Eko Orange Flower Water - 8 Oz

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This is my summer fragrance of this year.

Eko Orange Flower Water - 8 Oz Pizza Junk Food Scented Lip Balm

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends his translation of an article and interview with two respectable high-profile Muslim leaders in Oslo, who have strongly negative opinions about Jews and the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. A new trend seems to have developed in the Islamic community in Norway: It should also be pointed out that this is the same mosque that the Norwegian police apologized so profusely to last year for the fact that we have freedom of speech in Norway.

The translated article from Dagsavisen:. Many Norwegians have a negative view on Islam due to Jewish domination of the media. Such a good quality clean smelling perfume. On my skin it's very floral aquatic and reminds me a lot of aqva Divina and l'eau d'issey.

But I like it and i can still smell it 8 hours later. This scent is so interesting! It smells so much like a pebble beach. I lived near one that I visited often as a child and this brought back so many memories. It's successfully unisex to me, without evoking any gender or much other than that distinct "pond rocks" smell.

It's very refreshing and crisp. It reminds me of what a spa might smell like. It's not something I would personally wear too aquatic for my style but I appreciate its understated simplicity. If you like aquatic, unisex, close-to-nature scents, this is a good one: When I smell this perfume in the shop, I do not think for the second time to buy it. Currently I feel happy with the smell, the longevity is more than 10 hrs in 40 degree Celsius country.

The smell is not too sweet and have it's own signature. Try it and may be you will like it. A genderless scent, created for a passionless, sexless, robotic world. A concept for a new world order? Marketed towards teens as they search for a solid identity that will carry them into early adulthood. The scent itself ties into the concept of androgyny, smelling of nothing whatsoever.

Water, rocks, airy, fluid emptiness. Will the concept catch on? I'm betting on the latter, but we'll see. Pure fresh water, lazy melting in its frame of emerald coast. Violets are in bloom all around this crystal lake. They will fade during the day, and the piquant dry scent will embrace the surrounding forest with its decadence for the night. I am a Scorpio, so the water means a lot for me. I fell in love with this scent from the first breath. I want it, but I am not sure if its going to be long lasting.

I don't want this fresh drops to roll from my neck in minutes. I would love to swim in this fresh crystal lake forever! I wasn't sure how I felt about this.. Now I purchased the largest size.. I can't help but continuously spray this throughout the day.. I feel like I can't get enough like it dissipates too quick, but here I am hours later and I can still smell it.. When I first spray it I get this fresh sweet green grass scent that has an underlying peppery vibe that turns into a clean laundry finish it smells so different throughout the day it's constantly changing..

Everyone I walk buy rubbernecking and says what do you have on its perfect.. In an odd way it reminds me of a gap fragrance. Puts me in the mind of a beach towel faintly scented with suntan lotion while lying on a wet concrete pool deck. CK2 is like fresh newly made wet plastering with a hint of powdery floral bouquet!

CK2 is a very clear, abstract scent. It's clean and cold. While it is definitely unisex, I feel like it's more comfortably female than other unisex scents. That's not to say a man couldn't rock this one - just that it's definitely missing any aftershave vibe that I often smell in unisex scents.

Gets a solid "like" from me. You who are reading this review right now you have two choices regarding the new CK2 perfume: I was on both sides. A couple of weeks ago I went to hunt some new frags in the local 'everything around make-up, perfumes and home scents' shop and the new CK2 standing among those brownys-aromatic-tonka beanish perfumes cought my eyes. The first impression and eye catching went well since the CK2 bottle is really authentic in a way of feeling like being in a science-fiction.

It was and still is clear with minimalistic design and absolutely modern. Like those new buildings built of wood, metal and lots of glass. Wasabi or some other thing made me hate this perfume thinking at the same time that this is something new again under the Sun for the youth I'm still under But after two-three weeks I went to another shop and tried the scent again.

And see what happened! Being honest, I was looking for something different than I used to have, something modern yet stylish, woody, a bit sweet And since that moment I'm wearing CK2 and it went well under my testing. Though fig tree scent doesn't belong to my favourites and though CK2 does not contain fig tree scent!! After testing a lot on my arm I noticed - as one of the comments said - there is something addictive in this perfume.

