do right by you because I feel so badly and I want to help you, so I'll give you a refund.

He then asks me for a credit card. I'm confused by this, as I paid in cash! He says he can't do cash refunds because he doesn't have the authorization. If anything, a credit card refund would need more authorization than a cash refund?? So I lie and say no. He continues to insist that he can only do it on the credit card.

I eventually give in, even though I'm wary of these people having my credit card information. But at least that I can control with my credit card company if there is a problem. So he starts poking around on his register and after ten minutes of THAT he eventually tells me that he needs authorization???

The salesman then suggests that I come back when his boss is here, apparently tomorrow morning. I tell him no good, I'm at work. Will his boss text back quickly today? The salesman says maybe. I tell him I'll be back in 30 minutes after I hop into another store. The salesman looks relieved and I check the time.

I make sure to grab both my nail kit AND my receipt before I leave the kiosk area. Then, I head up to mall management. I didn't think there was anything they could do for me, but I was certainly going to see if they had any suggestions. They were very kind and knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained the situation to them. I explained that I had gotten them to agree to a full refund, but that the salesman was waiting for "authorization.

I then started to grow worried that 30 minutes away from the kiosk would give the salesman a chance to take the money out of the drawer or something and then show me his money drawer was empty as to reason why I couldn't be given a refund. So I went back early. Both of the salespeople at the kiosk were busy helping other customers. I was tempted to warn them, but unfortunately my selfish desire to stay on decent terms with the salesman and get my own money back won out. I waited around the kiosk for 5 minutes or so until the salesman was free to help me.

This time he simply was like "I can get you your cash refund. I didn't have to mess around with a refund on my credit card! I remained cool and thanked him for his understanding and told him I really appreciated him working with me. I've got to work on being more assertive, but for now, I used what I do have - the ability to make people want to help me. I'm fairly certain that I couldn't intimidate a fly. It's easiest if the box is unopened. It's a strong fact to refer back to when you are negotiating.

The fact that it is not opened and it is not used. They can put it right back on their shelf and sell it to someone else. Make sure you have your receipt. Save yourself that fight. Take note of where the signs are posted. If they sell anything in front of you while you are there at the kiosk negotiating a return, take notice if they gesture to the sign or make any reference to the return policy or lack thereof.

It's a good thing to know and it'll make you feel better in knowing that you were likely never told about the policy either. In fact, the sales I saw happen in front of me, the customer was by the products and never behind the register area where the signs were located!!

That's not even to mention the fact that they were small, out of the way, and nearly hidden by a shelf. At some point, the salesperson will likely call their boss for authorization or to "see what they can do for your situation.

When this happened to me, I said "well weren't you just on the phone with him? I can't do mean or rude, but I can do dumb and annoying. Not sure what that says about me. I think the real reason for my success was that I was taking up SO MUCH of the salesman's time that it was just easier for him to give me my return so he could stop talking to me and sell to 6 other people.

Keep in mind, they make their money by making many expensive sales. I wasn't loud or rude, but I was a tad annoying! I wasn't going anywhere! I kept insisting that I didn't understand why they wouldn't take unopened product back when I had an adverse reaction to it!

I sounded like a broken record, but eventually I honestly think they got tired of me and sent me on my way with my money. This store was in Amsterdam - The Netherlands. I was walking with my mother in the city and the store was handing out samples of their soaps.

So the man approached me and gave me the soap. Then he said that he would give me a napkin for the soap. I took the soap of him and he noticed my nails and said 'I want to show you something' and made small talk with me while buffing my nails. A rich facial serum infused with pure 24K gold.

Infused With Pure 24K Gold. Warm up to a new way to pamper your skin with this deep cleansing mask. Pick up in Essendon available. Directions Apply a thin layer on clean, damp skin. Gently massage using circular motions, wait minutes until dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. Using the power of Biomagnetism, as you run the magnet over your face, the iron powder in the mask is magnetized, creating microelectric currents that gently relax your skin.

Spread masque on clean, slightly damp skin. Leave on for minutes or until powdery. Patented silica microstructures bind together to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We take no responsibility for the content of ratings and reviews submitted by users.

On Sale Free Shipping. Showing results for "seacret eye gel". Sort By Relevance Price Rating. Seacret Eye Gel is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin E that will nurture your skin and promote its healthy look. It is effective and suitable for all skin types. Morning noon and night this light gel will give your beautiful eyes new life.

Loaded with minerals and nutrients this gel hydrates your skin and helps you attain a smooth fresh look. Seacret Revive Eye Serum Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. Handling time on our orders is usually between business days. Once the package has been shipped out, it should reach your doorstep within 3 - 5 business days!

Need your item fast? We offer faster shipping methods for your convenience available upon checkout! Please make sure your shipping address is correct and accurate before completing your checkout. We are not responsible for incorrect or undeliverable addresses and can ONLY ship to the address you Seacret Mineral Rich Peeling Helps remove dead cells and leaves skin soft and smooth.

Effective and suitable for all skin types. Applying this gel begins with a luxurious cooling sensation as you spread the silky formula over your face. As you continue to rub it in it collects debris and dead skin until it slowly begins to peel away leaving behind clean incredibly soft skin. Seacret Regain Age Defying This rich cream penetrates into the sensitive skin around your eyes and helps to reduce the appearance of puffy dark circles by cooling skin and promoting a natural glow.

The All Original Seacret Mud Seacret 4-way Buffing Block Consultants as Give-aways Stocking Stuffers! Seacret Renew Mineral Rich Renew your skin's youth and beauty. Specially formulated for all skin types, Chamomile extract and Aloe Vera calm and nourish as Apricot seeds gently exfoliate, Ginseng extract helps to reduce the appearance of aging while Olive, Sesame and Evening Primrose oils keep skin moisturized.

Seacret Refresh Vitamin Rich

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SEACRET Gel para los Ojos (Eye Gel) The All NEW Seacret Eye Gel free shipping chic CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick, Coquette - oz ( g) - Pack of 2 50%OFF The All NEW Seacret Eye. The All NEW Seacret Eye Gel free shipping chic CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick, Coquette - oz ( g) - Pack of 2 50%OFF The All NEW Seacret Eye. Nurture the sensitive skin around your eyes; SEACRET Eye Gel is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and Vitamin E that will nurture your skin and promote its.

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