Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, Clear Skin Acne 25 ea (Pack of 4)

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Then I found the Tomatoes Towelettes and they work!

Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, Clear Skin Acne 25 ea (Pack of 4) Satin Edge Lancet Extractor (SE-2022)

All the skin problems I've been getting recently are from breakouts on my chest, shoulders, and back as I'm getting older. I use these wipes everywhere but my face because it dries out my skin - BUT not in an irritating way, and it feels like a waste using face wash on my body if I'm going to be rinsing it off with body wash later anyway. I just put on the Carrot lotion stuff afterwards and the dryness goes away. So far my back's been blemish free and my chest still needs some work hello Spot Stick.

Don't have a shirt on though in case the acids in it stain your clothes like the Proactive stuff, but I haven't had any issues there yet. I have a great clean feel on my face and it's so soft. I still get a few pimples but it's not as bad as I use to get. I love that it nevers irritates my face.

I've used other products and they burn and irritate my face, but when I tried this product it was soft n Clean with no burning. Easy to use and effective. A pipe burst at the end of our street and we had no water for a night Thanks for the guilt-free and effective products, YTC! Recommend this to anyone with acne! During summer I bought this product to help reduce my acne and it did exactly that!!! I've tried several OTC products for acne including Proactiv and this was the one thing that actually made my acne disappear and rather quickly too.

I recommended this product to a friend that had the same issues including dark acne scars and she saw the same results, her acne was gone. I use this almost everyday especially during the summer when my skin is more oily. I also recommend using it with the exfoliator and the Yes to Grapefruit Moisturizer I feel like combination of products really cleared up my skin. I am a big fan of these and the cucumber wipes.. They take off your makeup and wash your face and in one fell swoop you are good to go!

These really did seem to clear up my acne. I don't use them everyday, but when I use them for a few days in a row, I definitely notice a difference! It's hard to find an all natural face cleanser that is good for oily acne prone skin. I use these to take my makeup off at night and when I am traveling.

I love how wet they are and my face feels clean. I can't say I see a big difference in my blemishes however. This product is great if you don't have sensitive skin. I loved this product at first, it really cleared up my acne, but after about a week or so of using one wipe daily, I noticed I broke out in a rash all over my face. Now this isn't a faulty product, I just don't recommend this if you have sensitive skin. Sometimes after a really long day of work and school, the last thing I want to do is wash my face when I went to go to bed.

I use these wipes and my skin feels great afterwards. I don't know if it's quite as effective as washing your face, but it gets rid of the makeup and I'm ok with that. It says that it cleans and gets rid of your makeup, but at the point I'm at sometimes, I just want the make up off before I go to bed.

I barely got halfway through the first package before I bought a second one. They're great to have in those moments. Can't live without these! I absolutely LOVE this product. I've been dealing with hormonal acne for 2 years and these towelettes have made a huge difference in helping clear that up. When I ran out of them a few weeks ago I broke out, as soon as I started using them again I was blemish-free. I throw them in my purse to use after hot yoga!

I also use one every night after I wash my face… I'm always amazed by the amount of makeup my face wash leaves behind. The extra deep clean I get from these have made all the difference. Another plus, they never dry out my face! Thank you for making a wonderful product! No skimpy dry clothes here. I use this in combination with the other acne products, so I can't say these alone help everything, but they're very refreshing, non-greasy, and leave a thin film of salicylic acid, which is exactly what it should be doing.

Best Acne Product Ever. All throughout high school and part of college I was using Oxy. I liked Oxy and it helped with my acne, but my face has never been so acne free since I started using Yes To Tomatoes. This product is truly amazing. I get compliments on my face all the time from my mom. I also love that the product is almost all natural. I liked the towelettes so much that I bought a face wash, and that cleared up my acne even more!

I'm 38 years old and I've never had a problem with acne or pimples I don't know what it is, but they're all over my chin! I've tried everything I could find - really, everything. But nothing has worked. Some things made them worse. Then I found the Tomatoes Towelettes and they work!

Finally something that works. I wash my face usually two times per day and since I purchased these a couple weeks ago, my skin is now clear. I will continue to use these, along with all the other towelettes, and I'll recommend this all over town. I have super sensitive skin and it wasn't irritated at all by this product! I love how safe the ingredients are and it seems to work! Love this product, I use it every night to remove my make up! Since I have been using it my face has cleared up a lot!

I've used most of their wipes and this one seemed rather useless. I didn't feel clean at all. Seems to work but leaves a residue. I am a 32 year old female with only occasional acne. I also have very sensitive skin. I was worried that the YTT would irritate my skin, but found that it does not.

It does, however, leave a slightly sticky residue on my face. I often rinse the towelette with water and use it to wipe off the stickiness. I use the YTC wipes when I want to avoid the stickiness. This product works wonders even on my sensitive skin. I have a tendency to get really oily during the day. I just pull out a wipe to freshin up and off I go.

