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Hannity ANTHONY that the verdict was legally correct, and that all of the evidence that was presented by the prosecution was either impeached or contradicted by the defense. Archived from the original on July 28, Archived from the original on July 11,

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However, he told the defense he did not know that George had a second cell phone. This case is about the clash between that responsibility, and the expectations that go with it, and the life that Casey Anthony wanted to have. He emphasized how Casey "maintains her lies until they absolutely cannot be maintained any more" and then replaces [them] with another lie, using "Zanny the Nanny" as an example.

Anthony repeatedly told police that Caylee was with the nanny that she specifically identified as Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. Police, however, were never able to find the nanny. Authorities did find a woman named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, but she denied ever meeting the Anthonys. Ashton reintroduced the items found with Caylee's remains, including a Winnie the Pooh blanket that matched the bedding at her grandparents' home, one of a set of laundry bags with the twin bag found at the Anthony home, and duct tape he said was a relatively rare brand.

He further criticized the defense's theory that Caylee drowned in the Anthony pool and that Casey and George panicked upon finding the child's body and covered up her death. He advised jurors to use their common sense when deciding on a verdict. Before closing arguments, Judge Perry ruled that the defense could argue that a drowning occurred due to reasonable conclusions aided by witness testimony, [] but that arguing sexual abuse was not allowed since there was nothing to support the claim that George sexually abused Casey.

He told the jury that the prosecution wanted them to see stains and insects that did not really exist, that they had not proven that the stains in Anthony's car trunk were caused by Caylee's decomposing body, rather than from a trash bag found there. He added that the prosecutors tried to make his client look like a promiscuous liar because their evidence was weak. He stressed that there were no child safety locks in the home and that both of Casey's parents, George and Cindy, testified that Caylee could get out of the house easily.

Although Cindy testified that Caylee could not put the ladder on the side of the pool and climb up, Baez alleged that Cindy may have left the ladder up the night before. Defense attorney Jose Baez told jurors his biggest fear was that they would base their verdict on emotions, not evidence.

What made it unique is not what happened, but who it happened to. At one point as Baez spoke, Ashton could be seen smiling or chuckling behind his hand. This prompted Baez to refer to him as "this laughing guy right here". The judge called a sidebar conference, then a recess.

When court resumed, he chastised both sides, saying both Ashton and Baez had violated his order that neither side should make disparaging remarks about opposing counsel. After both attorneys apologized, the judge accepted the apologies but warned that a recurrence would have the offending attorney excluded from the courtroom. Defense attorney Cheney Mason then followed with an additional closing argument. Addressing the jury to discuss the charges against Casey Anthony.

Mason said that the jurors are required, whether they like it or not, to find the defendant not guilty if the state did not adequately prove its case against Casey Anthony. Lead prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick in the prosecution rebuttal told the jurors that she and her colleagues backed up every claim they made in their opening statement six weeks ago, and implied that the defense never directly backed up their own opening-statement claims.

They lie, they avoid, they run, they mislead One legal analyst stated that if the jury had found Casey guilty before receiving the exculpatory evidence , the prosecution's failure to fully disclose it could have been grounds for a mistrial. On July 5, , the jury found Casey not guilty of counts one through three regarding first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse, while finding her guilty on counts four through seven for providing false information to law enforcement:.

On July 7, , sentencing arguments were heard. The defense asked for the sentencing to be based on one count of lying on the grounds that the offenses occurred as part of a single interview with police dealing with the same matter, the disappearance of her daughter, as one continuous lie. The defense also argued for concurrent sentences, that is for all four counts to become one count and the sentence to run together as one. The judge disagreed with defense arguments, finding that Anthony's statements consisted of "four distinct, separate lies" ordered the sentences be served consecutively , noting that "Law enforcement expended a great deal of time, energy and manpower looking for Caylee Marie Anthony.

This search went on from July through December, over several months, trying to find Caylee Marie Anthony. He ruled she had to pay those costs directly related to lying to law enforcement about the death of Caylee, including search costs only up to September 30, , when the Sheriff's Office stopped investigating a missing-child case. He told reporters that Anthony is indigent. In January , a Florida appeals court reduced her convictions from four to two counts.

