Pimple Repair Patches 30 PCS Invisible Acne Patch Concealing Pimple Stickers

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I don't mind the thickness of Nexcare's day patches but I do have a set of Miacare day patches just ready for emergencies like when I have a presentation and I have to hide a pimple.

Pimple Repair Patches 30 PCS Invisible Acne Patch Concealing Pimple Stickers Holika Holika Smooth Egg Skin Green Tea Egg Soap

You can also get them at different pharmacies, such as Priceline. If you are looking for round unmedicated patches, there are many options to consider. You can find these non medicated patches, which you can cut to a suitable size on both Amazon and EBay. To use the Acne Free 1 Hour Pimple Patch, first you peel out a plastic strip with a little bulls on it.

You put benzoyl peroxide on the bulls eye, and then place the bulls eye on your pimple. The activating ingredients in the patch are supposed to help the benzoyl peroxide penetrate your skin and start healing the pimple right away. There is just one problem with this system. Even if the triethanolamine, ethylparaben, methylparaben, and phenoxyethanol in the activating gel do help benzoyl peroxide get into your skin fast, the benzoyl peroxide does not make the pimple less noticeable right away.

It just kills bacteria. Clearing up redness and swelling can take another 1 to 2 weeks. If you need to cover up a zit, it is better to use concealer than it is to use this product. These convenient acne patches deliver a combination of azelaic acid and salicylic acid that really can reduce redness and break up the sticky skin that holds blackheads in place.

They may be a good treatment small patches of whiteheads and blackheads on the rosacea-prone skin. The only problem with the product is that the adhesive around the edges of the patch can cause new acne blemishes! Not really marketed as an acne product, Claudia Stevens Hydro-Gel Over Night Patches are actually one of the few patch products that can really clear up pimples.

Unlike the products that are marketed specifically for acne treatment, all of which contain benzoyl peroxide, this skin patch is made with tea tree oil. Benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria but does not reduce redness or inflammation.

Tea tree oil both kills acne bacteria and reduces redness and inflammation. It also dries out your skin. You can wind up having flaky makeup over acne that looks, well, strange, not really a pimple, but not smooth skin, either. If you have oily skin this product may work for you, but if you have dry skin , it is better just to use concealer during the day and regular benzoyl peroxide at night. It might actually reduce the pinkness and shrink the contour of these scars in about three months, but the places you would use the patch at night are also places on which place pressure as you sleep, the back of your neck, the top of your head, and the side of your face, for example.

Also, the adhesive on the patch can cause clogged pores and minor blemishes that can call attention tot the scars you are trying to treat. It may be worth a try if you have acne scars in a convenient location, but Dr. Microdermabrasion will give you better results. Here is a product that contains the right ingredient for blackheads. Unless you have extremely sensitive skin, this is the best product for treating non-inflammatory skin blemishes.

Be sure to rinse off your skin the next morning. It does not cover up pimples. It just keeps benzoyl peroxide on the skin for longer action, and less bleaching of bed clothes, bed linens, and hair. These patches can be bought at Wishtrend. They are non medicated patches, which help to suck out pus and decrease the size of pimples and swelling. These are available on Amazon.

They are the original unmedicated patches. These are high end UK medicated patches that can be bought at Net-a-Porter. They contain vitamin A, salicylic acid and different botanicals and hydrators. The prices are as follows. Day Patches 30 patches - RM Night Patches 36 patches - RM Day Patches 12 patches - RM Night Patches 12 patches - RM As you can see, Nexcare offers more patches for almost the same price, but Miacare offers a set with both day and night patches.

Nexcare Day patches on the left, Night patches on the right. Since Miacare's patches are made of the paper-like material and are thinner, it looks matte and more invisible than the Nexcare ones which is quite obvious even from afar and looks a bit shiny. What I love about these patches are that aside from absorbing the pus, it also blocks your pimple from the rest of the world, shielding it from getting more infected.

Sometimes the urge is just there and you can't stop yourself hahaha. In terms of effects, I think both brands' patches fared the same. One downside to the Nexcare patches are that its because of its jelly-like texture, it doesn't stick as well onto the skin as Miacare's does. This isn't a problem during the day, but is a problem at night because I've woken up times with the patches all over my pillow.

The Miacare ones are more adhesive and I've never had any problems with them coming off. Effects after using the Nexcare patches As you can see, after absorption the patches did leave a slight mark on my skin, but nothing too bad. The marks isn't as bad as if I were to pop my pimple. I find that marks like these are more to the "light" type and can be faded easily with a scar fading gel I suggest Oxy's Anti Pimple Mark Gel, click here to read my review!

I've used these patches for quite a while and I think I'll keep on repurchasing 3M Nexcare's day and night patches. I think that they're more worth it because of the quality-price ratio. I don't mind the thickness of Nexcare's day patches but I do have a set of Miacare day patches just ready for emergencies like when I have a presentation and I have to hide a pimple.

I choose 3M Nexcare's Acne Patches! Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, do click here to read more product reviews. Again, thanks for reading! Qistina August 18, at 4: Hello My name is Eros! Oily to combination skin Skin shade: Yellow Undertone Skin concerns:

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