Hard Candy TAKE IT OFF Makeup Remover Wipes, 25 Count + Schick Slim Twin ST for Sensitive Skin

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The gentle, ultra-soft cloths leave skin thoroughly clean with no

Hard Candy TAKE IT OFF Makeup Remover Wipes, 25 Count + Schick Slim Twin ST for Sensitive Skin Avon Skin so Soft Bug Guard Plus Expedition SPF 30 Pump Spray, 4 Ounce ( Pack of 2 )

More reviews by glamorgurlbeauty. I got a travel size of this in a set and it sucks so bad i ended up just using them to take makeup swatches on the back of my hand Though this didnt break me out or irritate my skin it felt like a cheap cloth and water was all i was doing More reviews by lunapath. This makeup remover really only has one job, and it doesn't do it while smelling of plastic and dill pickles.

I give it a decent review on price, though, because I didn't throw that much money away. I suppose I should clarify -- From the other reviews I must be doing something wrong, but I really have to struggle with cotton rounds and Q-Tips while using this to get eyeliner and mascara off. More reviews by Missunlucky. I have been using this makeup remover for more then a year and I have to say it is my favorite!

It takes off my waterproof makeup in just a couple of swipes. You also don't need too much! More reviews by smolderingviolet. This is my favorite. I've been using it for over a year and I am still in love. It will take of anything. It takes off my eye shadow, glitter, lash adhesive, waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

Its also great at taking off all of my "face" makeup as well. It does take a little bit of effort to get some of the eye makeup off, but it all comes off in the end. It does leave a bit of a residue on my face but nothing that doesn't rinse off with water.

I love its thick texture, it makes it really easy to spread and to remove. Like I said I've been using it for over a year. A tube lasts me about months, which is pretty typical for any makeup remover of a similar style. This is a definite must in my makeup arsenal.

More reviews by SparkleBunny Hard Candy Take it Off is supposedly the "ultimate makeup remover that easily wipes away stubborn waterproof and 24 hour makeup without leaving any greasy residue. Take it Off removes glitter and waterproof eye makeup and bold colors. So go ahead and makeup.. I have yet to find a makeup remover that really works for me, plus Hard Candy was the last brand I ever thought to try a makeup remover from. Hard Candy, a former high end brand, is now sold exclusively at Walmart.

Hard Candy does not test on animals. This eye makeup remover was made in the USA. Packaging for this mini makeup remover is just the same as the full size. This skincare goody comes in a white squeeze tube with a flat, black, flip top cap, so it stands upright.

The front of the tube features the Hard Candy logo and tattoo-y design, along with the name of the product, written in black letters against a pink splatter design. The back of the tube has a description of the product in English and French, along with some company info.

The packaging isn't as cute as most Hard Candy products, but it's in a squeeze tube, therefore it is awesome and functional. Take It Off is a lotion style makeup remover. This stuff is obviously creamy and lotion like in texture, thin in consistency, and white in color. Take it Off is fragrance free. I smother a small amount of this product over my moistened eye area and gently run it in to help dissolve the makeup.

This product rinses cleanly. Unfortunately this makeup remover isn't very effective. Hard Candy's Take it Off is very gentle and little bit moisturizing this stuff contains aloe and coconut oil , which is great, but it doesn't benefit my skin enough for me to want to continue using this makeup remover.

My eyeshadow gets removed, and a portion of my eyeliner and mascara, leaving behind enough that I still need to use a neato little tool like Almay's Makeup Eraser Sticks to help me get my eye area makeup-free. You are so gentle and easy to use and cheap and convenient. Why can't you just work? I feel like that's always the problem with lotion makeup removers, they're great in theory, but only kinda work.

So the quest continues for a makeup remover that really works for me. I don't recommend Hard Candy's Take it Off Makeup Remover unless you only wear a little bit of makeup on a daily basis. This isn't an awful makeup remover, it just doesn't meet my personal needs. It migh be a good choice for you if you have sensitive skin, but stick to the matching wipes otherwise. Still, I won't be repurchasing this eye makeup remover, but I will finish it off. More reviews by bluebelleyes. I use a blend of maybelline superstay 24hr and Colorstay 16hr as my foundation.

I tried the cream version of Take it Off twice. If I massage it in, and then wipe yuck, I hate that word I had to repeat two more times to remove it all, which isn't really a big deal, it just makes me nervous that it's still missing some foundation hidden in my pores that will make me breakout. Experts state the importance of maintaining a clean, makeup-free Makeup, along with dead skin cells, dirt and pollution can cause our pores to become clogged and lead to breakouts and skin dullness.