I only wish they came in a larger quantity! I can easily take them with me and they are easy to use. I like being able to use a facial wipe when I cannot shower or wash my face. I especially like that it is geared toward acne prone skin which I have in addition to very sensitive skin. Overall I like it. The scent isn't the most appealing and it takes a little while to dry completely after application.

Good Wipe, serves its purpose. Overall this is a very good product, the towelettes are very soft and nonabrasive, a little bit dryer than I am used to but despite that the product cleans my face well. Other wipes I have tried never really cleaned my face completely, I have very oily skin and it just seemed like a bit of a refresher to use wipes but not as something that would actually cleanse my face of oils, but these really clean my face.

They remove oil and dirt without stripping and I don't feel like I need to use a moisturizer afterwards either, not that these are moisturizing by any means but more balancing. Does this replace washing your face, no. Do they remove makeup, they are okay at that but I wouldn't use on my eyes because of the salicylic acid.

Do they clear acne, no but definitely is not making my acne irritated or worse off. The wipes serve the purpose I need them for well and that is to cleanse my face when I do not have access to or time to properly wash it and it does this beautifully. Lastly I've noticed some people complaining about the scent, there is a scent but it just smells very natural and light, it does not linger on my face and I barely notice it when I use the wipes, it is not my favorite scent but is by no means anything unpleasant.

I give this four stars only because they claim to clear your skin which for me they did not but if you think a wipe is the only thing you need to clear your skin then you are crazy or have really easy skin and I am jealous. This product is very conventient. These wipes do have a different smell to them, but not very strong.

I use these every morning after working out to remove sweat and dirt. I have noticed an improvement in my acne since using a product with Salicylic Acid. These wipes make my face feel amazing, there is no words to describe it. They smell amazing, make my face glow while taking care of acne. They're great for a quick "face wash" before sleep since I'm usually too tired to actually wash my face. They stay very moist in the package and every night I get excited to use one!

Best facial wipe ever. Makes my face feel clean and not greasy like a lot of wipes. It's great for freshening up my face during the day. Best Towelettes I've ever tried! I could tell a difference within a few days, which is so rare with skin care products. You'll notice right away that the texture is different than most towelettes.

They weren't greasy or harsh on my skin. I definitely recommend them! I pick this product up just for a simple cleanse after the gym but I was so pleasantly surprised! I had minor break outs because of the wicked humidity but only after two days of morning use, I am clear of any breakout and I had no reaction like I have with most other products!

It's actually very effective! I use these morning, and they do their job very well! I am able to notice a significant difference in my skin after constant use of the wipes. In addition to the wipes, I use the Clearing Facial Mask nightly.

The wipes are not oily or greasy, and they're able to remove stubborn make-up as well. This product is great! This has really done well on my daughter's blemishes! A definite must buy!!! I would recommend them to anyone. They have really helped my skin.

I use this every day and I will continue to!!!! Effective and handy, these towelettes work great to remove make up and oil. I only wish the cloth was textured for additional exfoliation. My youngest started using these products and suggested them to me. I love the way my skin has cleared up. The scent was a bit off-putting at first, but now I don't notice it. The combination I use makes travel easier too. Thank you so much! I love this sooo much!!!!!

They made my skin super soft and finally cleared up my acne! Defenitly buy this product; it is worth every cent of your money! I have been using these towlettes and the yes to tomatoes clear skin clearing lotion. I love and reccommend them both! First I clean my face with a towlette, then I use the clearing lotion as a moisturizer. Works great for me! Noticed a difference right away! When I first used it though my skin felt a bit irritated; however, after a few uses it wasn't irritating anymore.

I am now obsessed with yes to tomatoes! Definitely worth your money. Can't wait to try other products of the yes to tomatoes! I love this line of acne care. These towelettes smell refreshing and feel good on my skin. I recently started using this product and I am definitely a new fan of Yes To products since they are natural. However, I feel that there isn't enough product that gets onto your skin per use, so I just ordered the Yes To Tomatoes 3-Step Acne Regimen Bundle that is only available online.

I will then only use these towelettes on camping trips and when I am too terribly exhausted to wash my face before bed, since they are also great at removing face makeup. I use them every day! These are great to pack on trips, and also store nicely at home. I recommend these to everyone. Starts Working Right Away. I have struggled with blackheads and minor acne breakouts since I was about 12 years old. I've tried many, many products, but none have worked like these towelettes have.

After about one week of using these wipes daily, I noticed my blackheads were disappearing and my skin had a clean, healthy glow. They smell fresh and aren't greasy. I highly recommend this product. For years I have been using pro active and over the past six months my skin has changed drastically.

I am also a natural red head and have alot of redness in my sensitive skin. I have issues with acne and I have tried so many over the counter products. I began working at a beauty product store a month ago and I purchased these wipes as a last resort. It should have been my first. I saw a difference in the first week!!!