In a good way. The perfume itself is not harsh, not synthetic, not 'too modern', it has just a glimps of urban lifestyle but reaches out for more: Many elements - many perspectives. Maybe that's why people are experiencing in different ways this perfume Longevity is average - as most of the casual brands have Sillage is still under testing but I think it will get a 'moderate' character.

Notes according to my nose: Enjoy your own CK2 or CK2 is really citrus-y. To be honest I failed to identify other notes, citrus just made its way to me like bang! I like this one, it's unisex, I can pretend to be a not-so-conventional kind of girl if I wear this one. The thing is I feel like a walking orange The smell is refreshing though. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm giving this one a 7. I never tried CK perfumes and this one got me really interested in CK. I've heard comments on CK that it is only a middle-class brand or whatsoever so I was a bit afraid when I got the CK2 sample along with my Lancome Hypnose purchases hihi.

I will probably not purchase this one though because a fresh orange peel will obviously do its job I like this, smelled expensive with casual touch. And the bottle is everything to me. It could be the most beautiful bottle in my wardrobe, so unique, so classy, so clear, very Me!

This stuff is definitely gender free. I would honestly say it leans a little feminine because it reminds me of something for women but I cannot remember what it is , but it could easily be for men as well. Unfortunately it didn't excite me enough to buy - Mostly because I love bright circuses. It's definitely a unique one though. It reminds me of walking down a sandy shore, no wind, the sun barely shining through and right after you put sunscreen on.

Definitely different than anything I've smelled in a long while. Like I said before, it doesn't have enough bright notes to get me excited. But I must say I love the picture it paints me. Especially the tiny sunscreen vibe. I have a feeling this might grow on me. This fragrance dries on my skin like a male version of Theirry Mugler Alien, but for men. I love the scent and think it is disticntly mysterious and unique.

As a person that lived the CKONE life, I love this throwback homage to a classic fragrance, and a new scent for the new generation. It's not the kind of fragrance that's going to wow you or have you waxing poetic about its beauty, but it's a lot better than it seems at first and smells fairly unique. It's light--there's no doubt about that. But as it possesses a certain airiness it also has a definitely noticeable sillage, and you will catch wafts of it throughout the day as you wear it.

As far as its smell, it's a sweet woody floral with a dry ozonic element which gives it a sort of crisp texture. It actually smells a little similar to Reveal Men. However while Reveal Men is rather dense with powerful projection and a kind of heaviness, CK2 is just the opposite. It's a bit like a much lighter, drier, diluted version of Reveal. Again, it's nothing ground breaking, but it's very easy to wear and pleasant and it doesn't have any obnoxious qualities or aspects that are particularly grating on the senses, and other than Reveal it doesn't smell like anything else that's already out there.

An easy fragrance to reach for and something to wear when you don't really feel like wearing much of anything but still want to wear something Longevity is surprisingly good. There is not a trace of wasabi present in CK2! So if that's what interests you about this one, look elsewhere like Panorama by Olfactive Studios.

Although it seems a little dishonest of Calvin Klein to market it this way, olfactorily speaking, I'm fine with it. Wasabi is something I prefer in my soy sauce and on raw fish, not in my fragrance or on my skin. My first impression with this one was meh its just an average aquantic smell, but after wearing it for some time now i find it to be a good fresh scent that suits this time of the year, my only complaint must be it does not last very long and the projection dies out very quickly after applied.

CK2 is a really lovely ozonic, fresh, floral and marine scent. Longevity and silage are moderate. I honestly think that I haven't smelled anything quite like this. CK2 actually reminds me of the seaside. I love this and I'll be getting some as soon as I can.

Popular consensus and the list of ingredients tell me this perfume should smell like pebbles and wasabi. Still, I suppose it's better smelling this kind of thing on everyone as opposed to most frags that get popular nowadays. Keeping standards high, ladies and gents! I actually love the way this smells: This would work perfectly on a bright, breezy spring day when the weather is just stating to get a little on the warm side.

Unfortunately it lasts for all of 2 hours and projects for maybe the first minutes you spray it. Ck needs to reformulate and use stronger fixatives and only then would i say its bottle worthy. CK hit the target again after successful duo Reveal, now delivering this nice and modern perfume for the youngest crowd.

