2 Pack - Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Revive Night Cream 1.7 oz

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I wanted to love this product, as I've had some really great results with the mask in the Bright Plus line, but this was an expensive disappointment. What I like most is how refreshed and supple my skin looks during the day. More reviews by wata.

2 Pack - Clarins Bright Plus Brightening Revive Night Cream 1.7 oz Academie - AcadAromes Essential Purification Face - 15ml/0.5oz

It's pretty pricey so I'll have to wait to see how well it works over time before deciding about repurchasing. More reviews by DK I was a big fan of this product, until recently, when I went to buy it again and got a new, slimmer bottle with the same name. The SA told me its the new packaging but after comparing the two bottles I realised they had changed both the ingredients and the packaging -- for the worse.

The previous citrus-y version worked wonders on my skin when applied after their Cottonseed cleanser. It was light on the skin, made it smoother, brighter and I didn't mind the fragrance either. This new thing, however, is a complete disappointment.

It's a thick, greasy moisturiser which does nothing other than adding a creamy layer to my already oily face. Also, just one pump releases huge portion of cream - which could be used at least four more times. More reviews by suukyi.

If their definition of brightening means making one look well rested and having vitality on the face, then this product lives up to its promises. I get complemented on looking healthy whenever I used this moisturizer. This product unfortunately did not help me lighten any of my discolorations from blemishes. Shiseido and Origins did a better job at that. This product is perfumed, but I don't mind it. Maybe it's a mixture of flowery scents, but it's chemical too.

If I only want a moisturizer that makes my skin look well-rested I rather buy another moisturizer that contains more than 1. More reviews by pickles This product is not worth the price. I apply three pumps after cleansing and toning and it absorbs really well, but it's not moisturising at all.

I have combination skin so something with a fast-absorbing, matte finish is great but this soaks and then keeps drawing moisture out if my skin. More reviews by babygirl The best part of this product is the scent. However, this product is overpriced and made me break out. I do not think this product does much in terms of brightening. I was hoping it would help fade dark sun spots and pigmentation left over from pimples and it did not. If you take a look at the ingredients the "brightening" ingredients are very low in the list, meaning there are not many within the product.

However, fragrance remains one of the first ingredients. I only had the sample size and I would definitely not purchase. The packaging is also annoying because you cannot tell when you are running low on the product or how much you have left in the container. The consistency of this product is strange, it's kind of greasy but not that moisturizing.

I also broke out all over my face from this. Would not recommend purchasing it. There are better things out there that are less expensive. More reviews by angelswing. I love the bottle, it looks pretty. The smell is pleasant. It is a lotion so it does not feel heavy when I put it on.

I don't think it has brightened my skin tone. But that is what I am hoping to achieve by using this product. More reviews by wata. But unfortunately I had to come back to it. Nothing will do for my skin during the cold and dry winter in Canada except this. I like the fact that it is moisturizing while it does not feel like a layer of grease on my face such as Lancome. I may opt for another brand after I finish this bottle, but my experiment period is during the summer when it's not so dry.

I have a feeling I might still come back to this one More reviews by ECMac I'm usually very sensitive to sunscreens that have Avobenzone as an active ingredient - surprisingly I've had no problems in the two weeks of testing this product out. It's a lightweight oil-free lotion with the added benefits of SPF20 and skin brightening fruit and plant extracts of raspberry, alchemilla, chamomile, parsley, and vitamin C.

Makes an excellent everyday moisturizer for times of low sun exposure. Marketing campaign BzzAgent, Influenster etc. Medium Brown Skin Type It's a good night cream, never left my face feeling greasy or shiny in the morning. My skin showed some improvements after a couple of weeks- moisturised and firm. But the day cream was horrible. I live in the tropics and it clogged my pores. I looked horribly oily after just a few hours on campus.

I decided to stop using both of them and have since switched to Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream this moisturiser is really hydrating for me and works well under the tropical weather. More reviews by Yolyalex. This product is great!!! First, I love the smell, it's lightly scented with a flowery fragrance. I couldn't understand the poor reviews but perhaps the product is not for oily skin. I have dry skin and this works great for me. I have never experienced breakouts. I had a few dark spots and they have faded but I not completely disappeared.

But my face has a nice glow The price is probably the only con, but it's worth every penny. More reviews by Arachne. Rave reviews for this product. I've been using the cleanser and toner for a while. I was using another line, also Clarins, but wasn't over the top with it, so I figured I'd use it up, then try something new. It came with the moisturizer and the night cream. I was going on vacation and figured I would take the GWP instead of the bigger jars.

Well, let me tell you, I fell in love. The night cream has such an amazing feel. It leaves my skin soft and very moisturized. It's sea lily enriched, so yes it does have a light floral scent, which I actually adore. I find the scent dissipates fairly quickly. This cream doesn't leave me greasy and it's not overly thick, but it keeps me hydrated like no other night cream I've tried so far and I've tried many! What I like most is how refreshed and supple my skin looks in the morning. I'm 45 and I do have some fine lines.

My skin is combination, but when colder weather strikes, if my night time moisturizer isn't doing its job, the first sign is how crinkly and I get under my eyes. I don't even need an eye cream! I like the jar. I can get every last dollop out. It's pricey, but worth every penny. More reviews by annecarroline. The price was so expensive but I must admit it worth the result. I always had acne, small to big ones, but since I used them my acne disappear.

What is left now is just small acne during period times. Most of my friends said my skin looks so much better, brighter and smooth. So I guess it really correcting uneven skin tones and acne scars. I don't really like the packaging, it's bulky and heavy, like old time cream packaging. But I guess this is how Clarins keep the quality of the product inside so I can't complain.

More reviews by sanduhra. I wanted to love this product, as I've had some really great results with the mask in the Bright Plus line, but this was an expensive disappointment. I broke out while using this and did not see much in the way of brightening. I do not recommend this product for those with combination skin, as I believe the greasiness was to blame for my breakout.

More reviews by gmailer. I read reviews from this site before purchasing this product. I was hoping it would not break me out like it did the others, but to my surprise, i broke out almost immediately after i started with the product 2 or more pimples in a day. I stopped using it after 2 weeks of course with so much pimples spot Till i met a friend that was using this same product and she advised that i rid my face of OIL before using this product I have Oily skin btw and that i stop using Dove Soap on my face too thats the soap i've been using since i was a teen.

Now i wash my face with Neutrogena Oil Free, cleanse my face with any oil free wipes or cleanser, then rub this Night Cream, and i never experienced the breakouts anymore. It fades the dark spots on my face too More reviews by sballew. The first time I used it, I concluded it may be too oily for me.

We sent you an Revice address occurs within 24 hours. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize. You must have JavaScript enabled provide a brightening effect whilst Vitamin C reduces dark spots. This is the price excluding. Payment of VAT occurs at Buy it now Buy it. For more information, please contact in your browser to utilize. For more information, please contact the postal service specified in. All listings for this product. Apply in the evenings to. Sending the order to the refund of taxes and duties.

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