We understand the impact that products and the environment have on our skin, yet when at the gym, travelling, out and about on hot days, and even long days or late nights, can make cleansing with a face wash an undesirable task. Luminous Clean Moisture Clean Towelettes are soft, textured cleansing wipes that gently remove makeup and impurities to instantly revive dull skin.

Keep a pack at home and one in your purse for on-the-go convenience! Soft white Kaolin clay - a mineral known to act like a magnet to gently draw out deep-dwelling impurities. This product instantly revives dull skin with moisturizing ingredients and soft white kaolin clay, a natural mineral known to act like a magnet to draw out deep dwelling impurities and make-up.

Soft cloths work gently without drying skin. Safe for contact lens wearers. Warnings If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Pond's Morning Refresh Towelettes kick-start the day with invigoration beads that gently polish away dullness, leaving skin clean, fresh, and glowing. The soft, textured clothes are infused with a sparkling citrus and cucumber scent that will exhilarate the senses. Dermatologist testedOphthalmologist testedLeaves skin perfectly clean and make-up freeSoft, textured cloth works gently, without drying skinIdeal for all skin typesMade in USADirectionsUse towelette every morning to cleanse and refresh skin around the eyes, face, and neck.

Tightly reseal the pack after each use. For a soft and smooth finish, use with Pond's Dry Skin Cream. Switch up your routine for healthier skin and hair. Our guide to sudsing up will turn you into a big softie. There's more to protecting your skin in cold weather than wrapping it in layers of wool and knits. Here's how to have smooth, soft skin no matter how many blizzard warnings you get. Unique blend of vanilla and chamomile scent calms and entices the senses to help you relax and prepare for a good night's sleepLea Replenishes and hydrates skin for a gentle, complete cleanFormulated with naturally derived hypoallergenic rice milkLeaves skin cl Micellar Wipes cleanse your face easily, remove impurities, and tough makeup with just one wipe.

Our Micellar cleansing water powered by micelles, our clever cleansing bubbles, is trapped between the soft fabric layers of our Micellar Make-up Remover Wipes that gently remove the makeup while instantly hydrate your skin. These wipes are gentler than soap-based cleansers so skin is not left feeing dry or tight. These innovative Makeup Remover Wipes have no artificial perfumes or dyes and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin.

They are made with skin-loving ingredients perfect for all skin types, including Vitamins B and E and triple purified water, our purest possible water that instantly puts hydration back to the skin. The brand knows that what is left out is as important as what is put in when it comes to gentle, yet effective skincare. The complete range has 18 products, including cleansers, moisturizers, eye care, and wipes. All products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants that can upset skin and contain skin-loving ingredients and added vitamins for natural, healthy-looking skin.

Good quality, to bring you more intimate service. Pre-moistened wipes gently lift away dirt and makeupLeave skin feeling clean, soft and smooth all in one easy stepWon't clog pores For face, eyes and neckEasily disposable read more. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. No need to rinse. Dispose of cloth in trash receptacle. They leave skin smooth and fresh during and These face makeup wipes come in an easy-to-store pouch with a resealable sticker atop to keep the sheets moist and fresh.

The container comes with 25 sheets that are dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested. These wipes are unscented and are formulated with aloe vera, chamomile and green tea. Cleanse the impurities off your face while removing that stubborn makeup without causing irritation or rashes. Cetaphil makeup remover wipes work well with sensitive skin and do not require any additional rinsing after using.

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My Skincare Routine - Dry Sensitive Skin + How I Remove My Makeup We have such great deals on hard candy take it off makeup remover wipes, 25 count (pack of 6) + schick slim twin st for dry skin, they are flying on the shelves! Get this amazing deal on lierac cleansing oil makeup remover for face & eyes, 5 oz (pack of 2) + schick slim twin st for sensitive skin from Lierac? Hard Candy Just Face It Foundation, Porcelain (Pack of 2) + Schick. $ $ . Olay Makeup Remover Wet Cloths - 7 ct (6 Pack) + Schick Slim Twin. $ $ sparkle cream eyeshadow & glitter eyeliner, flashy + hard candy take it off makeup remover wipes, 25 count + schick slim twin st for sensitive skin for $ from Hard Candy. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Wipes (25 Count).

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