For me CK2 captures the same vibe as in CK Be, to which they shroud with a discreet sophistication, a niche aproach. After the initial 'Be' feeling and whenever the perfume developed, I started unconsciously to look for a second reference. Eventually Odin Petrana came to mind. Summarizing, what could you expect from CK2?

I like both choices, so not bad! Innovative perfume,perfectly unisex opens with the beautiful notes of mandarin which harmonizes well with violet leaf and wasabi. Certainly unusual,it succeeds very well to stand out I like the sandalwood drydown with some incense and vetiver. The "strange" way for me "pebbles" that with the other notes create something never heard, and to great effect. The sillage is normal,good longevity. Well not quite but perhaps partially?

I acquired a sample of another new ish fragrance on the same day and I have to say CK2 out did it massively. It's quite the understated, metro sexual rather than unisex juice. CK2 has an opening of freshness and green qualities which take it to new levels, truly the freshness of this fragrance is something to behold.

It doesn't feel chemical or harsh or aquatic like, just very very fresh. It didn't annoy me or become cloying, just sits low and hums naturally if slightly femininely. I don't say this as a criticism, others would see it as a perfectly androgynous entity but I get a slightly translucent, ladylike, summer scent when it's settled. The level of pretentiousness is in danger of disappearing up it's own backside, when we talk about 'Pebble notes' but I can forgive them in this case as I can get the association.

I wish I got the wasabi but sadly I just don't. The base is woody for sure, clean vetiver and more predominantly as it dries down, a warmer, powdered feel emerges I detect the orris root but something more associated with a few recent releases. Well it's ambroxan and in the same way that these minimalist creations have been dividing opinion, CK2 has transformed over the course of a few hours from a one thing into another.

I like it, I have to say, you'd go a long way to find something fresher, especially in the opening. It's not groundbreaking but comes along at a time where there's many worse, fresh fragrances to choose from.

Lasting power was average and projects lighty but maybe more than I expected for such a translucent fragrance. The bottle and campaign are innovative enough but ultimately you've seen it all before. Bravery should be rewarded and if this fragrance was as weird as the notes suggested, I would more than willing to praise it.

However, everything said I would wear this happily in summer and smell very nice, and that is it's purpose. CK2 is a crisp, refreshing, and the most contemporary fragrance from Calvin Klein to date. There is something fruity and floral at the initial impression that grabs my attention before it morphs into something something that is "cold" industrial-like, and very contemporary. A bit dry and musky, too, maybe. At the moment, it's very interesting to try it again and again. The more I try, the more I like it.

Soon, it'd be very likely in my wardrobe. CK is a memory of my past. I never sample, nor think of buying one of their million flankers. This is until I saw that strange CK2 bottle. I was drawn to it. I have to say, I am very surprised. This stuff is the best CK I've smelled in a long time. Not just that, it is one of the best designer releases in a long while. I cannot take my wrist away from my nose when I wear this. Not many compliments yet, but they are sure to come.

CK2 is off tha chainz. I've convinced 2 people to blind buy and both were pleased. AT last, A calvin klein fragrance for men which doesn't have a soapy scent in it. Which doesn't smell cheap or soapy like Eternity or Escape. Those are good fragrances, but nothing special overall. This one does actually smell more like quality than the others. Although, still this scent is far from perfect.

And as we found out, it actually has a lower Aromatic compound concentration than a standard cologne. Just overspray, than u get more of the notes. U never spray enough with this one. A very thin concentration of Aromatic Compounds, which make them simple, and boring, no changes of notes, if there actually there.

Buy it now, while u still can for a lot of discount. I see this disappearing anytime soon. Just a funny simple bottle. The fruits and passions one has been a must have staple in my ever growing collection for at least 11 or 12 years now! It was called Summer Solstice at one point. That being said, I no longer see this as unisex. I mean, I guess with the citrus notes I can see how that would be the intention but this I think has floral notes just a bit too heavy for this to be for men.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it absolutely can not be done, and I'm sure with the right chemistry it could be men's. But as far as this smells on me- its much more a feminine fragrance than unisex! I would also like to point out that this is in a very reasonable price range. Any Canadians will understand exactly what I mean by that! So yeah, its nice, its clean and fresh and good price! Much more feminine than the original ck one and ck be Possibly a reflection of current society.