I have recommended them to six other people because I wanted to see how it helped them as well. She kept thanking me and it just told her its the product not me. She said but you suggested it. I work where we sell alot of dermologica and petter thomas roth and honestly I love these products more than any of those brands!!!!! It smells weird but you get use to it. No muss and easy to go. I have pre- teen daughters that just don't use the washcloth to clean their face. With these wipes everynight they just grab and wipe.

Blackheads have disappeared and healthy shine is what I see now. The towelettes have really helped clear up my face and keep the oil down. I have very oily skin. Also, they do a really good job of removing makeup. Just a side note. I love how it take my make-up off and cleans the pores. I use these at night with the scrub, the repairing lotion and the blemish roller it all works well. So wish I had found this sooner,. Such a great feeling. I use several of the Yes to products and this one has become one I cant live without!

I have moderate acne. The smell is amazing and it made my skin feel super clean and smooth directly after using it! It helps acne in the first week of use, though I also use two other yes to tomatoes products. I have been using this product for a week and it always leaves my face with a strange residue. I have tried using a toner after and before using them and that didnt help. I tried patting it on the skin instead of rubbing and that to did not work.

This product did not work for me at all. It gave me even more blemishes I bought them and the Balancing moisturizer, and they work wonderfully together. The first time I used it, my skin looked noticeably clearer the next morning! I highly recommend this product! This product is the best! I've had acne for almost 10 years and this is the first and only product that has not only kept it under control, but completely gotten rid of it! I went through one pack in about two weeks, using them twice a day, and it's amazing how much my face cleared up!

I highly recommend this for anyone who has tried the "more popular" commercialized acne treatments and found they haven't worked! I decided to use the whole pack before writing a review. I would use them after washing my face at night to get any residual makeup and after working out, which made my face feel so clean and tingly!

The towelettes are nice and sturdy, which surprised me. My face felt amazing after using them, and my skin cleared up very nicely. Surprisingly did not make my skin irritated or dry. I am currently trying out some of their other products, so far very happy with this product line. Great for in my backpack. I carry these in my backpack so that between classes when I need to freshen up, I can. These are very effective and keep the oil under control all day.

Cleared up my back! I have thick facial skin. This was the first Yes To Tomatoes product I used. I always wore makeup and this didn't really clear my face skin, only took off makeup. I stopped wearing makeup and this didn't really clear my skin, so I used it on my chest and back, and this cleared my chest and back right up! Within the first week my back except for a few blackheads and my scarring was all cleared up, and my chest was nearly clear.

I use this all the time for my back and chest now! I would break out every so often, but too many acne control face clothes or washes were too harsh and would break me out even more! With the towelettes, it is super easy, quick, and they don't over-dry, and I don't have any more acne!

Great for a quick clean-up. The wipes hold true to their claim, and help reduce my blemishes greatly. They work great as a before bed make-up remover and facial cleansing wipe for those of us who have occasional mild to moderate acne.

I take these with me everywhere I go! It's perfect for the middle of the day! It keeps my face blemish-free! My acne is finally disappearing! Sometimes I can even go out for the day with sunscreen only! I don't think that's ever happened. Thank you, Yes To! These wipes are amazing when you are in a hurry and want to freshen up your face. They smell great and I know they will help with my acne as well! Great for the track bag. These are easy to throw in my bag, and great for cleaning my face after a run or meet.

Helps tone skin by removing impurities. Yes To tomatoes naturally derived formulations blend powerful fruit extracts with other ingredients to help keep combination and acne-prone skin balanced and clear. Learn more about this collection at yestocarrots. You probably already know this, but Contains natural ingredients, so product discoloration may occur.

With love from California. Yes to Seed Fund. Yes To is a trademark of Yes To, Inc. Clears up acne pimples. Reduces severity of blemishes. Penetrates pores to control breakouts. Cleanses skin without the need to rinse, plus: Made with compostable, natural cloth; FSC fabric. Formulated without parabens, SLS and silicones. For the treatment of acne. I like that I can leave this in my car and wipe my face with it whenever I feel too oily but I don't like the sticky-ish feeling left afterwards.

Shellyy, August 3, Written by a customer while visiting yestocarrots. Yamz15, July 31, I bought these wipes after having major unusual breakouts. I previously bought the yes to cucumber wipes because they were the only wipes in the yes to line that say they remove makeup.

The only reason I buy face wipes is to remove my makeup prior to washing my face so I have a better clean when washing. The cucumber wipes were effective at removing the makeup but felt a little harsh and irritate. So I thought I would switch it up and try these wipes to help my breakouts. I still use it mainly to remove my makeup and they do a decent job even though that's not its intended purpose.

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Yes To Tomatoes Face Wipes for Acne Review & Demonstration Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, Clear Skin Acne 25 ea (5pk) | Health & Beauty, Skin Care, Acne See the seller's listing for full details. Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes Clear Skin Acne 25 ea Pack . Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin, Acne, Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes, 25 Wipes, Tomatoes, Clear Skin, Acne, Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes, 4 Packs of 25 w. Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, Clear Skin Acne 25 ea (Pack of 2). Yes to Tomatoes This product offering is for 2 Retail Package.

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