Her attorney had argued that her false statements constituted a single offense; however, the appeals court noted she gave false information during two separate police interviews several hours apart. The case attracted a significant amount of national media attention, and was regularly the main topic of many TV talk shows, including those hosted by Greta Van Susteren , Nancy Grace , Geraldo Rivera , and others.

Nancy Grace referred to Casey Anthony as the "tot mom" [] [] [] and urged the public to let "the professionals, the psychics and police" do their jobs. They maintained their belief that Caylee was alive and would be found. More than 6, pages of evidence released by the Orange County Sheriff's Department, including hundreds of instant messages between Casey and her ex-boyfriend Tony Rusciano, were the subject of increased scrutiny by the media for clues and possible motives in the homicide.

George was found in a Daytona Beach hotel the next day after sending messages to family members threatening suicide. He was taken to Halifax Hospital for psychiatric evaluation [] and later released. The trial was commonly compared to the O. Simpson murder case , both for its widespread media attention and initial shock at the not-guilty verdict.

The case became a "macabre tourist attraction", as people camped outside for seats in the courtroom, where scuffles also broke out among those wanting seats inside. Scot Safon, executive vice president of HLN , said it was "not about policy" but rather the "very, very strong human dimension" of the case that drove the network to cover it. Simpson case had a 91 percent television viewing audience, with million people listening by radio and watching television as the verdict was delivered.

Opinions varied on what made the public thoroughly invested in the trial. Safon argued the Anthonys having been a regular and "unremarkable" family with complex relationships made them intriguing to watch. He said it was a trial that was both a psychologist's dream and nightmare, and believes that much of the public's fascination [had] to do with the uncertainty of a motive for the crime. While we don't know what is true and maybe never will, it is worth taking a look at the narcissistic family when maternal narcissism rules the roost.

Casey Anthony is a beautiful white woman and the fact that the case includes such things as sex, lies, and videotapes makes it irresistible. When the not-guilty verdict was rendered, there was significant outcry among the general public and media that the jury made the wrong decision. Number 2", and various media personalities and celebrities expressed outrage via Twitter.

Others, such as Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel , felt the verdict was fair because the prosecution did not have enough evidence to establish guilt or meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Hannity said that the verdict was legally correct, and that all of the evidence that was presented by the prosecution was either impeached or contradicted by the defense. The prosecutors seemed to think that if jurors saw what a fantastic liar Anthony was, they would understand that she could also be a murderer.

Disagreement with the verdict was heavily debated by the media, lawyers and psychologists, who put forth several theories for public dissatisfaction with the decision, ranging from wanting justice for Caylee, to the circumstantial evidence having been strong enough, to some blaming the media. Carole Lieberman, said, "The main reason that people are reacting so strongly is that the media convicted Casey before the jury decided on the verdict.

The public has been whipped up into this frenzy wanting revenge for this poor little adorable child. And because of the desire for revenge, they've been whipped up into a lynch mob. And nobody liked the fact that she was partying after Caylee's death. Casey obviously has a lot of psychological problems. Whether she murdered her daughter or not is another thing.

There was a gender gap in perceptions to the case. The poll reported that women were more than twice as likely as men, 28 percent versus 11 percent, to think Anthony "definitely" committed murder. Twenty-seven percent of women said they were angry about the verdict, compared with nine percent of men.

Two men who drove overnight from West Virginia held signs that said, "We love and support you Casey Anthony," and "Nancy Grace, stop trying to ruin innocent lives. The jury has spoken. Our legal system still works!

The idea of a mother murdering her own child is a threat to the ideal of motherhood. Explanations other than, or emphasizing, the prosecution's lack of forensic evidence were given for the jury's decision. A number of media commentators reasoned that the prosecution overcharged the case by tagging on the death penalty , concluding that people in good conscience could not sentence Anthony to death based on the circumstantial evidence presented.