Me parece una buena fragancia para gente joven, es bastante versatil y un poco diferente a lo habitual , con notas de wasabi , hojas de violeta, naranja, vetiber sobretodo. Principalmente me parece una fragancia para primavera-verano, con un aroma no demasiado fuerte aunque duradero. To me this smells very much like a grassy scent, perfect for spring, it does go very close to the skin on my body chemistry, but it's got this peppery zest to it to, which I like.

All in all a good spring fregrence. It reminds me of a summer day mowing the grass: Cause i don't recollect it's smell. This is a pleasant fresh reminiscent of the ocean or beach line kinda scent. Very crisp and invigorating.

The top is a strong semi metallic. Like the fizz bubbling up to your nose after a sip of sprite. This scent slightly changes in the mid and you do get a Little pepper. I can't say it's wasabi. As for the pebbles. You have to use your imagination.

Thats where the beach line i mentioned earlier comes to play. Yes i can kinda imagine that beachy rubble pebbles kind of scent. It's a mix of earthy vetiver and dirt with the ocean breeze. So i get what they mean. But it doesn't smell bad. Actually it smells awesome! I got hrs easy. My only gripe is. It has zero sillage after the 1st hour. It basically goes straight to a skin scent. I still really like it.

Exclusive at Macy's for the time being. If you like fresh realistic aquatic fragrances. Give this a sniff. I have no idea what these people on this thread are talking about. This fragrance is really good! Its definitely a revamped version of CK One. Sure its a simple fragrance, But CK is marketing this towards the rebellious teens. They dont care about complicated notes. You have to remember that this fragrance is not meant for fragrance gurus. Its for a good everyday spritz that smells fresh and clean, and for that purpose, it's really good.

It smells kind of like Turquatic from MAC, salty, beachy, with a woody base. Is it especially memorable? No of course not. Its unisex, It lasts a long time, and it smells fresh, it does its job. Comparing it to dog shit and saying it smells sour is ridiculous untrue. There are absolutely no sour notes in this fragrance. If you are looking for a simple summery fragrance, this is a good one to consider. Plus the bottle looks really cool on a vanity or dresser.

The bottle looks like a water cooler to me. And this sums it up pretty well. Very refreshing, love the soft aquatic aura. Not sure if I could have this as I suspect it might be like CK One in that there is a chemical in it I am sensitive to. If I did have it the way I would wear it would be to buy the biggest bottle possible, and drench myself in it periodically on a hot summer day just like a splash of cool water. It actually projects pretty well and the longevity is moderate, despite the incredibly light almost invisible aura it lends.

This perfectly captures the essence of cold dewy watermelon on a hot day, or that first cold crunchy bite out of a cucumber in the perfect Greek salad. Yet it manages to have a 'woodsy' base, which smells to me more like celery or coriander, it's very difficult to describe.

I do detect wasabi, I am very familiar with that fresh burn in your nostrils when you take a little too much. It's sort of like spice, but not, it's a fresh green heat, and I can definitely see that. Reading the reviews below I can see people are having difficulty identifying notes. But the notes are meant to convey more of a concept I think. It's a very idealised sort of scent. Also there is no 'fishyness', it's more of a freshwater lake sort of vibe, I can see the resemblance to womanity now that I think about it.

More similar to seaweed, there is no foulness or fishiness to it. The scent lingers strongly on my hand even after a shower, which is impressive, but I also indicates the number of chemicals that must be in it to make it cling to the skin so much. At the same time there is a very idealised 'zen' garden oriental vibe, rocks and a cool dark lake with bonsai trees hanging overhead. This makes me think of the sound that water makes as it flows over the pebbles in a stream.

Is this what water spirits smell like? This scent conjures up so many images and sounds and feelings. A little blue water sprite with her delicate pointy limbs, almost transluscent dancing on the water's surface. This wouldn't gel with the Western model of masculinity which favours stronger scents.

But I can see this hitting the men's fragrance market in Asia really well where aquatic 'fresh' scents are more popular for both genders. But to me there is a sweetness about it, or not quite a sweetness, it is hard to describe. It makes me think of the end of the book by C. Lewis The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. When Reepicheep tastes the water and says how sweet it is- in the way that something that is purely just water can be sweet.

Because that's what it smells like, water, but better! And that is what a clever scent does, it takes your imagination places and reminds you of things you loved as a child. This to me seems unique enough that I think it should be as big of a hit as the original CK One was back in the 90s.