Simpson case prosecutor Marcia Clark believe that the jury interpreted "reasonable doubt" too narrowly. It's one way of showing that even if the jury didn't believe the evidence amounted to proof beyond a reasonable doubt, it didn't find the defendant innocent either.

Following the criminal trial, Mason blamed the media for the passionate hatred directed toward Anthony. He described it as a "media assassination" of her before and during the trial, saying, "I hope that this is a lesson to those of you who have indulged in media assassination for three years, bias, and prejudice, and incompetent talking heads saying what would be and how to be. Now you have learned a lesson.

Mason's response was viewed as especially critical of Nancy Grace, whose news program is cited as having "almost single-handedly inflated the Anthony case from a routine local murder into a national obsession". She criticized the defense attorneys for delivering media criticism before mentioning Caylee's name in their post-verdict news conference, and said she disagrees with the verdict.

State's Attorney Lawson Lamar said, "We're disappointed in the verdict today because we know the facts and we've put in absolutely every piece of evidence that existed. This is a dry-bones case. Very, very difficult to prove. The delay in recovering little Caylee's remains worked to our considerable disadvantage. Caylee has passed on far, far too soon, and what my driving force has been for the last three years has been always to make sure that there has been justice for Caylee and Casey because Casey did not murder Caylee.

Ashton said of the verdict, "Obviously, it's not the outcome we wanted. But from the perspective of what we do, this was a fantastic case. I think it all came down to the evidence. I think ultimately it came down to the cause of death.

He said he accepts the jury's decision and that it has not taken away his faith in the justice system. After the trial ended, the twelve jurors did not initially want to discuss the verdict with the media. It just wasn't there. The next day, juror number three—Jennifer Ford, a year-old nursing student—told ABC News, "I did not say she was innocent" and "I just said there was not enough evidence.

If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be. Ford believed George Anthony was "dishonest. Petersburg Times that "everybody agreed if we were going fully on feelings and emotions, [Anthony] was done". He stated that a lack of evidence was the reason for the not-guilty verdict: I wish we had more evidence to put her away.

But it wasn't there. In an anonymous interview, the jury foreman stated, "When I had to sign off on the verdict, the sheet that was given to me—there was just a feeling of disgust that came over me knowing that my signature and [Casey Anthony's] signature were going to be on the same sheet," but that "there was a suspicion of [George Anthony]" that played a part in the jury's deliberations. They initially took a vote on the murder count, which was 10—2 two voting guilty , but after more than ten hours of deliberation, they decided the only charges they felt were proven were the four counts of lying to law enforcement.

Perry announced at sentencing on July 7 that he would withhold the jurors' names for several months because of concern that "Some people would like to take something out on them. Mark Lippman, the attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, told ABC News that the family received death threats after the not-guilty verdict was rendered. While the family may never know what has happened to Caylee Marie Anthony, they now have closure for this chapter of their life.

They will now begin the long process of rebuilding their lives. Despite the baseless defense chosen by Casey Anthony, the family believes that the Jury made a fair decision based on the evidence presented, the testimony presented, the scientific information presented and the rules that were given to them by the Honorable Judge Perry to guide them.

The family hopes that they will be given the time by the media to reflect on this verdict and decide the best way to move forward privately. It was alleged in press reports that Cindy Anthony had perjured herself when telling jurors she—not Casey Anthony—was the one who used her family computer to search the Internet for "chloroform". On July 6, , Anthony's jailhouse letters were released to the general public.

They were originally released though not to public in April by prosecutors preparing for the Anthony trial. In more than handwritten pages, Anthony discusses her life in jail, what she misses, and her plans for the future if freed. Moore also said that Cindy would be notified of her daughter's decision. Mark Lippman told Reuters during the trial that Casey had cut off communication with her parents. Phil in September to tell their story.

Casey left for an undisclosed location not long after the verdict. When she pleaded guilty to that charge in January , the judge in that case intended for Casey to serve her probation after proceedings in the murder case concluded, but an error in the sentencing documents allowed her to serve her probation while awaiting trial. Due to numerous threats against her life, the Department of Corrections did not enter her information into the state parolee database.

In August , the Florida Department of Children and Families released a report based on a three-year investigation into the disappearance and death of Caylee. An agency spokesperson stated, "It is the conclusion of the [DCF] that [Casey Anthony] failed to protect her child from harm either through her actions or lack of actions, which tragically resulted in the child's untimely death.

Fernandez-Gonzalez, who was listed on apartment records as having visited apartments on that date, was questioned by police, but stated she did not know Casey or Caylee. Fernandez-Gonzalez' lawyer, John Morgan , said he wants to interrogate Anthony about Caylee's death because it is "the essence" of the defamation suit.

On October 8, , Morgan deposed Casey via a video conference. She exercised her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and answered only a couple of factual questions. Morgan felt that was improper, but legal experts think that Anthony is well within her rights to plead the Fifth until her appeals of the convictions for lying to officers are exhausted.

However, Fernandez-Gonzalez is willing to drop the suit if Anthony apologizes to her and compensates her for pain and suffering. In July , Texas EquuSearch TES , a non-profit group which assisted in the search for Caylee from July to December when she was believed to be missing, sued Anthony for fraud and unjust enrichment. It only learned that Anthony knew all along that Caylee was dead when the trial began. Since the end of the trial, various movements have arisen for the creation of a new law, called "Caylee's Law", that would impose stricter requirements on parents to notify law enforcement of the death or disappearance of a child.

Additionally innocent people could get snared in the law for searching for a child instead of immediately calling police. Different artists have written songs in Caylee's memory, often titled "Caylee's Song". Jon Whynock performed his own version at her memorial service in February , [] and Sheffield songwriter Earl "Peanutt" Montgomery, an Alabama Music Hall of Fame member known for writing hits for country artist George Jones , penned a "Caylee's Song" soon after hearing the verdict.

The browser history showed that someone at the Anthony household, using a password-protected account Casey used, did a Firefox Google search for "foolproof suffocation" at 2: The browser then recorded activity on MySpace , a site used by Casey but not George. The station learned about this information from Casey's attorney Jose Baez who mentioned it in his book on the case, speculating that George had contemplated suicide after Caylee's death. He conceded to reporters that the records are open to interpretation; however, he speculated that the state may have chosen not to introduce the search at trial because, according to Baez, the computer records tend to refute the timeline stated by George, which was that Casey left at An analysis by John Goetz, a retired engineer and computer expert in Connecticut, revealed that her password-protected computer account shows activity on the home computer at 1: In April , transcripts of two affidavits of private investigator Dominic Casey were filed on the court docket in the matter of Kronk v.

Anthony and picked up by news services in May In one affidavit, Casey stated that on July 26, , Baez admitted to him that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee Anthony "and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Timeline of the Casey Anthony case. Retrieved May 25, Archived from the original on September 3, Retrieved August 27, Archived from the original on October 10, Retrieved 17 September Testifying at the trial of Casey Anthony, Orange County crime scene investigator Jennifer Welch and chief investigator for the Orange-Osceola County medical examiner Stephen Hanson are described as saying the duct tape was found "near the front of the skull.

Archived from the original on May 30, Retrieved July 12, When the duct tape was processed, investigators say, residue in the shape of a heart was discovered. Williams, Cary December 30, Archived from the original on March 9, Retrieved August 31, Hayes, Ashley June 13, Heart-shaped adhesive found on tape covering Caylee's mouth".

Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved July 14, Retrieved July 25, Retrieved January 25, Verdict means case 'not proven ' ". Retrieved July 8, The Jury Did the Right Thing". Archived from the original on April 17, Retrieved June 1, Cindy Anthony describes attempts to locate Caylee". Retrieved July 5, Archived from the original on May 24, Retrieved May 11, Archived from the original video on July 7, Transcript of call".

Central Florida News Archived from the original on August 22, Archived from the original on December 23, Archived from the original on November 21, Retrieved July 3, Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved August 21, Retrieved December 19, Archived from the original on Archived from the original on September 13, Archived from the original on April 15, Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved July 6, Retrieved April 13, Retrieved August 20,

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