It is definite signature material and I am thoroughly impressed. Cool as a cucumber is what you'll be wearing this, that's for sure. I was skeptical about this one but gave it a try at Macy's department store. Opens very light and fresh , then turns almost worm and bergamot like, but 4 hours later I could not get my nose out of my wrist. Even 12 hours later I was able to smell it on my skin Definite YES from me for the originality and longevity!

CK2 is a fragrance where I can not find or recognize one single note of the notes stated on the notes list. Even the lists pictures could be in greek and I would not understand them. But the experience when I smell this is: I've "had this fragrance. The top notes do differ, but soon it smells like Womanity. The two perfumes have completely different official notes lists. Just like with Womanity. The perfume is nice though. But Eau de Gaga is the fragrance that smells like CK2 should have smelled like.

I like the opening of this fragrance. There is a pepper-hot-fuzzy feeling that makes it remotely resemblant of Feu d'Issey. It is spicy but calm and that's interesting. But the drydown is not so nice.

It is like the drydown of Womanity without the fig, if that makes any sense. If it somehow made it's way down to the incense, this would have been an ozonic perfume I could wear. But as it is, hm, no. It's quite nice but I feel there's a slight bitter quality to the drydown which detracts from ck2's appeal.

Not too sure yet if I'll purchase. In my opinion the difference is this, whenever I wear Issey I feel like the fresh, crisp scent I'm wanting is shrouded behind a fog. It's somewhere in the background. With CK2 the fog has lifted, and you're met with a bright, uplifting scent from the first spray. This feeling lingers through the whole development, albeit a linear one. So far it has lasted 6 hours on the top of my hand.

I would classify this as a citrus aromatic. There are some light woods in the background but they don't stand out. I suggest trying CK2 on your skin a few times before making up your mind. I really like it. Tried a spritz a few days ago and its still lingering on my coat sleeve.

This one is definitely going on my wishlist! I see a little of L,eau d,issei here,but in a more relaxing way,its like the smell of a spa,the steam room etc,guess I,ll buy it soon,love when a smell makes me feel relaxed. It is some kind of continuation of CK One - the base notes are similar. But the opening and heart notes are sharper, less sweet but saltier instead and definitely more ozonic.

And - surprise, surprise - it is long-lating! What an unexpected property of a watery-airy scent! I got this in korea. The bottle design instantly got my attention. I like it and the longevity is great on my body. Urban woody, not so much in my opinion! This is fresh, summery, citrusy, light and in the end very forgettable, unless you want a fresh scent that smells nice, and is easy to wear all the time!! It is kind of unisex, really anybody could wear it, from 12 years of age to a nice grandma!!

I see young people loving this!! I don't get the wood, vetiver, or incense! Light and fresh it is At first I thought this is a new release, then after finding out that it's CK, I looked for a sign to show if it is a feminine or masculine perfume. I didn't find anything, so I thought smelling would be more practical.

It even reminds me of my Tommy Girl. So this is interesting how the trends of CK perfumes and tastes of customers have changed. Also this is weird that there seems to be no consensus whether or not this is a masculine or feminine scent! I read so many contradictory reviews! Lasts 10 minutes at best, no longevity, zero projection Really the blend is so bad like they haven't been giving it any thought. What a let down. This bottle is a nice display.

Very manly scent, teasing, but OK. At first it is quite extraordinary, possibly due to wasabi note. Later it is more and more airy and woody. I think I like it because of vetiver and violet leaf notes. All in all, nice scent in a clear, interesting bottle. Just tested this afternoon. The flacon looks pretty well when you have it in your hand, although in the pictures looks like some sort of bizarre medical grip.

It's a very homogenous cloud of indistict flowers, being the rose and the violet leaf the most prominent, with a strange, atmospheric drydown, which sadly enough it's too chemical I guess is the wet concrete note. Perhaps too feminine for being marketed as a unisex fragance.

I think we are living a revival of the fashions of those period. If you like this kind of perfumes, try it, possibly will please you, but do not blind buy. As for the rest, it is not very really special, nice, but not breathtaking. Sillage is weak and lasting power moderate. I bought it today. No flowers, no vetiver, no incense. This reminds me Profumum, Acqua di Sale. This scent is in another world.

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